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Suckerpunch Portfolio June2010

  1. 1. SUMMER 2010
  2. 2. OUR STORY Who We Are Suckerpunch Studios is a Visual Strategy firm near Atlanta, GA. We provide design services directly to clients and advertising/marketing Our Clients Our areas of expertise are in the lifestyle, hospitality, entertainment, and communications markets. agencies worldwide. Please, stop looking for a client list, there isn’t one. We work with big brands and they don’t scare us. We Founded by Brad Weaver in 2007 after an “I can’t take know famous people. We respect our agency part- it anymore” moment of bad design outrage and mild ners and won’t claim their clients. cubicle destruction, Suckerpunch Studios’ mission is to create design that is functional, usable, and worth This Is How We Do It winking at. Brad’s design management experience Suckerpunch Studios is small, on purpose. Real-life encompasses multiple household brands including husband and wife (not paid actors) Brad and Lisa ESPN, MTV, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Macy’s, Weaver make this happen. We work with a team of and more. creatives that work in their flip flops and T-shirts in exotic places like Brooklyn, Minneapolis, and Roswell. Client: North Metro Church. Project: Becoming Series Style Board Instead of asking us what we do, we encourage you to use your imagination. Now, stop hurting yourself. We used to have a big, fancy office that won interior If you can think of it, we can do it. And then we’ll design accolades. In that big, fancy, expensive office think of some more things that you didn’t think of we housed a team of creative professionals. Then because that’s our job. Here’s some marketing jargon we realized that our clients were paying for the big, in case your CMO needs to read this, just cut out this fancy, expensive, well air-conditioned office. So we part and burn the rest: moved out, let everyone go home, and offered more flexible rates. And started taking our pictures outside “We create beautiful, standards-compliant websites!” or at our client’s big, fancy, expensive, not-so-well- “People look at our ads instead of flipping past them!” air-conditioned, carpeted offices. And our clients “Our logos are everywhere!” bought us candy and flowers. “We’re number one!” “We’re the leaders in something!” So, why do you care? Because we adapt to your “We make people buy things because they love the label and project. There is no box, it’s more like an amoeba or the catalog!” caramel. Wouldn’t you want to work in caramel? “We’ve been building websites since 1996!” Client: Fuego Mundo I know I do. Most all professional designers are good. They can get I am proud of our body of work. We’ve successfully the job done, they can make the project beautiful, built brands, increased revenue, made events suc- they can even make you money. So what makes Suck- cessful, and changed lives. That’s no small feat. But erpunch Studios different? 14 years of in-the-trenches it’s one thing to look at a portfolio or read a resumé. business experience with proven results. Our clients It’s another to actually work with someone. I believe come back again and again because we make them that we are the best Visual Strategy firm you will ever better at what they do. work with. Now, let us prove it... Anyone can design. The hundreds of automagical Cheers! logo makers and website spitter-outers have proven Brad Weaver that. Design that makes business sense is rare, it’s Chief Creative Officer what’s different, and it’s what we do. Client: French Paper Company. Project: The Art of Printing | 404-997-8757
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO We’ll spell it out for you... Below we’ve provided a list of what we do, just in case you skipped over the intro looking for bullet points (see I told you we know corporate)! For your Web Marketing Jargon: Marketing-smart websites are critical for the ongoing success of any business. Investing in a website that is easy to use, clean, and Brand Identity Marketing Jargon: Brand identity is the window through which the world views your business. An unprofessional logo or inconsistent branding system convenience, we have provided splendid, jargon- professional is tantamount. We build functional, can cause confusion and weaken your marketing filled translations of what we do for your CEO, results-oriented websites that break the mold. message. Strong branding is the key to market CMO, or neighbor. What We Really Mean: 95% of the websites out recognition. there aren’t that attractive. Some of the most visited What We Really Mean: If you bought your logo on- Targeted Marketing Programs sites in the world are ugly (Craig’s List anyone) but line or designed it in Word, you should be ashamed Marketing Jargon: Knowing your audience and they are popular because of the idea, not the de- of yourself (if you used Comic Sans or Papyrus you their likes and dislikes is