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PD4ML - HTML to PDF coverter



a simple servlet can help you to convert html to pdf (upto 2 GB with style and images and headers + footers)

a simple servlet can help you to convert html to pdf (upto 2 GB with style and images and headers + footers)



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PD4ML - HTML to PDF coverter PD4ML - HTML to PDF coverter Presentation Transcript

  • PD4ML(HTML to PDF Converter) Om Vikram Thapa
  • Contents• PD4ML – A Fresh Look• Why PD4ML when we have ABCPDF?• Pre-Requisite for PD4ML• How PD4ML works?• Lets See a Live Demo• Deployment Process• Take Away
  • PD4ML – A Fresh Look• PD4ML is a very simple technique to create PDF from HTML• PD4ML provides you both Java & .Net versions. Choose what you want.• The Java versions uses Servlets to serve the purpose, thus your code to generate the PDF will be always separate from your solution.• It’s a light-weight, highly secure technique.• Easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to maintain.• Proper documentation available in http://pd4ml.com
  • Why PD4ML when we have ABCPDF? ABCPDF PD4ML• Every time we have to • Code implementation is include the server side code very easy and flexible. to generate PDF• Difficult to achieve • PDF Portrait/Landscape Portrait/Landscape properties are easy to property. achieve• Height/Width/Top/Left • Easily accessible PDF margin Settings are tightly properties. bound so difficult to achieve • PDF creation by PD4ML is• abcPdf strongly favours IE always independent of the but it’s not cross browser browser.• License Price: 329$ • License Price: 139$
  • Pre-Requisite For PD4ML• Development Side: – Net Beans IDE 6.5 – PD4MLTest project• Server Side: – JDK version > 6 update 13 http ://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-7u2-download-1377129.html – Glassfish server 3.0 http://glassfish.java.net/downloads/3.0.1-final.html – Adobe Acrobat Reader http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5138
  • How PD4ML Works?HTML to PDF Conversion Post PD4ML Transform to PDFHTML Servlet Save + Redirect Data PDF in PDF in your Browser Application’s Web Page Redirection
  • Lets See a Live DemoSample HTML Page index.htmlPD4ML(index.jsp page) Index.jsphttp://localhost:8080/PD4MLTest/index.html
  • Deployment Procedure (as simple as 1..2..3)1) Take the newly created “PD4MLTest.war” file from Dev2) Deploy it under : C:glassfishv3glassfishdomainsdomain1autodeploy3) Test the URL: http://<server ip/name>:8080/PD4MLTest/Note: the “domain1 GlassFish Server” should be running
  • Take Away