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Flash vs. HTML5 - by Omer Gartzman
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Flash vs. HTML5 - by Omer Gartzman



From Flash to HTML5 Product Challenges and Successes

From Flash to HTML5 Product Challenges and Successes

HTML5FEST 2012 - Omer Gartzman presentation.



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  • מדדים להצלחת המצגתענייןחידושזווית ראיה חדשה על נושאים קיימים
  • Background - , MFC, Java Swing, 3D UI for mobile app, and a bit JSP/HTMLWix was known as a Flash website builderNow, Wix create the web, building HTML5 websites
  • What is HTML?www.w3c.org.il as old HTML
  • What is Flash?hardware integration - (webcam, communication (P2P sockets) )
  • It is about Branding. HTML is so 90s. HTML5 is “Superman” BrandThe HTML5 brand can have a value to the customerUsing local storage has no value to the customer, but using HTML5 has!
  • Play some Zinga games
  • every browser – sometimes even IE6
  • But, Adobe - where are they heading? they look to the future.They cooperate with Apple, showing all they new technology on iOS. They develop to future browsers!
  • Do a Product manager survey - to get to know the audience
  • Recommend “Mind the product” blogניהול מוצר - צומת בין עסקים, טכנולוגיה וחוויית משתמש (רמז - רק מנהל מוצר מגדיר את עצמו בדיאגרמה)Regarding HTML5  - as a product manager, I care not only about the technology, but also about UX, capabilities, and not how it is implemented. thus for me, HTML5 is a brand.
  • What is your product? a website – what type of website? Commercial site can be FlashShaker – Nice Israeli startup
  • What is the output of the editor?- some “old school” website builders are still Flash
  • This is the business sideExplain about the chart
  • Trying to market to the majority?Think hard….Are you prepared to miss IE users?
  • Let analyze a bitDon’t push me to the corner, it is just a quick exampleThis is a Wix template, By the way
  • Buick buyers by age.Buyers, not current users
  • Lets look at browser usageSo.... lets say that 50% of your customers uses IE (Who knows which version....)
  • All of you here are Innovators and Early Adopters, what about your users?Are you prepared to give up the Laggards with old browsers?
  • Time to market is critical for the product successIn the classic model, delay will lead to lower revenue level, the market is more dense, other products are more mature, and decline in the same point in timeAre you waiting for a feature? Do you believe it will raise your profits? Still declines in the same point in time
  • Flash might be shorter to ship - but the product horizon is closerHTML5 might be harder lower compatible user base – but the future is promising
  • Where are we on the chart?Short lived project, quick POC, V1 of your product – consider FlashBuilding a platform? Go for HTML5
  • When choosing HTML5, be careful with advanced capabilitiescheck your target market browser distributionBe prepare to add features in the future, but take care of your baseIE9 is still here, and IE10 transition will take time
  • Mobile doesn’t have to be a considerationMobile site has different design and purposeMobile site contains different information (how to find, contact details)Examples: Facebook - different capabilities on mobileZinga - Farmville express - Harvest your crops on the go
  • commercial site, for example. different kind of ad integrationUser interaction dictate separate mobile version, as in Farmville expressYour site is your mobile site -> this type of sites are built users website builders.
  • Wix product - an online editor, website builder.Wix editor output - a completely functional website Wix customers - SOHO, designers, long tail of diverse segments GENERIC productWix market - mass market, same browser distribution as general browsing. Working assumption IE9 support is a must, IE8 support for viewing the websitesBusiness horizon - very long, we build a platform!Time to market - critical
  • Some historyThis is what the users want!
  • Looking at the competition
  • Wix slogan - Create Your Stunning websiteNot create a websiteCreate YourCreate Stunning
  • disclaimer - almost anything we did on the HTML5 editor, could have been done using Flash
  • What will the users want? What do they need? Not who we should think the web should look like.
  • Site Stylesheet - -colors, fontsAnd much more
  • Content is the King
  • Wix App market - integrating 3rd party applicationsGreat opportunity
  • Off topic building application that might be integrated into website?Flash apps can also be integrated 
  • After 6 months of development,On March 20thHTML editor launch
  • shoulders of flash giants – Marketing, Servers, CDNs, Operations, SupportWe have launch with just the minimumNo Undo, no eCommerce,
  • Getting real. Release. Then think.Usability - We still work on feed backs from usability sessions, Israel and SF
  • Product backlog = Core 5 year plan Wix App Market3rd Party appMore content - More relevant content = templates.
  • A/b test - A better feature with bugs loses to inferior feature.
  • Check your users, see how they use your product, understand what they miss.Today I hardly surprised by a feedback from users. I know my product weak spots, I know where it hurts, and I know sometimes you have to be on the offensive and leave some wounded users.MVP – THE Current buzzwordSometimes I am a detail freak, and you must know to roll out a 80% feature.
  • Pinterest – great product, work on IE8Other products – top innovative, but not enough relevant content
  • shoulders of flash giants – Marketing, Servers, CDNs, Operations, SupportConversion – up 25%Churn – Down 40%User Value – up 33%
  • shoulders of flash giants – Marketing, Servers, CDNs, Operations, SupportConversion – up 25%Churn – Down 40%User Value – up 33%

