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  • Meditation, travel from body, mind, mind to intellect and too self.
  • this is the common meditation thoughts u have all the time. Well meditation can be done anywhere anytime even in office that few minutes makes a lot of different. Meditation need not be complicated. Start simple.
  • Million dollars of fund from US is spent on research of meditations.
  • 5-10 mins a day makes ur life better. All techniques learnt today are a simple technique. Stick on the techniques for a few weeks. Different stage of ur life will perform different techniques.
  • Short circuit the body to original state ofgood health and consistant. Let me allow the simplest music meditation. No techniques and nothing:>3mins; (enya music) Progressive Muscle Relaxation Sequence The most popular sequence runs as follows: Right foot* ,Left foot ,Right calf Left calf Right thigh Left thigh Hips and buttocks Stomach Chest Back Right arm and hand Left arm and hand Neck and shoulders Face
  • Lao Gong, Bai Hui [Ocean music]
  • Noise levels, living conditions, jams, moving house; personal conficts, promotion, demotion, redundancy; married divorce;
  • Mind is nothing but the abundant of thoughts.
  • Dedicate 5mins a day; one month 3 consecutive days; or once a week. Is important to relax first before meditation and having a shower.
  • Problem with normal seating both legs under body , is neck and knee. After legs we talk about the hand mudra/
  • Ask them rub hand and feel energy flow.
  • --- Anger, Effective daily meditation method. i) Emotion , Thoughts, Pain, Tired, Distracted, Worry, Doubting, Confusion. Let inhalation and exhalation happens on its own. No chanting of mantra but just observe rising and falling or breath
  • Rub both hands, feel the sensation; than ask them try index touch and feel energy (thumb is Divine, index is yourself). When u shake hand with people u exchange energy.
  • Intent Frequency + Intent = Healing (most effective when 50-50) (per Jonathan Goldman)
  • Thus, OM is the ancient and sacred symbol, which represents the sound of all creation. It symbolizes infinite, eternal and is inclusive of all religions, caste, color and creed. OM is the most sacred syllables, the first sound of Almighty – from which all sounds emanate. If chanted with correct intonation, it can resonate in the whole body and merge in the fourth stage as mentioned above. It is past, present and future.
  • Mantra keeps the hungry mind out of trouble.
  • Mmm

    1. 1. Music Mantra Vowel Workshop “ When I am happy , say out… I am happy….” Empower our body mind and emotion
    2. 2. Benefits of Meditation• The overall benefits of meditation It lowers oxygen consumption.• Meditation increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.• It increases the tolerance to physical exercise for heart patients.• Meditation a great way for a deeper level of relaxation.• Meditation reduces the high blood pressure.• Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.• Decreases muscle tension (any pain due to tension) and headaches.• It increases serotonin production which influences mood and behavior.• Helps in post-operative healing.• Enhances the immune system. Researches show that meditation increases activity of cells that kill bacteria and cancer cells.• Also reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress.
    3. 3. Keep it Simple• Techniques given are for your knowledge• Ultimately choose your way after you have learn the few techniques.• Self healing meditation• Do make an effort 5mins a day.
    4. 4. Music Mantra Meditation Bryan lao ShiKey to-Pyschological andphysiologcal health.- Dissolve worrieswith musicbringing yournervous system back into balance
    5. 5. 3 points meditation experience• Rub center of both palm center, Third eyeCenter of head.Both palm facing up.When ready, right palm touch onv)Chestvi)Foreheadvii)CrownNB: Each position timing up to you.
    6. 6. Stress Remedies (be grounded)Body’s response to Changes and pressure thatcan place on usEnvironmentWorkPersonal circumstances•Just visit Garden if don’t feel like seating down meditate.
    7. 7. Pre-Pare…..• Personalities (awareness Type)• Diet ( 2 litres of water, Fruits and Greens)• Exercises (Leg exercise and breathing exercises• 21 OM Morning:>
    8. 8. 5 pointers to Basic Meditation• A) Relax• B) Seat Posture (Right leg on left)• C) Hand Position (Right palm rest on left)• D) Eyes Close (no tension on eyes)• E) Observe breathing (no conscious breathing, inhalation and exhalation happens on it owns)
    9. 9. A) RelaxationRelax first with a shower follow by i) 478 breathing 3 times ORii) Breath in deeply once and gently hit bodywith one breathe 3 times.Body must be relax before meditation (invite Queen ofyoga teacher),REMOVE CHAIRS THANK YOU…..:>
    10. 10. B) Posture• half Lotus• Full Lotus• Kneeling• Chair C) Choose Mudra of C or E.
    11. 11. Mudras
    12. 12. Meditation Tips Techniques• No tension body• Mind wont keep thinking of time• Feel that you don’t want meditation comes to the end• If u know meditation going well…. Continue… is rare in a person lifetime to get the same experience. Cherish our meditation experience than remember.• If tired change posture• If a lot of thoughts can take it, open ur eyes and close again• Will have smile on face:>
    13. 13. Types of Meditation (DAILY)A) Self development better character meditation OBSERVING BREATH AND LET GO THOUGHTS.i) (Thai… Pu do; Rising and Falling…) [Observations of rising and falling stomach]ii) Countdown 30 to 1 follow by normal breath
    14. 14. Calming meditation.• : both hands touching side under armpits
    15. 15. Health Issues MeditationUse it for specific problems and 5mins a day for 21 days. HOW? Next Slides….
    16. 16. Health and fingers meditationi) Choose a favorite hand mudra (refer notes)ii) Seated any posture u prefer or lie down.ii)3 points focus, each area feel the energy of the points• Reproductive area ( 1-3 mins)• Stomach (1-3mins)• Neck Shoulder (1-3mins)• Use your own breathing method but must be simple.
    17. 17. Mantra And Meditation• Which comes First?
    18. 18. Basic Principles of Sound TherapyLets just go over a couple basic principles ofsound.• Everything is Vibration• Intention is Powerful• Silence is Golden• Our voice is a healing instrument.
    19. 19. 21 OM [ A U M] meditationA) Have a shower (Cleanse EMF method, finalrinse)•1st 5 OM: Vocal Cords, Hands, Feet, EliminationOrgans, Generative Organs.•2nd 5 OM: EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, SKIN•3rd 5 OM: 5 elements•4th 4 OM: Body SHEATHS•LAST OM: Self Wisdom
    20. 20. POWER TECHNIQUES• A) Breathe IN thru nose: SAY OM……..• B) Feel the vibrations• After 21OM• SAY SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI• (tone and calm down the agitation in mind and quicken downpour of Grace)
    21. 21. Mantra Chanting Techniques• Chant and listen what your chant• One breathe method• Chakra Mantra method• Practical Practice Class• i) 6 syllabus mantra• ii) tara mantra Obstacles removing method• iii) Cundi mantra
    22. 22. Problems and Obstacles• Mantra raises the the mind to higher place and this higher place answer to your problems may be found.• Prayers and mysterious of getting what u want and sometimes not appropriate (law of karma)
    23. 23. DAO of Sound Words • See you in Silk Scroll • of Health 2012….. • To continue….
    24. 24. Vowels of meditation• Ahhhh: Chest, heart, cavity, heart and body;• U: Pelvis, hips, legs, feet and lower body;• O: Stomach, mid section and groin.• Silk scroll of health : Sound of 5 organs.[ rotate each portion]
    25. 25. MANI MeditationQi raised from body and activate the channels ofthe whole body.•Encourage flow of energy to the heart, releaseemotional toxicity, and promote emotional well-being."