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INFO Lacombe - May 27 2011

  1. 1. Albert Lacombe, OMI1827 – 1916 Volume 8, Number 18 May 27, 2011 REFLECTIONS ON BEING MISSIONARY TODAY In this issue... IT DEMANDS ALL YOU’VE GOT……….1 BEING A MISSIONARY TODAY……...…3 BEING MISSIONARY IN CONTEXT…….4 OUR VULNERABILITY TEACHES US TO BE MISSIONARY……..…………………..5 UPCOMING DISCERNMENT WEEKEND…………………………………6 Announcement…………………………...5 IT DEMANDS ALL YOU’VE GOT By Paulo Feeley, OMI NEXT ISSUE OF INFO LACOMBE WILL BE JUNE 03, 2011. Being a missionary today is an exciting, challenging and difficult “career”. Exciting because it demands ALL you’ve got … above all, faith, courage and creativity. Slowly, you begin to understand that this is the Spirit’s work and you offer yourself to work with her. This is faith in its deepest dimension. Courage because, as Jesus said: Saskatoon Office- Communications
  2. 2. Volume 8, Number 18 May 27, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● the time of Jesus. Knowing that someone has physically beaten another is relatively easy to point a finger and say it was wrong. Without denying the value of correcting the individual, today we see millions are beaten by violence, hunger, war, etc. Even nature is being beaten. It’s not that we don’t know it’s wrong; it’s more that we haven’t been creative enough in finding a solution. And certainly, being a missionary today is difficult. Our (western) world has its roots in a Christian culture; and we ourselves in a catholic culture. That might be good as an historical statement but that is passé. The world has a new culture. We’re not speaking the same language. But there is an added dimension to the difficulty. To consider the mule as the only means of transportation in the 21st century would be ridiculous. Well, something similar with the instrument of the Spirit – the church. “We’re not speaking the same language” is much broader than the words we use. ThePaulo Feeley OMI served as an Oblate people of the ‘50s and ‘60s tried to bringmissionary in Peru from 1964 - 2004. about the “aggiornamento” … and we’re still trying with faith, courage and creativity. And“… I am sending you like lambs among in case you haven’t heard: the splinter groupwolves.” If you think the persecutions in the called Pius X has stated there’s no way ofRoman empire required courage, try the accepting the “aggiornamento” of Vatican 2.ferocious competitive life in today’scorporations … even in sports! Andcreativity is needed because the missionariesmust be “shrewd as serpents and simple asdoves”. You could argue with the Romanmagistrates but argue with the voraciousappetite of modern corporations demands amarket shrewdness that only the wise of thisworld understand.Being a missionary is challenging. Life is farmore complex and complicated than it was at Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Volume 8, Number 18 May 27, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● BEING A MISSIONARY TODAYBy: Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate AssociateBeing a missionary today seems almost tohave taken on a new focus, or a ‘re-focussing’. I am reminded a bit of the “Roadto Emmaus” story in scripture. Things are nolonger necessarily the way I expected them tobe or thought they would be.Like you, I have found myself asking of God;“What would you have me do, have me be?Who are your poor, your most abandoned?Who are the voiceless? Who does not knowof your awesome love for each of us? Howmay I love, may I serve you?”I believe that being a missionary today meanstaking the risks and speaking out in theworkplace when l notice that one person whoseems never to receive the respect and dignitythat is theirs. It means that always I need tospeak the truth and ensure that all are treatedfairly and justly, that we are all created in theimage of God, no matter what each of ourjobs are. As a missionary I am called to givevoice to any injustice and to speak out – topersevere until there is change – even if itdoes become “career limiting”. To try to stay Eleanor Rabnett, ministers in Ottawa in Stawake with Jesus in the garden for that one Joseph’s Parish and works with the Oblatelong hour. Assoicates.Being a missionary today may mean living in Perhaps being a missionary today meansthe freedom to step out of my old comfort simply to make myself available to you andzone and “share” how God transforms my supporting you in your life. I may teach youlife. Open myself up and truly give you the how to use a computer; feed you when yougift of who I am - so that together we walk come to the door of the Supper Table forwith each other on our journey of faith and dinner; support you as you work each day inlife. the Women’s