critical. We work to develop sign. The slickest websites are great, but they won’t should go to prison). The logo is the most impor- unique and individualized materials and programs even open on an iPhone, costing a fortune along tant asset in your business. It takes research, it takes to reach your target audience. the way (see Nike). Most of us want something in time, and it pays off. And it doesn’t stop there. Your What We Really Mean: Every snowflake is differ- the middle that makes us and our customers happy. business card is your first impression. Your letter- ent. No one wants a snowstorm to dump them all So what’s a girl to do? Build a site that’s attractive, head and envelope are the difference-makers. A in their yard. You would die. Our job is to help the usable, easy to update, and affordable. That’s where consistent identity system that is functional and im- right snowflakes land on your lawn. we come in. pressive can open doors that no cold-call ever will. If you were speed dating websites, you would only Messaging have a few seconds to decide whether or not to Trade Show & Environmental Marketing Jargon: We develop your message with stay. Suckerpunch Studios can design a website that Marketing Jargon: Trade shows are major invest- a team of brand experts in a manner that relates to your customers want to go home with. ments with sign printing and equipment rentals your audience. being flat in cost. Why not invest in designs that will Print & Graphic Design stand out? If your storefront is being passed by or What We Really Mean: If your friends spoke to you Marketing Jargon: Printed materials are still one your offices are detracting from the sales cycle, an the way they wrote a term paper you wouldn’t be of the most effective ways to reach your audience. environmental re-design can drive positive results. friends with them much longer. You would laugh at them. Do you want your clients to laugh at you or Clean and clear print design is our #1 priority. We What We Really Mean: Trade shows are awkward. do you want to laugh with them at your competitors understand the printing process and work to keep Your employees aren’t fans of mauve or wicker. If who sound like everyone else? your production costs down. If it’s a business card, you want people to take notice and if you want to billboard, product package, or 200 page catalog, we be open long-term, do something different. One can design it. of our clients let us put a race track in their booth. Social Media They spent less than their competitors. They left the Marketing Jargon: Social media is not a fad. We What We Really Mean: Print isn’t dying, if anything it’s making a comeback. Unique printing processes trade show with more leads than they could follow know what it takes to reach an audience through up on. email marketing, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the like letterpress, dimensional inks, and QR codes are next big thing, currently location-based services. making print a fitting partner for digital instead of Our team is dedicated to turning the trend into the the enemy. We love to print. We’re obsessed with it. Photography tool for success. We’ll find a way to design something to print on just Marketing Jargon: Suckerpunch Studios specializes about anything. We’ll shave a logo into a dog if you in food, product, and lifestyle photography. What We Really Mean: Your boss told you to go want. get a MyFace page for the company. We can build What We Really Mean: Lisa’s been taking pictures a custom facebook page, a twitter background, a since she was a kid. She’s infatuated with cameras. blog, or an email-template that will get noticed. But fancy equipment isn’t what makes a photog- Don’t get cheap here, it’s not “free marketing.” rapher great, it’s the eye of the tiger. Lisa is a tiger. Her photos make people want to lick the page. | 404-997-8757
  4. 4. SUCCESS STORIES Riskonnect, Inc. Riskonnect is a cutting-edge provider of Risk Management soft- ware solutions. They are revolutionizing a currently slow and clunky process by moving services to the cloud, empowering end-users, and licensing in a radically different way. We create sales sheets for all of Riskonnect’s products and case Start Your Engines. studies, email marketing campaigns, trade show experiences, video Raise Your Expectations. presentations, print ads, website graphics, digital ads, and more. It’s time to accelerate your Risk Management Program. Get behind the wheel of the premiere Risk Management Platform that is changing the industry. When we started with Riskonnect, it was a team of four in a small Find out more at office behind a bakery. They’ve quickly become the “it” provider in their industry and they are being featured in publications and case “Running quick reports is great, but studies world-wide. running accurate reports quickly, is even better.” ® -National Grocer Below: Flyers; Right: Ads & Email Templates. Speed Until now tools to