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  • Too much fire. Is important to pray to Da Bo Gong. Chant the mantra.
    When pray Da Bo Gong, bring 5 orange 1 bottle oil. Lor 29. Oil carry go to all oil burner put a drop in each.
    Wash toilet need coconut brush.
    We need Yin water and Earth; A crystal ball and tranquility healing spray.
    Presence of earth element is important for business and career success. May lack of guiren and governs by emo.
  • Priority add colors.
  • Muddy is
    Giddy, angry , rules by emotional. Muddiness comes from the agrressive star and planetary alignment 4th Jan 2014.
    Only through breathing exercise internal character development will out luck be calm. Writing Ding in palm
  • Drinking tea === Good Luck. For 2014 as we need YIN Water, earth. So by drinking tea from a porcelain it directly affect our luck.
  • Activate the earth element and also the Qi of Body.
    Music Practical and movements.
    Song of the Vanessa….
  • Chinese, looking back on history, have been evolving for over 4000 years that many characters have approached aesthetic perfection. They are wonderful designs combining sounds, calligraphy and meanings. The following list is the corresponding Chinese symbols for "healing".
    Activate Palm Lao Gong. Press 3 mins. Jingang fist.
    Optional:> Chakra Pendant
  • Black tourmaline have many usages:> Protect aura and raise energy.. Rub head.
  • General: The problems of the past should be addressed so that the future can be approached with confidence.
    Love: Any differences of opinion with your partner should be resolved at this time.
    Business: Take the time to assess any damage caused by past problems and deal with them. Doing so now will help avoid stagnation in the present and future.
    Personal: Bad habits and/or phobias may be holding you back. Now is the time to confront and overcome them.
    hen the wind blow s slow on the mountain, it is thrown back and spoils the vegetation. This contains a challenge to improvement. It is the same with debasing attitudes and fashions; they corrupt human society. His methods likewise must be derived from the two trigrams, but in such a way that their effects unfold in orderly sequence. The superior must first remove stagnation by stirring up public opinion, as the wind stirs up everything, and must strengthen and tranquilize the character of the people, as the mountain gives tranquillity and nourishment to all that grows in its vicinity.
  • Sing a song now:>
  • Ancestor Prayers PoemsBuddhist traditions are that honoring ancestors provides benefits to both the deceased and the living. If ancestors are not venerated properly, they can cause problems for the descendants who must then make peace with the spirits. The ancestors will be happy if the offerings are properly carried out, and they will bless their families with a long life and happiness in return. While some traditions believe that honoring ancestors brings merits -- which positively affects karma to the ancestor and to those who do the honoring -- Theravada Buddhists believe that this is contrary to karma, which is based on personal actions. The practices are thought by members of the Theravada school to be more important as a means to learn gratitude.
  • Remedies if big affect
    4th feb start use 5 oranges, tea and sweets. 3 incense and candles(optional) go temple pray than joss paper set. Say Name, DOB, address. Ask for protections.
    And on 15th of each month u can go Guan Yin Temple right side pray. Or balestier Kwan Yin temple pray. Talk to Tai Sui
    ) Celebrate Tai sui day on
  • Talk about flower remedies:>
  • While preparing this slide something happen:> The day when I prepare the slide, I put a pic in blog and facebook as people use mouse touch.
    Many strike lottery. POEMS to say: Refer Lap Chun wat to do in website.
    Say Poems:
  • Use 3 pieces or 12 pieces.
  • Every year I need to calculate the best place to visit.And to my surprise this place when I calculated has the KWA of healing and welcome forver.
    Alleviate the QI: Heng heng ball and black tourmaline bracelet and also go there.
  • Healing Trees oil on foot. Than go bring ur hulu coin make wish….. And than go to the fountain besides. And go kwan yin temple.
    Bring ur BBC coin here and go kwan yin Temple. This is heaven and earth healing method. Bring in 5 dynasty coin and 6 dynasty coin.
  • Breakthrough in 2014 to 2024
  • 就算曾经杀父杀母的业障也可以消除,经常念此咒,走到哪里,你的影子,或是经过你身体的风都可以帮助别人消除恶道障。这个咒还有一个功德就是当下雨的时候,念此咒,碰到你身体的水,会留到其它地方,再碰到其他众生(人、鬼、畜)都可以消灭他们的无量业障,看到水就念咒,水就变成甘露了
  • Min hao bu ru, yun hao, yun hao bu ru qi hao. When a person Qi is not blocked we will have more clear to receive good qi to our life.