Centre giving yourself so that there is a safe place for women to gather, Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Volume 8, Number 18 May 27, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.camake sure that I notice you if you to sit alonein at church on Sunday with no one to speakto – to introduce myself and let you know thatyou are an important part my life. I will takethe time to thank you and let you know that Icannot do it alone and when today you feelyou have no voice, I will take the time tolisten. If you feel all alone on your journey, Iwill walk with you.As a missionary today I must share all of themany the gifts that God gives to me – to openmyself to you and others and love in whateverway is needed and in all the ways that I amable.Yes, perhaps being a missionary today meansto keep loving all those I come in contactwith. Loving in the many ways and forms –giving of the talents and gifts that God hasgiven me – letting that awesome love God hasbestowed onto me to simply overflow and fillyou. Then like the two disciples in the gospelI will recognize who I am with and noticehow my heart burns within me. Nestor Gregoire, OMI, serves as pastor of St. Joseph’s Parish in Saskatoon and serves as the editor of INFO Lacombe. BEING MISSIONARY IN local community. People say, ‘the church is CONTEXT full of grey hairs’ but so are all the serviceBy Nestor Gregoire, OMI clubs. We are now in the decade when so many of the service clubs are combining with several other groups to at least have oneWhat we are experiencing as church is not service club that gives volunteer service to theunique to religious organizations. Parents community. Will volunteer organizationslament that ‘none of my children ever go to disappear from our society?church anymore’ and there are serious We are living through a tremendous socialmoments of guilt that they did not do a good shift where the individual wants to and mustenough job in raising their children. rely on their own resources. There is no largeBut we must stand back for a moment. They family to support you through the difficultare not coming to church, but they are also periods because all your close relatives arenot getting married or being involved in the Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Volume 8, Number 18 May 27, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.cascattered all over the country and literally theworld.We do not know what this means for ourChurch or for our religious congregation. Wedo not have the tools to rebuild church andsociety into a nurturing and sustaining whole.Where do we stand?This is the long trek through the desert wherewe have only the ‘cloud by day’ to guide us.It is our living faith in Jesus Christ who willlead us through this season of emptiness andseeming unproductivity.Our faith is a Paschal faith which means thatfrom the ashes (i.e., the lack of any results,the indifference and the criticisms that aretossed our way) will emerge new life.One part of being missionary today is to hangin there when no one else appears to want towalk with us. It is faithfulness through thelong, hot summer of exodus. It is walking inradical trust and confidence that God willbirth new life from these dry, dry ashes. OUR VULNERABILITY TEACHES US TO BE MISSIONARY Kathy Stack is a ‘minister on her feet.’ She knows the people of the street on a first name basis andBy Kathy Stack. walks with them.“…walking in radical trust and confidence of members, in those deeply committedthat God will birth new life….” religious orders serving this area for so manyThese words echo some hopeful possibilities years, is bringing about a gradual change inemerging from our community here in ministries, leaving gaps to be filled.Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside parishes. Inspired by the history, dedication andSacred Heart, St. Paul’s and Kateri example of those who came before, anotherTekakwitha Centre, make up a small Catholic generation of missionaries now struggle topresence in the Downtown Eastside, the discern how they are called.poorest neighborhood of our city. The aging Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Volume 8, Number 18 May 27, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.caAs members of the Down Town East Side and members of our families.parishes, we began to reflect on what we What does it mean to us to be missionariesmight have to offer, considering our limited today?numbers. Empty for a decade and havingfallen into disrepair, one of our physical It seems each of us are being led to examineresources, the old Sacred Heart elementary ourselves, as we endeavor to be people ofschool had begun to mirror the loneliness and service. We struggle with what