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A) Silkscroll talk

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  • Signs and symptoms of kidney energy weakness include low back ache tiredness, dry mouth, especially at night, dark scanty urine, thirst, dizziness, check flushing, sensation of heat in the palms soles and chest, constipation, forgetfulness, poor circulation in the ears, a loss of hearing at the higher frequencies, and sometimes ringing in the ear desire to lie down and sleep, hair loss, toothache, reduced muscle mass, dry throat, and a burst of energy around 11pm. The skin of people with weak kidneys are often described as brown-black in color and lacking elasticity. Additional symptoms of Kidney energy weakness include a reddish tongue with little coating, a weak floating and "empty" pulse, high blood pressure, diabetes, and urogenital infection. Sweep of body { liver, kidney, heart
  • A lot of exercises do and copy do.
  • Footbath, stomach massage or blend with rice oil to massage chest and neck
  • A silkscroll of health without Silk is not called silkscroll.
  • Inhale and exhale press until no air
  • Flaxseedoil.
  • Poems for heel pain is
  • Concentrated source of nutrition and minerals; I take this morning or with lunch:>
  • A person age through qi depletion, leg is like a root.
  • Silkshare

    2. 2. What is sake?  A time honoured indigenous alcoholic beverage from Japan. (Used as an offering to the gods, a celebrational drink for centuries)  Made by fermenting the raw ingredient rice, using a malt called koji and a specially cultured yeast.  The alcohol level is typically less than 22% (the sake normally on sale is around 15%)  Some like it hot, and some like it cold! Can be enjoyed at a range of different temperatures anywhere between 5℃ and 60℃. In Japan there is actually a total of 9 different variations; from snow temperature and skin temperature to the classic warm, temperature of the sun and boiling hot.  Regional Varieties Flavour characteristics vary from region to region.  A great accompaniment to food, NOT just Japanese Sake can actually be paired with a variety of different cuisines from different countries, including of course the typical Japanese dishes like sashimi and sushi.Classification ExampleFermented sake, wine, beerDistilled shochu, whisky, vodka, rum, brandy 2
    3. 3. The Health Benefits Makes your skin shine. The amino acids present in sake are thought to strengthen the stomach wall and improve digestion and give your skin a lovely shine. Improve blood flow Sake is also capable of giving a new lease of life to old blood vessels and improve blood flow throughout the body. Stress relief As well as making you feel more relaxed sake loosens up tensed muscles and is a great form of stress relief like a massage. Improve lifestyle and help create healthier body Sake may help prevent common diseases and ailments like arthritis, heart attacks, and others such as thosewhich affect the brain. Other common usages of sake. Cooking, Added to a Bath. 3
    4. 4. TESTIMONIALS PAST 14 YEARS [1998-2012] Babies (70% to 90% rates, 10%.xxxx) Chronic pain better 80% Insomnia (slow yet mindset improves) Depressions (within 3-6 months) Angst (a long journey with less occurances) PC ,XZZ ( Greatly reduction) Loneliness Feeling ( Quick recovery) Cancer Handling ( Super effective and for those last stage to move on peacefully)
    5. 5. OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF MAGWHITE SKIN VITA SERUM New Time-Release with continuous healing throughout night. FACTS: penetrating the skin to boost cell regeneration and provide significant improvement in all the fundamental skin layers to achieve ideal skin. The serum, to be used after cleansing and toning, is said to give your skin a more even tone, reduce size of your pores, and improve freckles and blemishes.
    6. 6. CAUSES OF SLEEP PROBLEMS Main causes?1. Stress2. Digestion, Qi and Emotions  Result in ASBS syndromes ……..
    7. 7. 15 YEARS RESEARCH REVEAL A) Emotional equilibrium B) Physical qi movements (Direct of Qi) C) Proper Foodcure. D) Onions method . E) Footbath with nutmeg and using of the sleep Oil.
