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INFO Lacombe - May 13 2011

  1. 1. Albert Lacombe, OMI1827 – 1916 Volume 8, Number 16…………………...May 13, 2011 NEW-ICON OF ST. EUGENE DE MAZENOD In this issue... Fr. Jack Lau OMI NEW-ICON OF ST. EUGENE DE MAZENOD………………………..…..…..1 HOW TO READ THE ICON?…….……..2 THE CRESCENT……………………....…4 ROBERT LAROCHE , OMI- ARTIST…...7 Announcement…………………………...7 NOVENA FOR VOCATIONS……………..8 Jack Lau, OMI, with icongrapher Suzanne Massie Manchevsky NEXT ISSUE OF INFO LACOMBE WILL BE MAY 20, 2011. The genesis of this project came from discussions I had with local iconographer, Suzanne Massie Manchevsky, who lives near Saskatoon Office- Communications the Oblate retreat house, Galilee Centre in TEL: 306 244 1556 Arnprior, Ontario. After we worked together FAX: 306 242 8916 to launch the Spiritual Retreat and Icon CELL: 306 370 7581 Workshop program here at Galilee, our HOME: 306 653 3113 ex 203 discussions turned to the life and charism of EMAIL: St. Eugene de Mazenod as the
  2. 2. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.ca150th anniversary of his “dies natalis” (birthinto heaven) approached.Suzanne asked if she could write an Icon ofSt. Eugene, so we conducted research at thearchives of St. Paul’s University in Ottawaand came away with many books, photos andDVD’s about his passionate faith and love ofGod, our Blessed Mother, his belovedOblates and compassion for all, especially thelowliest.Following our initial research and a numberof study and prayer sessions, we focused onlistening to the Spirit and what St. Eugenewas saying to each of us and we each heardthe voice of the older, wiser, matured andburnished St. Eugene calling. And so thesketching and drawing process began andSuzanne would send me photos of the Icon the sacred pictorial “language” of Icons to thethroughout the painting that now can be seen theological narrative function of the Gospels,as a YouTube video through this link: http:// which is why they are described as a Gospel or a window or ladder to Heaven.v=B1Kc0WfmCOM. Holy Icons date from earliest Christianity and Saint Luke the Evangelist (patron saint ofThere will be a week-long Spiritual Retreat artists and iconographers) is considered toand Icon Workshop at Arnprior in 2011, have been the first iconographer.beginning of the birthday of St. Eugene, About Saint Eugene de MazenodAugust 1. St Eugene was born a French nobleman on HOW TO READ THE August 1, 1782 in Aix-en-Provence. Following the French Revolution, his ICON? aristocratic family was torn apart by years inIcon of Saint Eugene de Mazenod, exile, debt and divorce and his beloved Holy Catholic Church was in tatters and underFounder, Missionary Oblates of Mary continued attack.Immaculate (OMI) He might have chosen to marry well and useWhat is an Icon? his connections to gain wealth or political power, but he experienced a profound“Icon” is the Greek word for “image”. Icons conversion of spirit on Good Friday of 1807.are pictures of Holy Ones or scenes from While praying before a crucifix, “Jesus calledScripture. Saint John of Damascus compared him forcibly to feel the strength of his love. Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.caEugene wept, he lamented his sins and feltimmense joy at discovering the meaning ofhis life—that he was destined to give himselftotally to Jesus Christ”. (“Living in theSpirit’s Fire”, p vii) St Eugene had receivedthe spiritual gift of “Holy Tears”, ofboundless love and compassion. He wasordained in 1811 and chose to minister to thepoor, abandoned and sick as well as a specialministry to youth and prisoners. Later on he Iconographer/instructorwas called serve the Church as Bishop of Suzanne Massie Manchevsky studied art atMarseilles for many years. the Haliburton School of the Arts St Eugene founded his fledgling group of (Sir Sandford Fleming College) andmissionary priests in 1816 and the Rule of the Iconography with the St. John of DamascusMissionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate was Icon Studio and through her travels andapproved by Rome in 1826. Some of his first research. She loves writing icons and beingmissionaries went to Canada in 1841and able to share this beautiful, prayerful art formOblates are now present throughout the with others for the praise of God. Sheworld. Along with and under the patronage of facilitates a scripture study group and is a laythe Most Holy Virgin Mary of the Immaculate minister of the Word in her Arnprior parishConception, he worked tirelessly his entire and is one with the