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All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
All About Me
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All About Me


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  • 1. All About me Jose Esparza ARRIBA!!
  • 2. Things the class should know about me:
    • I am Hispanic
    • I can Speak Mexican
    • I am currently showing you a PowerPoint
    • I've been abducted by Mexican aliens
    • I am bored!!!
  • 3. Information about me and my family
    • My mom is Hispanic
      • She is from Mexico
    • My sister is also Hispanic
      • Also from Mexico
    • My brother is Hispanic
    • My baby sister is white
      • She is from California
  • 4. I like high school for the following reasons:
    • Is almost over-(copied by Wyatt)
    • Is better that middle school (Copy by Wyatt)
    • I get to make Power Points about Mexicans
    • It teaches me to speak English.
  • 5. My favorite bands/artists/Etc. Are:
    • Los Parangaricutirimicuaros
    • The Mexican Beatles
    • La Cucaracha
    • Mariachi singles
  • 6. A list of my favorite movies.
    • A day without a Mexican
    • The Mexican
    • Once upon a time in Mexico
    • Ahh Yay Yay
  • 7. My favorite past times and interests are:
    • Mexican Culture
    • Mexicans
    • Hispanics
    • Mexico
  • 8. My plans/goals after high school are:
    • To speak better English
    • Meet Mexican Girls
    • Design a new map for Mexico
    • Buy Mexico and sell it to the U.S for five Pesos
  • 9. If I Could go anywhere it would probably be:
    • Take a wild guess:
    • Africa
    • Then Yemen
    • Later to Antarctica
    • And last to the United States
  • 10. If I could meet anyone it would be:
    • A Mexican
    • A female Mexican
    • My dad, who happens to be Mexican
    • Jesus!!!
  • 11. What I think about Power Point
    • Power Point is great
    • Power Point is da bomb!
    • Power point is the best
    • Without Power Point I would die
  • 12. Random Facts
    • Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second, that’s a lot faster than the average Mexican
    • The chances of your dying on the trip to buy your Mega Bucks ticket is greater than your chance of winning
    • Chewing gum while cutting onions will prevent crying
    • The United States, land of the free*
      • * Your freedom may vary
  • 13. More random facts
    • American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first-class
    • My Calculator is running out of batteries
    • Calculators are usually smarter than Mexicans
    • Mexicans usually can not use calculators
  • 14. Even More random facts
    • Rafael sits in front of me
    • Rafael is a Mexican
    • He and I are Mexican Buddies
    • Except I do not think he likes me
  • 15. Much more time killers, Ohh wait I mean random facts
    • In California, it's against the law to use your dirty underwear as a dust rag
    • Pound for pound, hamburgers cost more than new cars
    • A woodpecker can peck twenty times a second
    • Jose is tired of showing slides