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Air Travel: Vocabulary (section 1)
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Air Travel: Vocabulary (section 1)


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English for tourismo. air travel.

English for tourismo. air travel.

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  • 1. Air travelSection 1Dominguez Hernádez ReynaMuños Dimas NoralizValencia Dorantes Oscar OmarVelazquez Velazquez Rogelio
  • 2. Announcements andprocedures
  • 3. SpeakingExperiences of flying
  • 4. Speaking Omar Reyna Rogelio NoralizHave you ever travelled in an airplane? yes yes yes yesWho has had the longest flight? 1:45 1:15 1:23 1:15Who has flown the most times? 3 1 2 3 exciteWho gets bored and who gets excited on flights? excited bored excited dWhat part of the flight do you enjoy/dislike most? takeoff takeoff landing takeoffHas anyone had any frightening experiences on a flight? No No No No
  • 5. Speaking Omar Reyna Rogelio NoralizWould you like to fly? Yes yes yes yesWhat would you like/not like about flying? turbulence turbulence turbulence turbulenceWhich part of the flight do you think would bemost exciting? Take off landing landing Take off TakeWhich part would make you most nervous? landing landing Landing offWhat would be the best place to sit in an Window Window middle rowairplane? seat seatAt the front or the back of the plane? front back front front
  • 6. Which job would you likemost? Omar: pilot; because is amazing see the world Noraliz: flight attendant; you can speak differents laguages Rogelio: pilot; i think that have the hability to control a plane Reyna: flight attendant; i can meet others countries, i can flight for free.
  • 7. Listening 1Airport Announcements
  • 8.  Announcement 1:  Announcement 1: advertisement Announcement 2: terminal building paging a passenger  Announcement 2: Announcement 3: staff Airport information announcement  Announcement Announcement 4: final 3:Baggage hall flight call Announcement 5: flight  Announcement 4: cancellation, delayed gate flight arrival, delayed  Announcement 5: BA flight departure desk Announcement 6: security  Announcement 6: announcement, warning baggage hall
  • 9. Announcement Air France regret to  This is staff call. annouce the delay of Member of security flight AZ207 from 18.35 staff to check in desk now due the strong storm. 14. we invite you to the duty-  Will passenger Mr free shop is open now González from and we have wide range Madrid please go to of information where spirits, wines, tobacco, per your family is waiting. fumes. Passenger González This is the final call for flight to information. AA470 to Miami. Will any  Aeromexico regret remaining passengers to announce the please proceed delay of flight IB609 immediately to gate to París is going to be numero 17 where the two hours delay. aircraft is about to depart.
  • 10. Reading AndVocabularyAirport Procedure
  • 11. 1. What happens at each point?2. What others facilities and services do you find in an airport?
  • 12. What happens at each point?in departures flights we are going to check-inour baggage and then were going to passto security to make sure you are not carryingany dangerous or illegal items; then, we giveours documents to immigration and wearrived to departure lounge to take the flight.when we arrive to the airport is similar, wearrive first to immigrations and then we go tobaggage reclaim. is neccesary arrive tocustoms and then to arrivals concourse.
  • 13. What others facilities and servicesdo you find in an airport?  Shopping  food  baggage  tourist  parking  finance  land transportations  communications  vip lounges
  • 14. 1. economy2. terminal building3. trolleys4. check-in desk5. boarding card6. conveyor belt7. excess baggage8. hand luggage9. Passport control10. Immigration officer11. Security check12. Departure lounge13. Duty – free14. announcement15. departure board16. boarding17. departure gate18. ground steward19. flight attendant20. customs21. conveyor belt22. baggage23. immigration control24. green channel25. import duty26. escalators
  • 15. Output TaskCabin Crew Procedure
  • 16. Flight Attendants: Assist with stowing cabin baggage Welcome passengers on board Give safety announcement Check seat-belts are fastened Give out landing cards Get meals ready Serve meals to passengers Serve drinks Serve tea and coffee Offer duty-free goods for sale Collect meal trays Collect empty glasses Assist passengers leaving plane
  • 17. at which stage would you hear the flightattendant say the following? would you like anything to drink? Serve drinks good morning. seat 25D is down there on the right. departure have you finished with this, madam? Collect meal trays would you like me to put this in the overhead locker? boarding ice and lemon? Serve food goodbye. have a safety journey. arrival any wine, spirits or perfume? Serve drinks emergency exits are located towards the front and rear of the plane. departure
  • 18. 1. Obstruit aisles2. hand baggage, overhead locker3. emergency exit4. tapes, fastened, seat-belt5. red toggle, life jackets6. whistle7. folded away8. Seat-belt,, seat back upright9. oxygen mask10. safety card
  • 19. Safety announcementPassengers I ask your attention there are sixemergency exits on this aircraft. Take a minute tolocate the exit closest to you. If you are travelingwith children, make sure that your own mask is onfirst before helping your children. In the unlikelyevent of an emergency landing and evacuation,leave your carry-on items behind. We ask that youmake sure that all carry-on luggage is stowedaway safely during the flight. While we wait fortake off, please take a moment to review thesafety data card in the seat pocket in front of you.