Unemployment in Bangladesh.
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Unemployment in Bangladesh.



ITS helping you to a clear concept about bangladehi unemployment rate and its cause.....

ITS helping you to a clear concept about bangladehi unemployment rate and its cause.....
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Unemployment in Bangladesh. Unemployment in Bangladesh. Presentation Transcript

  • WELCOME BY- MD.OMAR FARUK HASIB [132011013] ] Kazi Arafath [32011163]
  • What is the unemployment & unemployment rate?? 7/13/2014 3 View slide
  • Definition According to International Labor Organization (ILO), “Unemployment occurs when people are without jobs and they have actively looked for work within the past four weeks”. 7/13/2014 4 View slide
  • Unemployment rate The percentage of the total labor force that is unemployed but actively seeking employment and willing to work is treated as unemployment rate. A person who simply expresses Interest in having a job is classified as unemployed. 7/13/2014 5
  • Types of Unemployment Rate  Structural Unemployment: Structural unemployment is an unemployment that comes from there being an absence of demand for the workers that are available."  Frictional Unemployment: "Frictional unemployment is unemployment that comes from people moving between jobs, careers, and locations."  Cyclical Unemployment: "Cyclical unemployment occurs when the unemployment rate moves in the opposite direction as the GDP growth rate. So when GDP growth is small (or negative) unemployment is high."  Seasonal Unemployment: Seasonal unemployment is unemployment due to changes in the season - such as a lack of demand for department store Santa Clauses in January. Seasonal unemployment is a form of structural unemployment, as the structure of the economy changes from month to month. 7/13/2014 6
  • Compare with Other Country 7/13/2014 7
  • Executive Summary & Objective  Bangladesh is trying to develop unemployment sector is one of the most promising one in this process. It will face competition there but it has some distinctive qualities which will help it to establish itself as a prime sector. We tried to figure out the Unemployment in Bangladesh and then the structure of the problem which would help us to develop our unemployment according to our culture.  According to the study, Unemployment rate in BD has now risen to some 11 per cent from what was 8.0 per cent in 2002 and 2.4 per cent in 1990. This is only official data. But unofficially reliable estimates of unemployment are higher. So, Through meaningful operationalization of the strategy the government must pursue practical policies to give a stimulus to much greater investments in the economy so that more jobs can be created on a regular basis. The domestic economy may not expand, in the short run, sufficiently and proportionately to provide jobs to the rising number of unemployed people. It, thus, serves the country's purpose if efforts are made at the same time to send people abroad with jobs. 7/13/2014 8
  • The Nature  Bangladesh, like other developing countries, suffers from large-scale disguised unemployment in the sense that, even with unchanged techniques of agriculture a large part of the population engaged in agriculture could be removed without reducing agricultural output. Unemployment among the educated youths is one of the major problems in Bangladesh. Beside In Bangladesh salaried/wage employment in the formal sectors is not big enough to take care of the huge number of unemployed. To be engaged in Emphasis had been given on training and credit support to women micro entrepreneurs in cottage industries and other traditional and non-traditional sectors including skill development for service industries and other non-farm activities. The private sector and NGOs are also playing a vital role to this end Effect of unemployment problem. 7/13/2014 9
  • 7/13/2014 10
  • Effect on Unemployment Effect of Unemployment Economic Effect Social Effect 7/13/2014 11
  • Effect of unemployment on the economy  Wasted production  Unemployment financial costs  Spending power  Reduced spending power of the employed  Recession Effect of unemployment on the society  Standard of living  Tension over taxes rise  Insecurity amongst employees  Crime and violence  Employment gaps 7/13/2014 12
  • Causes behind unemployment  Minimum wages  Labor union  Efficiency wages  Job search  Economic growth  Inflation  Regulations and taxes  Employer incentives  Global recession 7/13/2014 13
  • List of unemployment in Bangladesh are given below: 7/13/2014 14 35.2 35.2 35 40 40 40 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 5.1 4.8 5 4.5 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Unemployment rate (%)
  • Last Situation of Bangladesh 7/13/2014 15
  • Possible Solution to Unemployment:  National Office of Employment to develop long term strategies and oversight.  Identify growing and potential industries and the skills they will need in future staff.  Design a plan which allows for the rapid retargeting of training courses as vocational schools are traditionally 5 to 15 years behind current needs.  Steps should be taken to set up co-operative farming, cottage industries and to open new system of public work to create job for the unemployed people.  Provide incentives for employers to hire more part-time workers 7/13/2014 16
  • Conclusion & Recommendation:  High rate of unemployment, particularly of the educated youths, poses serious socio-economic problems.  A jobless educated youth, particularly a male, becomes a burden for his family. He gets little respect in his family or in the society. This forces him to resort to criminal activities such as hijacking, working as a trafficker of dangerous drugs, working as a muscleman of a corrupt politician, or joining a group of militants.  In view of what has been stated above, it is high time to ascertain the correct rate of unemployment in the country, and it must be free from political bias in the greater national interest.  IN the prime minister's question-answer session on February 17, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina disclosed in the House her government's plan to bring down unemployment rate to 15 percent from the existing 40 percent by the year 2021.7/13/2014 17
  • THANK YOU!! 7/13/2014 18