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A consise compilation of my college works.

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PG Portfolio

  1. 1. Anticlock a retrospection Mohammed Ansar, M.Des 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  2. 2. Private and Confidential All information contained in this document are the details of author’s, original and authentic work. This is forwarded to the receiving party only for the purpose of assessing the author’s scope for employment with the receiving party. No information or details given in this document may be used wholly or in parts or maybe disclosed to a third party without the written consent of the author. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  3. 3. Profile Concept Designer. Graduated in Fashion Design. Worked and taught in various design disciplines for 10 years. Tendency to seek solutions to basic design anomalies in the created space. Reading of human cultural evolution to understand underlying principles of human needs and resulting behavior. Post Graduation in Communication Design in pursuit of the same ends. Personal Design Philosophy Best design is that which provides simplest solution. Yet it should not replace human physical and psychological exercises that is required for man to be competent in his organic milieu. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  4. 4. Research Interests Human-Design Interaction In The Created Environment • Ergonomics, Anthropocentrism • Space Interface 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  5. 5. Product Design Focus Ergonomic Sculpting Station Lights Fan Video Concept sculpting station and Screen Tool seat design for sculptors who Audio Box Speakers does intricate carving on Metal Residue Clutches precious stones and wood. Bin Vacuum Ducts Console Inspired from Vrischikasana Height Adjustment Lever of Yoga practiced for spinal health. Rotation Pedal 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  6. 6. Therapeutic Spaces - I ‚The visual effect of a building have a very direct effect on our emotions. They can be depressing or uplifting, soothing, or surprising, welcoming or forbidding.‛ Based on Neuroarchitecture by John Eberhard 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  7. 7. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  8. 8. • A space inspired from organic shapes and orientation, with no conventional patterns, captivates and retains interest because it is not habituated by the brain as happens with normal spaces. The movement of visual interest in such spaces would allow us to think also in directions that we never attempted to think before. • Further on the elements of High Ceiling, Colors, Nature, Lighting and Reduction of Sharp Angles adds to the psychological benefit of the dweller. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  9. 9. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  10. 10. Therapeutic Spaces - II • Man’s primordial instincts revolt against threatening of his space by any intruder. But his ‘civic’ morals do not allow him to follow the Fight or Flight response triggered by his brain. His psychological and physical health fails due to un neutralized adrenaline in his blood stream. Later on he is likely to become a sociopath. • Man spontaneously derives association with spaces he interacts with into personal, intimate and social spaces. He has rules of allowing people into these spaces based on law of Proxemics.. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  11. 11. • The concept is to create a home space in an urban condominium which respects the personal, intimate and social spaces to the extent it should. • It also considers maximizing on the given space by reorienting conventional spatial distribution. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  12. 12. • Social space – for any comer. It is welcoming but not inviting, comfortable but not conniving. • Intimate Space – for those who qualifies as friends and close acquaintance. • Personal Space – Strictly private. Only for the owner’s use and discretion. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  13. 13. • Illusion of larger space. • Effective cross ventilation. • Vision restrictions as required for each spaces. • Larger balcony area. • Multiple access to fire exits. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  14. 14. Temporal Catalyst of Desire Woman prevails as both object of admiration and of distraction in the one eyed media disillusioning viewer from introspective details, and manipulative inversions, that he is not encouraged to see. Her presence cast a spell that keeps him bound to indulge in the superficiality of the VIEW, building beliefs in what he see.. She dons her postulates and stalks the perceptible scope propounding it, making her representation as seen through the voyeuristic key-hole media the most coveted vehicle of transaction of all times. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  15. 15. Installation 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  16. 16. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  17. 17. Alternate Power Generation This idea entails creating energy from footsteps. The pressure energy from the foot goes into the movement of the body forward. But the pressure energy can also be converted into electrical energy by installing transducers. Rights acquired. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  18. 18. Steering with Independent Wheel Suspension This idea entails utilizing wheel suspensions for steering during high speed cruises. It aims at eliminating accidents happening due to split second errors. Rights acquired. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  19. 19. Seat Backrest for Spinal Health This idea entails creating ergonomic adjustable seat backrests for comfortable reclining and spinal health. Rights acquired. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  20. 20. Rebranding of John Miller Summer Internship Master of Design With Future Brands Aim – To derive principles on which John Miller can stand apart as a coveted brand among a plethora of brands in the same segment. Goals and Objective - Anthropometric surveys to create figure types for Indian demography and design innovation on the product to suit Indian climate. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  21. 21. Enhanced In-Flight Catering Design Graduation Project, Master of Design In collaboration with Boeing India, New Delhi This idea entails redesigning in-flight catering equipment to 1) Reduce stress 2) Create more cabin space 3) Enhance customer experience & 4) Reduce payload weight Rights acquired. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  22. 22. Sketching All the world’s a race And we mere racists 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  23. 23. Political 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  24. 24. Halloween 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  25. 25. Spoof 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  26. 26. Illustrations 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  27. 27. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  28. 28. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  29. 29. Stencils 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  30. 30. 2010  Mohammed Ansar
  31. 31. P. A. Mohammed Ansar 11/EF 7, Vasanth Nagar Palarivattom, Kochi -682025 Kerala, India. Phone: 0484 2332839 Email: