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Update on the Race to the Top

Update on the Race to the Top



Title I Directors’ Meeting

Title I Directors’ Meeting



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  • Audio: Today, we encourage you to use Today’s Meet, our live chat to make comments and ask questions that will help meet the needs of your LEA/Charter. Get started by using your iPad, Laptop, or smart phone to access the website you see on this slide (say website aloud).You will be asked to provide your name and your LEA/Charter, and then you can join our live chat.
  • Audio: Today’s Meet will allow us to connect with you in real time. Like Twitter, you have 140 characters available for your message. DPI Staff will be moderating Today’s Meet over the next two days and providing responses to your questions. This tool will allow you an opportunity to embrace the back channel and listen and talk with participants and staff here at Summer Institute. If you need assistance with this resource, see a member of our DPI team. For those of you who do not have access to your iPad, Laptop, or Smart phone, feel free to use our Parking Lot, located _________________, to post your questions or comments. Are there any questions?
  • Fran
  • FranStandards and Assessments Transitioning to new standards Monitoring curriculum Utilizing benchmark and diagnostic assessment systemsSystems to Support InstructionIncreasing the use of data for decision making and continuous improvement processTurning around low-performing SchoolsBuilding local capacityCustomizing approaches to local settings and needsGreat Teachers and LeadersImplementing the statewide teacher and principal evaluation systems Providing programs to strengthen staffing in low-performing schools and schools with limited offerings Expanding recruitment in specific areas of needIdentifying, developing, and supporting effective leaders
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  • KimAfter this institute, support will be provided…. Some of you may have seen this diagram before. (describe the face to face and formative support aspects of the cycle). Professional development will be provided through a blended approach, with many face-to-face and online opportunities available for school personnel.The green dot at the top of the circle is now- the time at this Institute. DPI – Curriculum and Instruction and RttT Professional Development Leaders will provide formative support throughout the year. RESA will provide at least 5 sessions of support. The cycle will continue after this year as well, with Summer Institutes, face-to-face sessions, and additional online modules provided.
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  • AllLet’s talk about some ways right now that you might be able to fit us into your work. Let’s take copious notes.Contact people and follow up. Springboard.
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Update on the Race to the Top  Update on the Race to the Top Presentation Transcript

  • Title I Directors’ Meeting Regions 5 and 7 Update on the Race to the Top September 8, 2011
  • Today’s Meethttp://www.todaysmeet.com/title1
  • Accessing the Back Channelhttp://www.todaysmeet.com/title1
  • Professional Development Leads Support RttT Professional Development Initiative (Section D5 of NC’s Plan)• NC Evaluation System• Common Core & Essential Standards• Data Literacy• Capacity team building for sustainability
  • NC Race to the Top Priorities• Standards and Assessments• Systems to Support Instruction• Turning around low-performing Schools• Great Teachers and Leaders 5
  • NC Race to the Top Priorities• Standards and Assessments – Transitioning to new standards – Monitoring curriculum – Utilizing benchmark and diagnostic assessment systems• Systems to Support Instruction – Increasing the use of data for decision making and continuous improvement process• Turning around low-performing Schools – Building local capacity – Customizing approaches to local settings and needs 6
  • Goal: Increase student achievement
  • Effective Support to Teachers and LEA PD LeadsThe Professional Development Initiative• Builds upon regional and statewide PD programs• Requires professional development to be targeted, embedded, customized• Relies upon ongoing needs assessment to target needs and deliver services
  • Professional Development Leads• Facilitate and support blended approaches to professional development• Support professional learning communities• Assist LEA leadership teams in designing and implementing need-based professional development
  • How We Communicate• Add Skype, Wikis, Blogs, Face-to Face, Etc• Ongoing way to share• waterlovers3• kim.simmons222• frances.harris.burke
  • How We CommunicateRegion 7 wiki: www.rt3region7.wikispaces.comRegion 7 blog: www.mullinshe.wordpress.comRegion 5 blog: http://franharrisburke.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/
  • Summer Institute July Annual ProfessionalFormative Support Development April Cycle Jan RESA Session 13
  • Common Core and Essential Standards Professional DevelopmentRegional Principal/AP District-Level / Charter Trainings Fidelity Checks NCDPI / RESA PartnershipTeacher Effectiveness Teacher Evaluation / New Accountability Process Professional Model Meetings Development/Support DSW Meetings
  • Organize Existing Resources Address AligningPolicies and Resources to Practices New Standards Planning for Implementation Frame DetermineProfessional GapsDevelopment Develop Resources Where Needed 15
  • Module Release Dateshttp://center.ncsu.edu/nc August 9: NC Professional Teaching Standards August 26: Understanding the Standards September 30: Developing Local Curricula for the 21st Century Learner October 21: Revised Blooms Taxonomy
  • Next StepsOur future work is to provide professional development support and build capacityand for all districts as they implement their plans to address RttT initiatives.
  • How do we fit in with your work?
  • Information CardsName:Position:LEA:Contact Information:How can we support your work?What questions do you have?
  • Contact Information• Heather Mullins, Region 7 heather.mullins@dpi.nc.gov 828.244.8759• Kimberly Simmons, Region 7 kimberly.simmons@dpi.nc.gov 828.406.9237• Dr. Frances Harris-Burke, Region 5 frances.harrisburke@dpi.nc.gov 336.517.7018