Oblate Associates oflife as Co-Redeemer and Apostle of Christ Arnprior/Galilee Centerand lover and upholder of the Church. StEugene died on May 21, 1861. In his finalwords to his beloved Oblates, he urged thatthey continue always to be and to practicelove or “charity, charity, charity”.St Eugene is the patron saint of families in love and more compassionate and mellowdifficult times. from years of pouring himself out in service to Christ, his Church and the world as anHow to “read” this Icon oblation. He is glowing, transfigured and glorified by God. He is both Founder andThis Icon was created to celebrate and beloved “Papa” of the Oblate community.commemorate the 150th anniversary of the His hair is white with pearl highlights and he“Dies Natalis” (birth into heaven) of Saint radiates divine light and love. From his rightEugene de Mazenod, Founder of the eye, we see a holy tear drop falling,Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. As signifying his spiritual conversion tosuch, it depicts the “sum” of his earthly life becoming love. His forehead is bright, wideand faith journey. and lined, denoting divine wisdom. His neckThe Icon depicts a mature St Eugene at 78 is strong and thick, denoting fullness ofyears old, sanctified and burnished by God’s Spirit. His eyes and ears are exaggerated to Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.casignify following and being obedient to God.As he was the Bishop of Marseille, St Eugenewears a red bishop’s cape with a purpleundertone representing his noble blood. Hewears the distinctive Gallic collar and theMission Cross or Oblate Crucifix. Hiscassock is French Blue to reflect hisnationality.St Eugene offers a two finger blessing to theviewer while pointing us to the narrow path,Christ on the Cross, the Living Word of God THE CRESCENTmade flesh who gave freely of His life for thesalvation of others. St Eugene’s mission Oblate House 1311 The Crescent, Vancouver,would be as Christ’s co-redeemer and apostle, BC.spreading the Good News of God’s saving The Oblate house on ‘the Crescent’ inlove throughout the world. He holds the Vancouver has been a significant part ofScriptures reverently, using his cape; it is Oblate life in the West. ‘The Cresecent’ as itbookmarked to indicate his mandate from the is affectionately known, has served as theGospel of St Luke, 4:18: “The Spir it of the provincial offices of St. Paul’s Province and aLord is upon me, because he has anointed me house of hospitality for travelling bring good news to the poor. He has sentme to proclaim release to the captives and The Crescent has always served as arecovery of sight to the blind, to let the hospitality house. Today, there are six guestsoppressed go free.” rooms. At one time the door was not locked at night and was always open for an unexpectedThe lettering on the Icon’s background reads: Oblate to drop in and find a room for theSaint Eugene de Mazenod, OMI on the night. This was the practice of an ‘openviewer’s left. On the right are his deathbed door.’The multi-purpose room in theinstructions to Oblates to BE love, “la charite, basement serves as a meeting room andla charite, la charite” and the year of his Dies gathering for workshops. Bernie McCosham,Natalis, 1861. The Icon script is based on and OMI, the director proudly boasts that ‘wecopied from St Eugene’s own handwriting in have great barbeques beside the pool in thehis letters so that he personally addresses each summer.”viewer. At the present moment there are seven Oblates living at the Crescent. “This is a good place for a rest and relaxation which everyone needs. There are not too many places where you can get that! There is a quiet atmosphere here at the Crescent” even though the traffic is very heavy on Granville St. [very close by].” Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● family physician. Patients were admitted at the entrance by a second door that led to the reception area and examining rooms. Dr. Monro chose the site for the present Vancouver General Hospital and was prominent in the design of the original building. In 1932 he also sparked a campaign for a medical school at UBC. A word about the house.The décor of the house exhibits a strongconnection with the Oblate history in BC. The Meals prepared in the kitchen were conveyeddining room is ringed with a collection of to the second floor dining room (todaymemorial plates of the various parishes and Rooms M4 andM5) by a dumb-waiterhistorical personalities that have shaped this manually operated by pulleys from thehistory. There