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Logbooksonline conference



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  • 1. New Web Featuresby
    OMCS International
  • 2. New Web Features - Introduction
    A fully web native system comprising of
    Dashboard Reports
    Administrator configurable Production Logs (Station Readings) and Inspection Templates.
    Enterprise Data Analytics (EDA)
    Reliability Incident Management System (RIMSYS)
    Mechanical Integrity (MI)
    Asset Health
  • 3. Production Run System Overview
    Production Run Log Record
    Supervisor Instructions
    EDA Downtime Input Records
    Log Book Entries
    Station Readings
    Supervisor Instructions are created specific to a Production Unit and Product. These instructions are automatically populated to the Product Run but can be modified by the Supervisor.
    Station Readings, Log Book Entries and Downtime Inputs are created against an Production Run Log Record.
    Station Readings templates can be created and configured by an Administrator for a given Production Unit and Product.
  • 4. Dashboard Reports
  • 5. Production Runs, Log Book Entries and Controlled Equipment Status
  • 6. Station Readings
  • 7. Controlled Equipment Master Screen
    Downtime can be logged (optional) for a Controlled Equipment with a Stopped – Forced Outage status
  • 8. Downtime Logging for Forced Outages
  • 9. Downtime Inputs
  • 10. Production Run Reporting
    The report can be manually printed or emailed in a pdf format.
  • 11. Mechanical Integrity - Overview
    Risk Data
    Inspection Reports
    Data Sheets
    Written Reports
    Inspection Data
    • Written Reports: A facility to upload softcopy documentation related to an Equipment
    • 12. Inspection Data: Readings based on inspections. Inspection Data templates can be created and configured by an Administrator for a specific Equipment.
    • 13. Data Sheets: Data Sheets related to an Equipment. Data Sheet templates can be created and configured by an Administrator for a specific Equipment.
    • 14. Inspection Reports: Trending in the form of charts based on the Inspection Data.
    • 15. Risk Data: Data pertaining to Inherent and Resident Risks (Perceived and Actual) for an Equipment.
  • Inspection Data
  • 16. Inspection Reports
  • 17. Inspection Reports
  • 18. Data Sheets & Specifications
  • 19. Written Reports
    Softcopy reports can be attached against any Equipment.
  • 20. Asset Health
    Define health status (Green, Amber or Red) of Assets
    New Asset Health Status
    Current Asset Health Status
  • 21. Asset Health – Status Visualization and Drill Down for Details
  • 22. RIMSYS – Incident List
  • 23. RIMSYS – Incident Page
  • 24. Station Readings, Inspection & Data Sheet Templates
    Station Readings, Data Sheet and Inspection Templates are an Administrator created form template for logging of data. The field types and layout of the tables are fully customizable by the Administrator.
    Multiple Templates can be designated as “Active” allowing different. Templates to be used at any give time.
    * For Inspection and Data Sheet Templates
    Production Unit (Equipment)*
    (Not Applicable)*
    Production Unit
    Production Unit
    Production Unit
    Production Unit
    Production Unit
    Production Unit
  • 25. Creating Groups & Fields
    Fields – Values of production readings, measurements or status. Example: Pressure, Temperature and Flow Rates.
    Group – A name tag for which Fields can be grouped by. Example: Day / Night Shifts
    Table – All Fields and Groups are combined to form a table. A Templates can consist of many Tables.
  • 26. Sample Manual Log – Column Groups
  • 27. Station Reading Templates – Add Tables
  • 28. Adding and Editing Groups & Fields
  • 29. Adding Fields and Groups to Tables
  • 30. Calculated Fields
  • 31. Sample Station Reading Data
  • 32. EDA Reports - Availability
  • 33. EDA Reports – Utilisation Sub-Category Report