    Music Therapy Qi dance. ( Om mani Pad me Hung)
  • he point of this exercise is to develop and tonify the Original Qi in the Lower Dantien, which in turns affects Jing.Begin sitting in a basic meditation position. Sit cross legged, place your hands on your knees or in your lap, sit up straight, tuck in the chin, and let go of any tension.Begin to do some deep breathing, in and out through the nose, and focus your attention on the Lower Dantien in the belly.a. Close your eyes and begin 'mula bandha' (squeeze shut the anus and lift the buttocks slightly).b. Take a deep breath in and focus on Ming Men, the acupoint below the second lumbar vertebrae, a point on the spine above the hipbone, 1/3rd of the way up the back. As you breath in, guide Qi using your Yi from Huiyin (perineum) to Ming Men along Dumei (Governor meridian).c. Exhale and guide the Qi from Ming Men back to Huiyin along Renmei (Conception Vessel). As you can see, this is a vertical orbit around the lower Dantien.d. Repeat 9 times daily.The point of this exercise is to develop the Lower Dantien, but in a figurative sense we are building a cauldron (ding). If you wish to visualize, as you do the exercise see that you are forming a large stone pot with the quality of Earth in the area of the Dantien. This cauldron will hold the Original Qi in the form of Water.
  • People sick light lamp, etc. Now our body have 12 lamp in it. And one lamp off luck will be down or sickness will be more difficult recover.
  • Notes done draw on white board. Explain kidney water and personal lamp.
  • Bryan’s video recording
  • 不过,以“造命”的角度来看,端午节可以避灾、驱邪、结喜气、带来好运的最佳日子,如果有时间,还是不要放弃老天赐予的难得机会。
    LAPCHUN Qi Gong ma.
  • House fengshui Luck with
  • Main entrance, bedroom or office sector in EAST: Sickness, gossips, lawsuits,
  • Star Number 3 is “Arguments star” and corresponds to element Wood. It brings arguments, hostility and lawsuits, fights and wars.
    Da Bo Gong temple prayer method for gossip , lawsuits.
  • One white star is water star and it go to SW which is earth in nature. This create not harmonious relationships. And a few inauspicious star also fall here... If ur room in this sector, may have kidney related or blood issues. So a metal element can contain this water prevent earth from absorbing it. Like u talk until faint cant cure. Romance very block.
    Tranquillity Healing Spray:
  • Bridge and 3 temple
  • Eat BIG Black Dates x 3.
  • Leg pain whole year. Try to follow this vegeterian. Now normally u celebrate birthday is the english one and chinese we forget. So u choose chinese one to do vegeterian etc.
    Birthday good luck method:
    Morning wake up Yin Yang Water:
    Than chant thank u father mother mantra. <报父母恩咒>:    nā mó mì lì duō, duō pó yì, suō hē。    诵咒回向文:    愿此报恩经功德,普及父母於一切,    四生六道与含灵,皆共同登圣觉岸。    每天49遍只需1.2分钟,非常简单易行
  • Fire and water fight each other, so the placement of the stove and sink is important. If they are directly opposite each other, this can lead to arguments and conflict within the family. Fix this by placing something green between them, such as a green rug on the floor or a living plant on a table in the center of the room. (A sink and stove that are side by side also weaken the energy of the kitchen. Again, place something green between them.) –
    9 orange above stove for 3 days.
  • Horse hengslide

    1. 1. Welcome Horse Year 2014 Asking for more is what our mind is – a constant asking for more. It makes no difference how much you have, the mind will go on asking for more. 1
    2. 2. Ba Zhi of 2014 Bad Star presence: Double Sword Star/ 毒火 FIRE: x 4 WOOD: x 3 METAL x 1 Weak: Earth, Water (Cundi Pendant/ or protecion mantra pendant) Pray : Da Bo Gong (Mantra) Crystals: Wear any of ur liking. Foodcure: Potatoes Drinks: CoconutWater 2
    3. 3. Heng ball Adopt a heng ball a year is good. First ball selected by me, subsequent year choose your own color. As 2014 need hengball to power up the house energy. So heng in anyway in house is ok. 3