it reallydespair, manifest in the sick, homeless and means to be ‘caring neighbors’ in an area thataddicted souls roaming our streets. is home to many who are deeply affected by poverty, addiction and mental health issues.To determine whether the building wassalvageable, we set to work removing the Our hope is to live compassionately, keepingmold, rot and damaged materials. What our hearts open to the gifts of others.remained was a beautiful, sound, well-builtold structure with much potential. We now UPCOMINGfind ourselves in the early stages of a plan tore-develop the old school, renamed ‘Sacred DISCERNMENTSpirit Center’. Buoyed by the interest, energy WEEKENDand generosity of other Catholic parishes,trade unions and a variety of folks committedto the common good, we hope that our Center June 2-5… Seeking God’s Will in Northernwill enhance the life of our worshipping Saskatchewancongregations and provide a place where wecan build community with our neighbors. The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and the Sisters of the Presentation will host aAs part of this process, we also took part in a retreat weekend for young women and menfaith sharing series, helping us to discern the (18-35 years) who are interested in discerningmeaning of ‘service’. In weekly sessions, we God’s path in their lives. We’ll be camping atbegan to clear out the mold and rot of St John Bosco Camp, three hourse north eastjudgement and pre-conceived notions about of Saskatoon. Bosco is a northern camp set‘the poor’. We came to recognize that charity and will provide us the opportunity to listenrequires more than one being the ‘giver’ and for God’s voice in the beauty of nature, asone the ‘receiver’. well as in our prayer and conversation throughout the weekend. In addition to someShared reflection helped us uncover our own good food and some good fun, this retreataversion to vulnerability, and has caused us to weekend will offer you some principles ofcringe somewhat, at our eagerness to name discernment and prayer, and will give you theand treat another’s weaknesses. opportunity to spend some time talking with We began to recognize ‘those people’ on the priests and sisters. Please get in touch with Fr street, Ken or Sister Mary Jane for more details are us, about the weekend. our friends, our neighbors Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Volume 8, Number 18 May 27, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ●[Read More] The Residence is centrally located in Ottawa in a tranquil setting by the Rideau River near StFor more information or to register contact: Paul’s University. Springhurst offers a spacious private suite with ensuite bathroom. MonthlySr Mary Jane Beavis (306) 244 rent includes all meals, housekeeping, laundry0726 facilities, access to chapel, shared receptionFr Ken Thorson OMI (613) 884 rooms and outdoor patio and garden space. A4144 level of assisted care is available as needed but residents must meet established physical andANNOUNCEMENT: mental criteria for independent living.Oblate Mission Travel- Peru Mission Trip,July 2011. Experience life with the Oblates For further information, contact Marlenein Peru on this 2-3 week mission trip. For Leonard, Residence Administrator;more than 50 years, the Peru/Canada Oblate Telephone: 613 567 0371 Fax: 613 567 0967relationship has flourished. This mission willtake us from the busy, inner city parishes in Email: springhurstadministrator@oblates.caLima along the coast to Chincha, Alta, WHO USES INFO LACOMBE?heavily damaged by the 2007 earthquake. Wewill travel to the high Andes and the missionsof Orcotuna and Aucayacu. Finally, we willtravel by boat to Sta. Clotilde deep in the During the month of April, 2011, we hadjungle along the Napo River where Father 2410 visits to our web page. The average visitMoe Shroder’s hospital was founded almost was three minutes and one second. In the30 years ago. It will be the experience of a business a ten second visit means that thelifetime. For more information, contact Neysa person had started to read and examine theor Teresa at 604 736 3972 or or is also a mission trip to Kenya Where do our visitors come from? The breakSeptember 14-October 04 led by Fr. Ken down is as follows: Canada, 2146; UnitedThorson, OMI. States, 89; France, 26; Italy, 20; United Kingdom, 15; Kenya, 13; Australia, 12;South Qu’Appelle House of Prayer. website:  Africa, 11; Poland, 9; Hong Kong, 6.www.qhpstillness.caThe Springhurst Residence, an Oblatecommunity of retired and active residents,currently has a vacancy. We are open toapplications from Oblates seeking a fullservice facility in a welcoming, quietenvironment to enjoy retirement, pursue longterm studies or other employment. Page 7 of 7