How To Make An Extra $100 A Week Mystery Shopping


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Learn how you can make an extra $100 a week shopping. Why do retailers and customer service oriented companies pay people to shop? Because they want to see if their employees are doing the right thing at all times without supervision looking over their shoulders.

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How To Make An Extra $100 A Week Mystery Shopping

  1. 1. How To Make An Extra $100 Per Week Mystery Shopping By Omar R Best YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO GIVE THIS GUIDE AWAY.You have full giveaway rights to this guide. You can pass it on to your list, your friends or give it awayon your blog and website. You are however not allowed to make any changes to this guide unlessotherwise granted by the author.This guide is based on the experiences of the author and is not indicative of any incomeclaims.
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  3. 3. How To Make An Extra $100 Mystery ShoppingWith unemployment affecting so many, you have several people scrambling to findways to earn extra money to survive. Some people have chosen to join networkmarketing firms, while others have decided to strike out on their own and start abusiness. You even have individuals who have decided to try their luck on the internetselling information products, selling hard goods through e-commerce websites, orfreelancing on sites like and Of course, people can potentiallyearn a nice income from all of these sources, but there is one money making methodthat seems to always stay under the radar. This method, which is hardly ever promotedyet so simple, is called mystery shopping.So what is mystery shopping?Firstly, customer service is the lifeblood of any business. If you really think about,customers are really the boss, not the management of the company. Withoutcustomers a business does not make any sales and without sales a business cannot payits employees. Hence without customers you cannot have a business.With that said, how does a company ensure that its employees are delivering top notchcustomer service? Any employee can say that they provide good customer services, butputting customer service in action is another thing. As a result, companies hiremystery shopping firms to ensure that their employees are providing good customerservice. Essentially, employers will hire a private investigator to make sure that itsemployees are doing what they need to do.Companies can hire mystery shop companies to: • Ensure that employees are following company protocol. • Ensure that employees are following the law. • Ensure employees are using proper phone etiquette. • Investigate internal company issues like employee theft.So who actually does the mystery shopping?This is where you come in. These mystery shopping companies need regular people toperform the shops. Basically, you do the same things that regular customers do, butthe catch is that you will be, primarily, evaluating the customer service of theemployees.Some other things that you might be asked to do as a mystery shopper are: • Shop in specific departments. • Ask specific questions to the employees. • Purchase specific products.
  4. 4. • Call certain departments on the phone. • Spend your own money (but you will be reimbursed) • Observe the appearance of a store and the employees.In addition to performing the shop or assignment, you will be responsible for takingnotes and reporting your findings or results. Usually you are required to report yourresults within a specified time period. If you do not report your results before thedeadline you run the risk of not getting paid.So what do you need to get started?Well you do not need much to get started that’s for sure. Here is a couple of things thatyou will most likely need to get started: • Time • Internet Access • Phone (To perform phone assignments) • Transportation (To get to your assignments) • Spending Money (Sometimes you may be required to make a purchase during your assignment, but you will be reimbursed) • You may need a Paypal Account so you can receive your payments. (It will depend on the firm you work with.)That pretty much covers the basics of what you will need to get started.What do you need to do to get started?Now all you need to do is sign up with a mystery shop company. Don’t worry abouthaving to search high and low for mystery shop companies we have done all the hardwork for you. Below is a list of over 30 mystery shop companies that you can sign upfor. Also keep in mind that you will have to complete a w-9 form, which will requireyou to give your social security number, before you can get paid. Before you panicabout the W-9 form you can read more about the form here. Click to read more aboutW-9 forms.Here is the list of Mystery Shop Companies below:Performance EdgeTrendsourceMystery Shopping ExpertsAmusement Advantage
  5. 5. Bare InternationalAnonymous InsightsAQ ServicesAbout FaceArdent ServicesAce Mystery ShoppingARCInforma Research ServicesBeyond HelloMystery Shopping ServicesC-CheksMarket ForceConferoThe Kirandt GroupService ExperiencesSneak PeakSipe and AssociatesSinclair Customer MetricsSecret ShopperShopper Inc.Shoppers CritiqueShadow ShopperService TracService Sense
  6. 6. Service CheckService Product GroupService Excellence GroupService Evaluation ConceptsService Alliance Inc.Service SleuthSecret Shopping ServicesService IntelligenceSecond To NoneCRG Mystery ShoppersSatisfaction Services Inc.Retail TrackReality CheckQuality Works AssociatesQuality EyeSentry MarketingCyber ShoppersQuality AssessmentsPerson To Person QualityPacific Research GroupNW Loss Prevention AssociatesNational Shopping ServiceMysteryShopper.NetMost of the basic information that you will need regarding mystery shopping isincluded within this post. However, if you want to learn more I have included links to a
  7. 7. couple of other resources that may be helpful.Please note that some of the links to the resources below are affiliate links which I doreceive financial gain from if purchases are made from them.Don’t spend money on anything you see online unless you can afford it and you feel itwill pay you back in the future.Elite Mystery ShoppingMystery Shopper Training and SupportBecome a Mystery Shopper or Start Your Own Mystery Shop FirmFree Information On Mystery ShoppingContact Information:Email: omarbest@omarrbest.comFacebook: @omarrbestYouTube: Do not forget to share this guide with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers by click the buttons below Share on Facebook Share on Twitter