    4. 4. 2014 Good to have items: Some yellow :> Respect Four face Buddha Dance today for u(Arranged in BKK) 4
    5. 5. Aura get muddy easily in 2014 5
    6. 6. 2014 花 茶开运法 : 六六六宝 茶 1 )桂花 + 玫瑰 招贵人,挡煞气 6
    7. 7. BBC Coin 2014: JULY MUST DO 7
    8. 8. Activating Earth to Your Body : spleen,kidney,liver One stone 3 bird Press head 3 times. Press center palm point 3 times Press center foot 10 times. 8
    9. 9. Thunder Healing Palm words energy: 4000 years History. 3 points a year:> Founder: Bryan Lao Shi. 复原 Press palm the first line abit. Line A Than right hand into a sword shape, write the words on left palm 9
    10. 10. Master Yin Jie --- Indonesian Tai Tai (Land Fengshui : Da Bo Gong) a Bo Gong Temple Lor 29, Amoy Street , Loyang Balestier Da Bo Gong. oblems to rectified : Unexpected visitor of House Gossips, bullies etc. Mistaken by People and Situations 5 Orange and a bottle of oil ethod. Bring home 2 orange eat 10
    11. 11. Master Hong Jie --- Thank You Fear instil by FS Master, Unclean place sick? Soft sweets and 5 pink lotus, right side table Kwan Yin Break Away Blue Print from Negative remarks and FSM Kwan Yin WaterLoo 11
    12. 12. Wear Your Bracelet Left Hand (Since 2001) Rub head Hold near heart Wrap water bottle To order just write 3 chinese characted In your order form. 12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. I Ching of 2014 Land by Bryan Lao Shi • • • • • • It symbolize flaws, confusion and trapped energy. A plate of rot food. Circulation is bad and things spoilt easily Relationships put into test. Business careful Liver, Eyes, Cancer and Heart Remedies: Addressed past issues. And be direct and clear. 14
    15. 15. Ancestor Respect Land Design 15
    16. 16. Things to do 2014. Practical for 2014 i) Sing a song and music therapy ii)21 OM twice a week ( 津津玉露) iii)Once a month vegetarian iv)Cook in kitchen once a month (recipes later) v)Pray ancestor and chant mantra 16
    17. 17. Ancestor Respect Period Asian value of ‘Filial Piety’ Line of family Luck: 1) Qing Min  清明 2) Yuan Xiao Period 元宵 3) Zhong Yuan Period 中元 4) Chant Wang Sheng Zhou dedicate to 历代祖先. 5) Joss Paper Set for Ancestor and also Pray Buddha any time at home 17
    18. 18. 4th FEB 2014 A BIG DAY LA Tai Sui Come Lap Chun Come 5 Wealth God arrive (Tell them take note, when near blog will have pattern) 18
    19. 19. 2014 Tai Sui ( 4 feb 607am) th Affected are. Horse, Rat,Rooster, Rabbit, Snake Car Plate Numbers: 37,1,13,25,49 J,T,G,Q Example: 4237 19th Chinese Seventh Month 14.8.2014 19
    20. 20. Lap Chun 4th Feb 2014 603am arrival (TaiSui Arrival) Dragonfly Oil + Flower Coin 20
    21. 21. Lap Chun 4th Feb (Important 2014) 疏肝力理气的草药和食品,草药如枸杞 1) Wear red items, 2) Spring roll 3) 四神汤(土水补) A)) 茯苓 ( wealth) 、 芡實 (mainteance luck 、 蓮子 (good happening 、 山藥 (Support heaven bestown luck) 4) Shower Gel or flowers 21
    22. 22. Kai Gong+ Lapchun th 5 Day of Chinese New Year Welcome 5 Wealth God Coincide with Lap Chun. 4th Feb 2014 Proven ehehhe 22
    23. 23. 双吉 (Double Happiness) 立春 + 五路财神 +——— Optional: Throw old belt or wallet away. Buy a pants or jeans. 23
    24. 24. Tai Sui Main set --A Shen2 Ding4 --- Deep Meaning: A 1 minute slide but 6 years to discover. 24
    25. 25. TaiSui Set (Abolished Law) 5 Oranges (Own Tea) or TWG Sweets and Tea 25
    26. 26. 2014 Tai Sui Set 1 Gui Ren Joss 3 Shen Ding 1 Tai Sui Joss Tea, Sweets 5 Orange Say name and address 26
    27. 27. 2014 Most Lucky YANG Area to Make Wish with BBC Coin 27
    28. 28. Power area to visit in Singapore Future and Prosperity and Face the stress with strength 28
    29. 29. Have a Kit Kat time; 29
    30. 30. Items Available: PAF LIME DragonFly Oil 5 Element Oil Healing Trees Oil HENG BALL and Bracelets: Affirmation Bracelet $88, Conch Shell Mala $48, Clarity Bracelet $188, Heng Ball $68 (emerald Green), Cundi Pendant $55 Order of Heng ball:> 30