    8. 8. EMOTION EQUILIBRIUM Acceptance and no Expectation. Release of TMT. How? A pen and notebook to pen down a day‟s thoughts and worries. (Art therapy of Arrows)
    10. 10. DIRECTIONAL FLOW OF QI  Kidney ---anxious and may lie awake worrying.  Liver --- Anger (footbath is a must)  Heart/Lungs --“If you‟re living in an imbalanced way in which your spirit is not honored and nourished, there can be incessant chatter in your mind that keeps you awake at night.”  Stomach Spleen --- Indigestion awake (eat early and stomach massage) Aromatherapy Oil: Lavendula, Grapefruit, marjoram and Nutmeg with rice oil.  Ratio of 10 drops of any above oil to 15ml rice oil.  [Chest Stomach lower back]
    11. 11. KIDNEY QI DIRECT Communicate flow of Qi the Heart and Kidney to promote sleep; insomnia in TCM include communicating heart and kidney, nourishing “Qi” and blood of heart and spleen, promoting digestion and removing retention of food .
    12. 12. WHITE AND RED BLOOD CELLS Enhances the Reproductive System Helps to nourish the Bone Marrow Increase the Vitality of our Immunity Rejuvenates the Blood Enhances overall Strength and Health Slows down the ageing process Assists in grounding process Most importantly, The Marrow Gate Connects to the Root of the Will. Activating and energizing the Marrow Gate enhances the individuals Self-Awareness and supports Personal-Will.
    13. 13. PROPER MEALS : MIRACLE TEA All green and leafy vegetables Lettuce tea: I found it to be very light, mild, refreshing and surprisingly good. high content of magnesium in the juice has exceptional power to vitalize the muscular tissues Magnesium salt Footbath
    14. 14. AROMATHERAPY Sleep Oil Blending; With massage stick rub foot or Chest, neck, stomach massage(Dilute 5 drops to 10ml rice oil) Lavendula ( 5 organs) Marjoram (Kidney, Liver) Nutmeg (Spleen, Kidney) Grapefruit (Lungs) 5: Aroma Dance (demo for 2013)
    15. 15. SILK METHOD: A PIECE OF 3
    16. 16. HEALTH BENEFITS OF AN ANCIEN ITEM Help ease menopausal hot flashes, Slow down the effects of aging, and Relieve certain skin conditions hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer fine lines (wrinkles!) and more luminosity than dehydrated skin cells Hair Beauty Sleep
    17. 17. RESEARCHED RESULTS Silk can absorb sound, dirt, and is heat- resistant. Silk is ultraviolet radiation resistant. Silk is hygroscopic and readily absorbs moisture Silk is comfortable to wear [ Neroli oil lavender water silk method]
    18. 18. FIVE FINGERS HEALING (CHINESE ) THUMB : Earth, the stomach and worry. INDEX: Metal, lungs, the large intestine and the emotions depression, sadness and grief. MIDDLE: Fire, the heart, small intestine, circulatory and respiratory systems, the emotions are impatience and hastiness. RING: Wood and is connected to the liver, gall bladder, nervous system and corresponds to anger. LITTLE : Water, the kidneys and fear.
    19. 19. MASSAGE IT FINGERS FOR ITS PROPERTIES Works best for kidsbelow 21;Every morning or officebreak time[ Once a week lavendula on palm]
    20. 20. THE POWER OF FINGERS Improve memories Improve circulation Activate 5 organs qi Anti age Slow down the mind from loosing memories.
    21. 21. THE FINGER AEROBICS 2(index) 1(middle) 3(ring) 4(pinky) 3(ring) 1(middle) 2 (index) Refer video
    22. 22. LAO SHI HAPPY MINUTE  5 tones:  To good health:  „This collection utilizes a serene, steadymelody to strengthen the stomach and thespleen. The refreshing rhythm willgradually ease the listener`s tense nerves,improving the digestive system to resumeits normal functions.
    23. 23. 5 TUNE TO GOOD HEALTH商 (Re) Lungs --- heal sadness羽 (la) Kidney ---- heal fear宫 (Do) Spleen ---- heal worry稚 (So) Heart ---- healoverwhelmed角 (Mi) Liver ----- heal anger1) Do Re Me So la.[ Ya, Yo, Eee, Ahhh, Hey]2) Can combine Lao Gong movement
    24. 24. MAJOR ISSUE IN FOR ABOVE 35 ACT EArLY to Avoid RegretAlarming increase number of cases and many live with it!!!!