record, track, manage and mitigate enterprise risk have been neither effective nor efficient. ® Put the Power of Riskonnect ERM into your Risk Management Program Precision ® Performance Make Your Enterprise Risk Management Program Dynamic. Configurable. Riskonnect ERM Helps Improve Acceptance of Your ® Riskonnect RMIS Takes Whole Foods Market’s ERM Program: Reliability Technology » Adapts to your business process Risk Management Information System » Unique visualizations give risk owners and management a clear view of risks and how they relate Beyond Traditional Claims Management » Facilitates managing risk in a consistent manner throughout the entire organization 770-790-4700 | Make Your Enterprise Risk Management Program Integrated. Auditable. Riskonnect ERMRevolutionary Advancements in Risk Management Technology Provide Whole Helps Institutionalize Your Business Process: Manage Risks. Foods Market “great visibility into activities for every single business unit, all » Sustainable ERM program » Workflow and tracking of risk mitigation activity and history across the within one platform.” Maximize ROI. enterprise » See the impacts of risk on objectives and financials » Central repository for all risks and risk-related information Riskonnect. “Riskonnect RMIS is all about speed. We are able to deliver so quickly. We Make Your Enterprise Risk Management Program Strategically implementation and with the ability to deliver out to saw that both with the Focused. Riskonnect ERM Enables Effective Communication of Risks: we now do and deliver has raised everyone’s expecta- our regions. What » To executive leadership, boards, shareholders, third parties (credit rating tions. We are on hyper speed!” agencies), yielding the ability to include uncertainty as a factor in strategic -Margot Roth How much risk can you take? business planning Director of Risk Management, Whole Foods Market Riskonnect ERM enables you to manage your ERM goals and Whole Foods Market Puts Riskonnect to the Challenge visualize financial quantifications of risks. Whole Foods Market needed to improve its risk management information system Industry: Retail Studies show that a strong ERM program is a factor in (RMIS). The company already had a mature risk management program and RMIS increasing revenue and shareholder value. Challenge technology in place, but they were experiencing problems and were far from satis- The incorporation of a strategic risk management program Whole Foods Market needed to fied. “We hired a consultant to manage our previous RMIS program because we yields increased resilience and agility: improve its risk management program: were so frustrated with it. It was so difficult,” said Margot Roth, Director of Risk Man- » 80% Increased management accountability (shareholder » Risk management needs had grown beyond traditional claims agement for Whole Foods Market. “We really challenged Riskonnect to make this confidence) management program live and viable in such a short period of time,” continued Roth. » 62% Reduced earnings volatility (less volatility) » Needed to integrate accurate data » 79% Smoother governance practices on a near real time basis » 86% Better » Required to interface complex cost informed decisions (learning from mistakes) » 59% the of risk allocation model with Increased profitability general ledger system Whole Foods Market Specific RMIS Challenges: *(Above data derived from a September 2005 study by The Conference Board) » Needed to enforce common busi- » Whole Foods Market’s risk management ness processes and standards to needs had grown beyond traditional claims Riskonnect ERM is a comprehensive decentralized operations management communications platform designed to help » Needed to integrate accurate data on a Solution organizations manage enterprise-wide uncertainty » 25 users utilize system as work near real time basis platform through a strategicRequired interface of complex cost of risk » risk management framework. » Users instantly adopt Riskonnect allocation model with the general ledger » Rapid Implementation » Data Integration of TPA/Carrier system claims, exposure, and location data Risk dashboards provide summary » Needed to enforce common business » Role-based to information and the ability to click workflow configured processes and standards to decentralized » Self-service functionality 770-790-4700 operations drill down into detailed information. ® » Real-time dashboards » Beyond traditional RMIS capabilities Improvements Mean Value to Whole Foods Market Results » Riskonnect RMIS creates a bridge Riskonnect and its technology consultant partner, Shelter Island Risk Services, from risk management to other implemented Riskonnect’s newest product offering, Riskonnect RMIS, throughout departments and operations Whole Foods Market. The RMIS implementation, including data integration of » Data processed and audited on a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and carrier claims, exposure, and location data timely basis » Actively using system to manage into Riskonnect RMIS, for a global user community was completed within 90 and document their work processes days–an unprecedented accomplishment in the risk management industry. » Users configuring system the way they work - not creating system workarounds “I believe Riskonnect RMIS is going to continue to improve » Accurate data outcomes and increase confidence in our ability to manage data, not just on the risk side, but also on the financial side.” ® -Margot Roth Director of Risk Management RK_ClientEvent_RIMS2010_Invite.indd 1 3/18/10 7:28:33 PM | 404-997-8757