Flash vs. HTML5 - by Omer Gartzman Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Omer Gartzman, Product Manager
  • 2. Omer GartzmanBackground - developer, mostly clientCurrently - PM @HTML5 website builder Product Manager 3
  • 3.  HTML5 - what is all it about? HTML5 or Flash Wix case study - From Flash to HTML5 Product Manager Challenges and Successes 4
  • 4.  Very “techy”, “Old” Internet www.w3c.org.il as geocities Many buzzword since – Javascript, Ajax, jQuery 5
  • 5.  It has a logo! It is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video (Wikipedia) Flash is leading in Graphic quality, Graphic abilities. Flash is leading in hardware integration 6
  • 6.  It is not about <header> or <canvas> What is it about? ◦ CSS3, animations, transitions ◦ Geolocation ◦ SVG / Canvas ◦ Responsive design ◦ Mobile ready 7
  • 7.  It has a logo! It is about Branding. It doesn’t matter if the embedded video use Flash or <video> tag. HTML5 Customer perceived value 8
  • 8.  We still see Flash around. 24 of the top 25 Facebook games are built using Flash technology... 9
  • 9.  Capabilities Designers still use it Compatibility - develop once HTML- develop and test on every browser 10
  • 10.  HTML5, CSS effects and filters Cooperate with Apple, showing all they new technology on iOS. Adobe develop to future browsers! Adobe CSS Filters http://www.adobe.com/devnet/html5/articles/css-shaders.html 11
  • 11.  Do not look at technology – look at your business! 12
  • 12. © Martin Erikssonhttp://mindtheproduct.com/2011/10/what-exactly-is-a-product-manager/ 13
  • 13.  Website – Commercial / informational. Web application - HTML5 an online in-browser game – Flash ◦ Shaker ◦ Zinga Online editor...? 14
  • 14.  movie or presentation - powtoon.com 3D scene - www.homestyler.com Web site builder ... ? 15
  • 15. 16
  • 16.  Cutting edge product aimed for Innovators? Go for HTML5 !Some editors do not work on IE at all… moqups.com on IE9: 17
  • 17.  Lets say I want to build a website for Buick.. 18
  • 18. Buick buyersby ageIn 2011, 40% of all buyers were aged 55 years or older http://blog.polk.com/blog/blog-posts-by-tom-libby/buick-goes-against-trend-and-attracts-younger-buyers 19
  • 19. http://www.liveintent.com/browser-usage-by-age-who-uses-what/ 20
  • 20.  No wonder, the home page is www.buick.com/ flash.html 21
  • 21.  Are you prepared to give up the Laggards? Maybe you build an application for a Laggard enterprise, who uses IE6? (21% in China... *) * www.ie6countdown.com 22
  • 22. Stagnation Growth DeclineRevenue Time 23
  • 23.  Flash: ◦ Shorter TTM ◦ product horizon closer HTML5: ◦ might be harder ◦ lower compatible user base ◦ Promising future When in doubt, I will choose HTML5 24
  • 24. 25
  • 25.  check your target market browser distribution add features in the future take care of your base IE9 is still here, and IE10 transition will take time 26
  • 26.  Site vs. Native App dilemma Mobile site serves other functions 27
  • 27.  Dedicated mobile version - large scale web application - commercial site - User interaction Your site is your mobile site - blog - small scale website - non-functional site 28
  • 28.  Wix product Wix editor output Wix customers Wix market Business horizon - we build a platform! Time to market - critical 29
  • 29.  Started in 2006, first beta 2008 People love it People pay for it www.phxdanceacademy.com www.projectmagicaustralia.com www.undiscoveredhiphopradio.com 30
  • 30. Analyze various parametersCheck the strength and weaknessesWix is best for creating a stunning website 31
  • 31.  The Goal – Enable the user to express himself 32
  • 32.  You look around to see what happens 34
  • 33.  Deliver on time  Which layout to support? Stunning websites  How many colors? Browser support  How many font styles?  How many gallery types? 35
  • 34.  Header/Page/Footer Fixed width Limited but flexible stylesheet 36
  • 35.  Text styles Color scheme One click to browse new designs for your site 37
  • 36.  Full screen background Dynamic page height 3rd party apps integration 38
  • 37.  Galleries Image frames Boxes and lines Social elements Basic apps – maps, contact form 39
  • 38. Template =Layout + Style + Content
  • 39.  Recently launched Integrating 3rd party application into Wix HTML5 websites Developer center 41
  • 40.  building an application for website? Expose your app to 27M Wix users 42
  • 41. 43
  • 42.  Ok, I had a good starting point Riding on the shoulders of flash giants 50 Templates Continuous effort to improve 44
  • 43.  Usability testing had no impact on the release Actual develop in Idea / Real short feature design content cycles Feedback A/B tests Continuous Prioritization 45
  • 44.  Product core capabilities eCommerce Wix App Market More languages More content 46
  • 45.  Your product (mostly) isnt stand alone Internal products Billing HTML5 Website Builder Marketing funnel Support Company website Back office 47
  • 46.  Millions of users Millions of sites Offer new capabilities while maintaining backward compatibility A/B test each new feature 48
  • 47.  Know your users Know your product Dont be afraid to go to the offensive Get defensive when needed 49
  • 48.  Success = Business success Success ≠ Superior technology Success ≠ State of the art platform… 50
  • 49.  More than 1 Million HTML5 websites 1 Million new users each month Stunning websites Big players starting to use Wix HTML5 sites 51
  • 50.  Ok, ok, stunning websites, and what about the investors ? Conversion Churn User Value 52
  • 51. Omer Gartzmanomerg@wix.com www.linkedin.com/in/omergartzmanSee full presentation at html5fest.wix.com/site 53