    25. 25. CONVENTION TREATMENTWestern Doctor: stretching by physio ($80- $120 a session) [ GO 2 times enough ] Insole ( amust but can cost to $380 each) [ Best in sole is Scholl, Bio mechanics, only $40] Pain killers ( is a must with doctor in beginning ) [ Take a week with doctor advice ] Injection (pain highly comes back after 3 months) [ Avoid because come back worsen ]Alternative:Acupuncture by TCM (twice a week around leg area)Typical points are as shown here….:
    26. 26. INVEST IN A IN-SOLE NOW Wear Hi Heels even better Than Flip flop
    27. 27. HEEL PAIN IN TCM (ONCE A WEEK) 活血化瘀, 温通经络, 补益肝肾。 Do not Hammer/Release bloodTechniqueThe point selection included traditional acupuncture points KI1, 3, 6, BL 60, 67, GB 44, and local Ah Shi points or trigger points onthe plantar aspect of the foot.
    28. 28. HEEL PAIN 2 YEARS CASE STUDY RESULT Seems difficult to cure Pre-requsite: i) See Western doctor (few days of Anti inflammation pills) ii) Rest for a week. Mini Stretch and ICE it and dry it. iii) After no more inflammation footbath with warm water if not icing is good. Iv) Sole buy the rubber type in guardian or watson/SHOES V) Footbath cannot be hot with aromatherapy VI) Acupuncture only the suggested points, and no moxibustion on inflammed point and no foot reflex/ Result: Can be instant relief and within 3 months all gone. Avoid Sour food, nuts. Massage leg as shown in video.
    29. 29. BRYAN LAO SHI DAILY CARE (MORNING)Elmm Berrr ( 3 Rice) 一天吃三枣,青永不老i) Beautify Skin, nourish 5 organs,bring down heatiness without beingcooling.
    31. 31. REDUCING INFLAMMATION IN BODY Tumeric: (Better than Any supplements on Anti-inflammations) Guidelines: 2 to 3 times a week in juice Precaution: Stomach Ulcer, gastric, Blood thinner drugs. Tell THEM PILLS?
    32. 32.  Clinically, curcumin has worked as well as cortisone or phenylbutazone for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and post-operative inflammation. Safe COX- and COX-2 Inhibitor better relieved morning stiffness and joint swelling, and improved walking time.
    33. 33. TUMERIC: powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant properties. Inflammation, if left untreated, can become a chronic health issue. And unlike aspirin or ibuprofen. Turmerics curcumin reduces inflammation naturally, without damaging the liver or kidneys. How I eat? Half teaspoon with honey warm Add pinch to rice or egg.
    34. 34. FOOTBATH SO IMPORTANT (WARM) Preserve qi, and reduce lost of qi Massage after footbath release toxin build- up, and keep the muscles supple and shapely Warning : Low Blood pressure and Diabetics. Nutmeg and Lavendula and Bryan Relaxation Blend
    35. 35. EYES CARE:> DEMO; NEROLI EYE MASK EYE CREAM WITH KWA SA Welcome Queen of Kwa Sa :>
    36. 36. BRYAN LAO SHI SECRET SKIN CARE ( 5 MINS) Cleanser : 2 types (last 6 month):Morning Lavender water Day Anti-age Serum Evening Skin MagWhite Vita Serum Night cream Weekly Care: Flora Scrub Tonic: Lavender water + Neroli Oil Mask: Pearl clay Mask (twice a week + Antiage Mask as and when) Face and Eye mask : Emergency Hydration Flora Scrub : twice a week (10sec each time)
    37. 37. CARE FOR CANCER Do not over care. Identify stages. Breathing exercise daily Aroma oil (works on body mind emotions)1. Rose Geranium2. Grapefruit Pink3. Lavendula Vera4. Frankincense5. Rice bran Oil (to blend for massage)
    38. 38. 2012 NEW LAUNCH Kaffir Lime Nutmeg Oil: Pomelo Coconut Lymphatic Drainage Stay Tune: 1) Queen of Jasmine Facial Oil 2) Trees of Healing 3) Chemical free dish washing liquid
    39. 39. 2013 ( SEMINARS)[ EMAIL EVENT DATES TO ALL) Welcome Snake Year Talk Sinew Professional Qi Gong (for all 5 element qi gong attendees) Professional Aromatherapy 2013 (25 students a year) East meet West Kwa Sa Class. Ah Ma Secret recipes and magnet Therapy 6636 calculation seminar
    40. 40. SINEW QI GONG 2013 Making of Secret Tie Da Powder