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORIES Riskonnect Trade Show Booths in Boston and Las Vegas including motion graphics, banners, interactive kiosks, a race track, lounge areas, bar, and more. ® | 404-997-8757
  6. 6. SUCCESS STORIES François & Co. François & Co. provides authentic interior design materials to designers, architects, and homeowners world-wide. Product lines include Mosaics, Wood Floors, Stone Floors, Fireplace Mantels, Range Hoods, and Reclaimed Antique materials. François & Co. had inconsistent marketing materi- als and a confusing message focused on the how instead of the why. We helped change that by provid- ing direction on authentic discussions surrounding materials, sustainable sourcing, and custom design. We simplified advertising design and programs and provided a uniform look to catalogs and brochures. The result: A wearily-travelled CEO sourcing materi- als and showroom renovations throughout the coun- try to make room for new products they have to carry because they’re selling existing product lines out. Catalog Covers and Email Marketing Template | 404-997-8757
  7. 7. SUCCESS STORIES François & Co. Ads for Luxe Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Veranda. Trade Show Postcards, 5x7 Authenticity Brochure, 12x15, 24pp Signature Mosaics Catalog, 10x10, 96pp. | 404-997-8757
  8. 8. VISUAL STRATEGY Dine-Out Week August 10-16 PRESENTED BY Dine-Out Week Participating Restaurants August 10-16 Aqua Blue Restaurant & Bar Pacific Rim Bistro Bhojanic Restaurant PF Chang’s China Bistro - Perimeter The Cloves Restaurant The Real Chow Baby Doc Chey’s Noodle House Roy’s Atlanta Eurasia Bistro Silk Asian Steak & Seafood Geisha House Spice Market at W Atlanta Hotel - Midtown Genki Noodles & Sushi Steel Restaurant & Lounge Grand China Restaurant Sushi House Buckhead Hsu’s Atlanta Straits Atlanta Lee’s Golden Buddha Restaurant The Tenth Thai Cuisine & Lounge Lime Juice Thai Bistro Trader Vic’s at Hilton Atlanta Mo Mo Ya Restaurant Kani House Japanese Steak & Sushi Nakato Japanese Restaurant Naka Visit for an up to date list of offers and contact information for each participating restaurant. Taste of Asia Event Campaign posters (11x17, 22x28) Flyers (8.5x11) Programs & Invitations (8.5x11, A7) Check Stuffers and Table Toppers (3x9, 4x6) Tickets (1.75x5) Plastic discount cards, 3.5x2 | 404-997-8757
  9. 9. VISUAL STRATEGY CultureLink Letterhead, Envelope, and Business Cards Training Manual Cover, 9x12 Tri-fold Conference Brochure, 8.5x11 | 404-997-8757
  10. 10. VISUAL STRATEGY Investor’s Watchdog Letterhead, Envelope, and Business Cards Report cover system for financial research reports, 8.5x11 | 404-997-8757
  11. 11. VISUAL STRATEGY Bert’s Big Adventure Bottom 5 images: Press Kit and fund-raising brochure, 10x10 12pp. Left: Tri-fold brochure, 9x18 Center: Letterhead and Notecard | 404-997-8757
  12. 12. VISUAL STRATEGY North Metro Church Above: Cultivate Program brochure, 11x17, a map was hand-illustrated and digitally designed to provide guidance along a spiritual formation journey. Right Top: Career Revival flyer for CrossLink Ministries, 8.5x11. Right Center: Conference promotional brochure, 11x4.25. Right Bottom: Global Missions information brochure, 8.5x5.5, 12pp. | 404-997-8757
  13. 13. VISUAL STRATEGY Top Row, Left To Right: Suckerpunch Studios self promotion; HOW Poster Design Awards Entry; Jordan Baker Watts “Fly” Album Packaging. Bottom Row, Left to Right: “The Art of Printing” promotional piece for French Paper Co. & Mac Papers in collaboration with Henry & Co., A7 size.; Suckerpunch Studios interior design. | 404-997-8757
  14. 14. PHOTOGRAPHY | 404-997-8757
  15. 15. PHOTOGRAPHY | 404-997-8757
  16. 16. WEBSITES We’ve got what it takes... We really did build our first website in 1996. It may have been terrible, but at least we tried. We’ve been building real, usable websites since 2003. Prior to founding Suckerpunch Studios, Brad worked on teams at Verizon that were responsible for Webby and FWA award-winning sites ranging from the Dave Matthews Band to Pirates of the Carribbean. Here is some of the work currently on the web by our team. and it’s subsidiaries, websites designed as a total brand re-imaging including brand messaging, logos, marketing materials, and email marketing. | 404-997-8757