is a clear demonstration of the ground floor. Part of the elevator shaft canlife with the First Nations Peoples of BC with still be seen in the second floor linen room.the art and carvings that are hung on the On the third floor, the servants occupiedwalls. The walls breath an Oblate missionary rooms.spirit. After Dr. Monro died in 1932, the house wasA Brief History zoned multi-family and divided into seven suits to help provide living space for men andShaughnessy Heights was a grant of land (250 women coming to Vancouver to assist in theacres) of the Canadian Pacific Railway on war effort. It became a source of revenue forcompletion of the CPR rail line to the West the new owners.Coast. A subdivision that followed includedThe Crescent with Shaughnessy Part in thecenter. Of the fourteen homes, twelve havebeen designated heritage buildings. OblateHouse was not designated ‘heritage’ becauseof the addition of a wing that had been addedby previous owners. This wing includes thepresent chapel.Stately family homes were given propernames such as “The Hollies” and “VilleRusse.” 1311 The Crescent was “Strathardle.”This title is found in the entranceway on In 1961 Fr. Gerry Kelly, OMI, was namedmosaic tile. Vicar Provincial and had his office at St.Oblate House was built in 1912 for Dr. Alex Augustine’s Rectory until 1968 when theMonro and his wife Edith McCrossan. Dr. purchase of Oblate House at 1311 theMonro began the practice of medicine as Crescent for 65,000 was approved. Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● www.omilacombe.caOn January 6, 1968, Fr. Gerry Kelly, OMI,and Brother Jerome Blackburn,OMI, tookpossession of the house which they purchasedfrom the Otto Zimmerman family. Becausemany repairs were needed, Brother Blackburnset to work to renovate the basement. A newfloor, kitchenette and false ceiling wereadded. All were the work of brother’scarpentry skills. Only the new fireplacerequired a contractor to be called in forinstallation. By 1975 it became obvious thataccommodation was needed for visiting ROBERT LAROCHE, OMIOblates, as well as a meeting place and a ARTISTrehab center for those recovering fromillness. We want to share the artistic work of Robert. He will set up his easel and brushes and set toProvidentially, the house next door at 1275 work, right along the road if necessary.Tecumseh became available. It was built byDan and Ruth Giroday in the early 1960’s fortheir family of ten, with eight bedrooms, fourbathrooms and a swimming pool. Purchaseprice for this home was 190,000.A word about the neighborhood.In the early years of Vancouver, horses wereused for transportation and recreation. Fr.Gerry Kelly once found a letter from the cityurging that manure not be allowed to gatherin the driveways.Over forty different species of trees wereplanted in Shaughnessy Park, however, thereis no definite record of who planted them orwhen. Gerald B. Stanley, a professor at UBC,identified all the trees in the park. A moment of rest Page 6 of 10
  7. 7. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● Fr Mike Dechant OMI at 780 460 4269 June 2-5… Seeking God’s Will in Northern Saskatchewan The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and the Sisters of the Presentation will host a retreat weekend for young women and men (18-35 years) who are interested in discerning God’s path in their lives. We’ll be camping at St John Bosco Camp, three hourse north east of Saskatoon. Bosco is a northern camp setUpcoming Discernment and will provide us the opportunity to listen for God’s voice in the beauty of nature, asWeekends well as in our prayer and conversationHere are two vocation discernment throughout the weekend. In addition to someopportunities for the coming months. Please good food and some good fun, this retreattake a moment and consider who you might weekend will offer you some principles ofinvite to be part of one of the weekends, and discernment and prayer, and will give you thegive them a call. If you have any questions opportunity to spend some time talking withregarding these retreats or vocations ministry priests and sisters. Please get in touch with Frplease get in touch with me. Ken Thorson Ken or Sister Mary Jane for more detailsOMI about the weekend.May 20-23… Retreat in the Rockies [Read More]The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculatewill host a discernment retreat in Canmore, For more information or to register contact:AB for young men (18 - 35 years) who are Sr Mary Jane Beavis (306) 244interested in learning about discernment, and 0726 