    31. 31. Sound Luck Method: 2014--2024: 樂与藥(乐与药)原理性相通 羽 Kidney 徵 Heart 宫 2014 五音 商 Lungs 角 Liver spleen 31
    32. 32. 2014 : Guan Yin Holy Dew Water • Looking back I have taught u 5 mantras. • 观音甘露水咒:嗡  度宁度宁 佳度 宁娑婆诃 念此咒的人… • Bless all water and rain also • Om du lin du lin Jia du lin Soha 32
    33. 33. Sound Music Method== High Frenquency Oil 5 element Healing Trees BRB Aeonian PAF Lime 33
    34. 34. 命 -- 运 -- 气 ( Blessings time) Lao Tzu 3 Treasure: Compassion, Modesty, Frugality. 内心去转 , 平静、慈悲 : Master Lim 2010 ( Helped many Big Bosses to overcome crisis) 34
    35. 35. 2 )光明灯 /Heng Ball too 35
    36. 36. Brighten once’s LUCK 十二元神錢:時運 不佳,十二元神宮 虛弱使用、補運使 用 12 lamps in our body 36
    37. 37. Your Own 元神灯 • Return power lost in all years to you. Lamp lost i) Aging ii) Other take ur energy iii) Sudden illness 37
    38. 38. Lao Shi Guided JIN GANG FIST Brighten Lamp. • 内心去转 , 平静、慈悲 : • A) Complete body • Full Cycle: • Clear Sickness Star, clear • Negative aura that stick to body • Receive good energy fast • Receive help fast. • 100 days to see results. 38
    39. 39. 端午节开运法 ( 纯阳日 ) ( Date that Heaven Give but FSM don’t share much A) B) C) D) E) F) 将新鲜艾叶挂在门楣以驱除毒气。 草药,治百病 Shower : 午时. 5 Color String tie 7 knots. Kids increase streng writing words. Touch hulu Eat Yellow food ( 可解毒制煞,更能增加自己的阳气。 ) 39
    40. 40. Foodcure Big Onions : Vaccum the negative in Body. Big Garlics : Banish Gossips and curse from people. Guard wealth in body. Fried with Eggs : Balance Yang Qi in body. Clear away whole year of stagnant luck bring in new energy. 40
    41. 41. BBC coin 2014 Left Palm and Right Palm Open Luck Method (by Bryan’s Taiwan Master) Left Yang Right Yin Ring finger is: R: ring finger L: small finger 41
    42. 42. 消灾日: 木德星君 A) 2014 Second Day of Chinese New Year 1st Feb 2014 消灾消难大补运日 A) Cleanse with 5 element oil B) Wrist put healing trees oil. C) Face East : 虔诚拜敬东方木德星君, 祈求国泰民安,家宅清吉,人丁平安, 灾患消除,财常来。 " D) Chant Om Mani Padme Hung 9 times holding the coin BBC B) Say the poems: AS in words:>the printout:> 42
    43. 43. Wealth Luck Sector 2014 (5mins ) South of Living Room: Lucky Star 8,1,6 (5D coin/house item) Sickness 2 (6 D Coin HULU) Disaster Star NW 6 D hulu. 43
    44. 44. Details in 44
    45. 45. Sickness Star (6D MUST) : 2 EAST 6 D Coin HuLu; change once a year 45
    46. 46. Amplify SOUTH 8 HT of House. •Amplify with WealthBOWL. •Heng Ball or •If you want can put a bowl of $1 coin(NEW) x 8 and a 5 D coin .Clutter free. SE S E NE SW W N NW 46
    47. 47. Argument Quarrel Misunderstand Star (SOUTH EAST) Work with SE when it affect YOU 2014. Light candle for South-EAST -gossips, -rumor mongering -backstabbing. It can lead to misunderstandings, quarrels, arguments, conflicts. -It can cause health problem related to the liver ,bladder, head and legs. 47
    48. 48. SOUTH EAST WEST NORTH 50
    49. 49. 2014 :Wealth, Fame Romance and Negotiation Skills SW of House/living room or bedroom Conventional put fountain or Fish tank. Flying STAR one 51
    50. 50. Activate ONE STAR WHITE STAR in temple (walk 3 rounds CW) Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Shi (3 bridge 3 temple) BBC coin 52
    51. 51. Walk around Pagoda 3 times Walk around pagoda 3 times 53
    52. 52. 小人退散 6th March 2014 (Thursday) Tiger Horse Monkey Dog is a must to pray Tiger God Activate Gui ren for 4 directions Gui Ren bag Method Wear Obsidian or Black tourmaline bracelet , face E: Breath IN: 好事来 ,坏事走,小人退散 Incense all ur 5 d coin and 6d coin. Say om ah hung 54
    53. 53. Birthday Luck Improvements Wrong concept in market SHOU Tao (JL) Should: Drink Yin Yang water Shower Dragonfly oil (optional) Mantra 49 times ( MUST) 1.2min 55
    54. 54. Kitchen • that nourishes and sustains life • Cook 5 color beads to bring balance back to life. • Rice urn 5 d coin at 5 color beans 56
    55. 55. Medicine Buddha Chanting 南无消灾延寿药师佛,消灾延寿药师佛。。。。。。 • Blessed Lamp for all. 57