Wall Street Partner Overview


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Wall Street Partner -- Your trust Investor Relations Partner to Smart Money

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Wall Street Partner Overview

  1. 1. Introductory Material Wall Street Partner 2009 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  2. 2. Omniscient Holdings, LLC Wall Street Omniscient PickaCharity.org Partner Advisors, LLC Investor Relations Consulting & Philanthropy Advisory Financial Advisory Confidential Page 2 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  3. 3. “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado i T B il ff d in Texas”?”? — Edward Lorenz Confidential Page 3 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  4. 4.  Team of executives with the depth of experience across a broad range of industries  Wall Street financial expertise from the leading “bulge bracket” investment banks  JPMorgan  Morgan Stanley  Merrill Lynch  B l Barclays C it l Capital  Corporate and operating experience at major corporations that are leading p y g players in their respective industries p  PepsiCo  Real Networks  White Energy gy  MarchFirst Confidential Page 4 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  5. 5. An advisor you can truly trust
  6. 6. Industries of Specialization Areas of Expertise  Media & Telecom  Corporate strategy  Consumers  Restructurings  Healthcare  Mergers & acquisitions  Alternative Energy  Divestitures  Internet I t t  Private l P i t placements t  Philanthropy &  Equity Nonprofit p  Debt  Operations optimization Confidential Page 6 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  7. 7.  Put clients first  Deliver unbiased advice  Set clear objectives upfront j p  Uncompromising to assess progress integrity  Have skin in the game  Successful results  Small upfront retainer  Happier clients H i li  Success-fee based Success-  Long term compensation structure aligns relationships us with client’s interests client s  Only accept assignments where we can have impact  Execute structured process Confidential Page 7 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  8. 8. Typical Partner Profile Strong network of “first call” relationships  Minimum of 10 years experience at a major Wall Street investment bank or Broker in a major corporation Dealers  Graduates of Ivy League institutions or top 20 universities Strategic Private Corporations Equity Firms  Genuine passion for Omniscient making an impact for Advisors clients  Unparallel ethical standards and Private Lending professionalism Investors Institutions Confidential Page 8 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  9. 9. Management consultants + investment bankers = Omniscient Advisors What can we do for you?  Mergers & acquisitions  Financing  Analyze strategic  Private placements of debt opportunities and equity  Assess valuation  Operations  Evaluate fundingg  Optimize your company’s company s requirements efficiency  Corporate strategy  Restructurings/turn- Restructurings/turn-around  Optimize growth strategy p g gy  Interim management  Strategic position analysis  Assess financial  Marketing/branding restructuring plans assessment  Credit analysis y Confidential Page 9 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  10. 10. Make your first impression a lasting one
  11. 11.  Leverage our Wall Street background and experience to handle the tough questions from institutional investors (“smart money”)  We understand “smart money concerns and can help smart money” position your organization in the best light  We do not issue paid research reports p p  Often hired by small and mid-cap companies to issue favorable press mid- releases under the guise of Wall Street research (highly biased)  Negative connotation and stigma—SEC has filed charges against many such stigma— research firms for “pump and dump” schemes that mislead investors h fi f “ dd ” h th t i l d i t  Smart institutional investors are sophisticated and shun companies who pay to have research published Confidential Page 11 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  12. 12.  Review all media and investor communications before publication  Press releases  Earnings releases  Video releases  Advise senior management on presentations  Provide feedback on draft documents of presentations, including financial presentations to investors and company updates  Advise management on key issues to be focused on when delivering the presentations  Prepare management for questions that may be asked − Post-presentation Q&A sessions Post- − Interviews with financial press agencies  Filter incoming investor questions and advise management with appropriate responses Confidential Page 12 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  13. 13.  As former investment bankers at the bulge bracket firms, we have been on the other side of the table scrutinizing financial information of companies p  Although we would consider one- one- time projects, we are seeking a long term relationship with our clients  We put our reputation on your success…  …By keeping our profile low, and You can be confident with your organization s profile high organization’s the right partner Confidential Page 13 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  14. 14. Contact us in strict confidence Omniscient Holdings, LLC 14 Wall Street, 20th Floor New York, NY 10005 Phone: (212) 444-8383 444- Fax: ( (866) 447-8690 ) 447- Email: Info@WallStPartner.com Confidential Page 14 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias
  15. 15. This document is confidential and proprietary to Omniscient Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries (collectively “Omniscient” or the “Company”) and is being provided to the recipient, in confidence, on the understanding that the recipient will observe and comply with the terms and conditions stated below. By accepting this document, the recipient:  acknowledges that the information contained herein, including information regarding Omniscient, portfolio companies, herein Omniscient companies relationships, partners and the strategic approach of Omniscient, is confidential and proprietary;  agrees to destroy or return this document promptly if Omniscient or any of its agents or affiliates ask the recipient to do so; so;  agrees that this document information are contained herein for the exclusive use of the recipient and recipient’s professional professional advisors (if any);  agrees not to reproduce or distribute this document or discuss its contents with any person other than the recipient’s professional advisors, unless written consent from Omniscient h b f l d l f has been provided; and d d d  agrees to cause the recipient’s professional advisors (if any) to maintain this document and the information contained herein in confidence. Omniscient is not, and is not expected to be, registered as an investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940. This document is merely an introduction to the Company and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall shall any be offered or sold to any person in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, purchase, or sale would be unlawful unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction. Confidential Page 15 Advisors With Integrity, Advice Without Bias