maryjane.beavis@gmail.comsomething about religious life. We’ll be Fr Ken Thorson OMI (613) 884hiking, praying, and of course talking about 4144 vocations@omilacombe.caour journey with God, with Canmore and theRockies as our backdrop. Join with others likeyourself who are seeking to know God’s willfor their lives. The weekend will begin on Announcement:Friday at 7:00 p.m. and finish on Monday Visit the website of Bountyfull Housewith lunch. Accommodation and food are (Vancouver). Father Larry Mackey, Sisterprovided. There is no charge for this retreat. Monica Guest and the staff at Bountyfull House in Vancouver, Canada have been[Read More] working for over twenty years with recovery from all forms of addiction and abuse.For more information or to register contact: www.bountyfullhouse.orgFr Ken Thorson OMI at 613 884 4144 or Page 7 of 10
  8. 8. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ● Qu’Appelle House of Prayer. website:  Oblates  is  especially  to  those  people  whose condition  cries  out  for  salvation  and  for  the   hope,  which  only  Jesus  Christ  can  fully  bring.   These  are  the  poor  with  their  many  faces  –  Oblate Mission Travel- Peru Mission Trip, they  have  our  preference  because  of  their  July 2011. Experience life with the Oblates need.                            (Go  to  Closing  Prayers)  in Peru on this 2-3 week mission trip. Formore than 50 years, the Peru/Canada Oblaterelationship has flourished. This mission willtake us from the busy, inner city parishes inLima along the coast to Chincha, Alta, 22-­‐-­‐Theme  of  the  Day: Happy  the  Con@ident  Hearts  Because  the  heavily damaged by the 2007 earthquake. We Lord  is  With  Themwill travel to the high Andes and the missions 1st  Readingof Orcotuna and Aucayacu. Finally, we will 2nd  Reading:  Fr  Louis  Lougen  OMI  to  the  travel by boat to Sta. Clotilde deep in the French  Province  (March  2011):  jungle along the Napo River where Father :  Matthew  28:20Moe Shroder’s hospital was founded almost  [At]  Our  recent  Chapter…we  were  led  by  the  30 years ago. It will be the experience of a Spirit  to  focus  on  conversion  to  Jesus  Christ  lifetime. For more information, contact Neysa and  Him  CruciHied.  This  is  nothing  less  than  or Teresa at 604 736 3972 or the  decision  to  embrace  the  very  Gospel  once or again  as  our  way  of  life:  “Repent  and  believe in  the  Gospel!”  We  have  recognized  that  our   lives  stand  in  need  of  change,  growth  and  There is also a mission trip to Kenya newness.  The  Chapter  was  a  perfect  echo  of  September 14-October 04 led by Fr. Ken the  words  of  the  Founder  in  his  Preface  to  Thorson, OMI. the  Constitutions  and  Rules:  “They  must   constantly  renew  themselves  in  the  grace  of   Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate their  vocation,  living  in  a  state  of  habitual   Novena for Vocations self-­denial  and  seeking  at  all  times  to  reach   the  very  summit  of  May 21 – 29, 2011 perfection”                                                      (Go  to  Closing   Prayers)21 --Feast of St Eugene de Mazenod OMI Theme  of  the  Day: Eugene  de  Mazenod,  A  Father  with  a   Heart  Open  to  the  World1st  Reading:  Genesis  12:  1-­‐22nd  Reading:  From  the  Oblate  Rule:  The  Oblates  are  a  missionary  congregation.  They  are  men  set  apart  for  the  Gospel,  ready  to  leave  everything  to  be  disciples  of  Jesus  Christ.  Their  principle  service  in  the  Church  is  to  proclaim  Christ  and  his  Kingdom  to  the  most  abandoned…  The  mission  of  the   Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ●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age 9 of 10
  10. 10. Volume 8, Number 16 May 13, 2011 175 MAIN STREET ● OTTAWA ON K1S 1C3 ● TEL: 613-230-2225 ● FAX: 613-230-2948 ●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losing  Prayers God,  we  thank  you  for  the  blessings  you   have  given  us  in  Christ.  Let  your  Spirit   overshadow  your  people,  making  your   gentle  invitation  heard  in  many  hearts.  Lord  of  the  harvest,  bless  the  Oblate  Family   with  many  vocations,  so  that  those  in   greatest  need  will  experience  the  good   news.  May  your  love  grow  among  us  and   spread  throughout  creation…  Amen. Our  Father… Hail  Mary… St  Eugene…  R.  pray  for  us. Blessed  Joseph  Gerard…  R. Blessed  Joseph  Cebula…R.   Brother  Anthony…R.   Praised  be  Jesus  Christ,  And  Mary   Immaculate Page 10 of 10