  17. 17. WEBSITES Top to Bottom: & built in collaboration with Ribbons of Red. At Left: | 404-997-8757
  18. 18. THEY LOVE US And you will too... We aren’t ones to advertise. You won’t see us spam- ming you or showing up at every Chamber of Com- merce meeting with free key-chains. Our satisfied “I appreciate what you have done with us, our website contains the message that we’re trying to communicate. You were quick to take up the ideas, quick to make the changes requested and offered customers are our sales-force and boy do they keep insight into how to do this project. I appreciate us busy. all the help you gave. You are available, pay close attention to what we are trying to do and come up “[Suckerpunch Studios] is very easy to work with, with corresponding/creative ways to get that done.” very professional, and extremely responsive... the Greg Williams-The Pastor’s Roundtable breadth of their experience is very helpful, and their work is top notch. [Suckerpunch Studios] is our go- to external marketing and web development team... “Brad, thanks so much for helping me design and Brad makes outsourcing graphic and design work launch my new website. It has received rave reviews, very easy. He understands a wide variety of needs so be on the lookout for referrals from me. The from print to web and back end web work. He takes website is more than I imagined. The flexibility of Client: Fuego Mundo the time to talk through possible solutions and cre- the site is just what I needed. You and your team are ative ways to meet client needs...” the best!!!” Kelly Barton-Riskonnect Wendy McGhee-Daisy’s Desserts “Brad provides top-of-the-line graphic design and “Brad knows how to get the job done! From concept branding services. His designs are not created in to final output his creative eye is amazing. Both isolation, but are made to communicate an organi- trustworthy and reliable I always knew I could count zation’s message, personality and uniqueness.” on him to pull through as we worked together on Stephanie Richards , Owner, Public Relations the Taste of Asia event for the Georgia Restaurant Specialist , Blueseed Media Association. I highly recommend his work and look forward to continuing to do business with him in the future.” “I must say that I was extremely happy with the serivce I received. It was certainly worth every penny Erica Rabhan-Shira Miller Communications Client: Suckerpunch Studios. Project: Self-Promotion and at times I felt like the dollars were stretched as far as they could go! You were always quick to “Brad successfully executes artistic vision without respond and to follow through.” losing focus on deadlines and budgets. It is this mix Dieter Fiek-TiltGear of creativity and practicality that made us confident in choosing Brad for our first consumer-targeted ini- tiative. We are pleased with the results and enjoyed “I love it! It looks FRESH! You did an Awesome working with Brad throughout the design process.” Job!!!!!!! Kelly Hornbuckle-Georgia Thanks again for everything. I love the site. The Restaurant Association photos are awesome. You did a fantastic job. I’m very pleased. “ Yolanda Owens-iwi fresh Client: iwi fresh. Project: Fall Collection | 404-997-8757
  19. 19. NOW YOU LOVE US We firmly believe that no man can create something from nothing, that responsibility is already taken. What we can do is observe the world around us and make something new from the beauty we’ve been Brad Weaver Prior to co-founding Suckerpunch Studios in 2007, formerly Omma Creative, Brad was responsible for Online and Youth Marketing at Verizon Wireless. blessed with eyes to see. Our goal is simple: to Prior to his tenure at Verizon, Brad was responsible capture what makes the heart sing in an unexpected for Visual Merchandising with American Eagle Outfit- way. We hope that our work shortens your breath and ters and FYE. He holds degrees in Political Science quickens your pace. and History in addition to certifications and continu- ing education in the web development and motion -Brad and Lisa graphics disciplines. He is a Christ follower, design addict, foodie, beer snob, writer, and loving dad. @suckerpunchinc (o) 404.997.8757 (c) 770.846.1298 Lisa Weaver Prior to co-founding Suckerpunch Studios and Sunday Afternoon Photography in 2007, Lisa served in Worship Arts with North Metro Church. There her responsibilities including controlling artistic minds running rampant. Her first camera was a pinhole camera she built with her late Aunt Gloria. She hasn’t put them down since. She’s an NCAA Academic All- American who holds degrees in the school of hard knocks after figuring out that art school photography 404.997.8757 is way too boring. Her work has been seen across the globe and graces many walls and wallets. Lisa is consecrated to God, a loving mom, not-a- 1635 Old 41 Highway NW poser outdoorsy, and reads till her eyes hurt. Ste. 112-310 She Doesn’t Tweet Kennesaw, GA 30152 (o) 404.997.8757 (c) 770.846.0402 | 404-997-8757