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    Power Point Portfolio Power Point Portfolio Presentation Transcript

    • PowerPoint Portfolio
      Omar El-Qoulaq
      Period 4
      Mrs. Henry
    • Personal Health History
    • My name was given to me by my mother and father.
      They named me after Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, a companion of the prophet Muhammad in the 600s A.D.
      I was born in San Diego, California on June 21st, 1993.
    • Family Health History
    • Family Tree
      Father’s Side:
      Hamad Ismail El-Qoulaq
      Kamal El-Qoulaq_____Intissar Faroukh
      Ismail Hamad, Saied, Abdul Kareem, Jaber, Zeyad
      Hisham Kamal, Jamal, Hani, Taisir, Ghassan, Marwan, Hind, Falasteen
      Husam, Omar, Tarek, Zaina
    • Mother’s Side:
      Hasan Adawi_____Fatima Adawi
      Muhammad, Ahmed, Yousef, Amena, Mariam
      Maisoon, Mageda, Reem, Muhammad, Sahar, Dina, Malik, Anas
      Husam, Omar, Tarek, Zaina
    • Interview With My Grandfather
      Q: What is your name?
      A: Kamal Hamad Ismail El-Qoulaq
      Q: Where are you from?
      A: Western Palestine
      Q: Where do you live now?
      A: In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      Q: When were you born?
      A: September 5th, 1926
      Q: Where did you grow up?
      A: In Yaffa, a small village in what used to be Palestine, now an area in present-day Tel-Aviv
      Q: How many children do you have?
      A: I have eight children, thank God
      Q: How was life like in the 1930s and 1940s in the Middle East?
      A: It was very tough, everyone around us was in poverty. In the late 1940s, we were forced out of our homes in Palestine and driven to refugee camps
      Q: How was the health of your family?
      A: We were mostly healthy, thank God, but my son was crippled as a child and my wife has recently developed Alzheimers.
      Q: What kind of eating habits did you have when you were growing up?
      A: I ate whatever I could, but mostly the food my mother cooked was healthy, such as stuffed cabbage, rice, and grape leaves.
      Q: Was it easy to get regular exercise the way you grew up?
      A: Well I was always working, which was a good form of exercise, but I also played soccer in my free time
    • Q: What did you learn from the way you grew up?
      A: That I am very lucky to be alive and that I am very blessed right now to have a house and a wife and family
      Q: Do you miss home?
      A: Yes, very much. I was a big part of the community there, and I have many fond memories. But there is no way I can ever go back.
      Q: Why not?
      A: Because there is no way for me to get into what is now Israel as a native Palestinian. They would never grant me a visa
      Q: How did the stressful environment you lived in effect your character?
      A: The stress was very hard to deal with, but I learned to stay resilient and I always tried to stay humble.
      Q: How did your Islamic upbringing effect you?
      A: I always remember the presence of God in everything that I do. It helps to keep me kind and generous at all times.
      Q: Where does most of your family live?
      A: Mostly scattered around the Middle East. My wife and I live with my daughter and her husband, so I’m always close to my family.
      Q: Can you describe your current health?
      A: Thank God I am very healthy for an 83 year old man. I don’t have any major health issues
      Q: How do you exercise nowadays?
      A: I walk to the nearest mosque every morning at around 5 o’clock for prayer. I also walk there at noon, the afternoon, sunset, and at night at around 9.
      Q: How did you manage to stay so healthy for so long?
      A: I never drank alcohol or smoked anything, I think that’s the most important thing.
      Q: What kind of hobbies did you have as a child?
      A: I played soccer, and I always went around the town with my brothers finding ways to make money, and places to spend it on sweets
      Q: Did you have a good relationship with your brothers?
      A: Yes, of course. They were my best friends, we did everything together. When we were kicked out of our home, we always tried to stick together
    • Q: What was it like raising eight children?
      A: Very tough, but I loved it. I always wanted a lot of children in my house.
      Q: Was it tough supporting these children as a former refugee?
      A: Luckily I moved to Syria and got a job as a teacher, which helped me support my family.
      Q: How was life in Syria?
      A: Different than Palestine, but it was my home for a long time, and I grew to love it. Poverty was not as evident in Syria.
      Q: Do you plan on living the rest of your life in Riyadh?
      A: Yes, I am comfortable here, thank God.
    • My father came to America in 1981 as a student, coming from Germany after he had spent two years there studying. He went back to the Middle East in 1990 and met my mother, and she came back to San Diego with him where they got married. Ever since then, my mother’s relatives have been trying to come to America as well, and some have succeeded while others are still trying to get a visa.
      Coming to America
    • Family Health History
      I don’t have much of a health history in my family. For the most part, delicious, healthy Arab cooking has kept most of my family tree relatively healthy. My uncle had a problem with his leg when he was young and he used to ride in a wheelchair. Also, my grandmother recently developed Alzheimer’s. Also, my grandfather on my mother’s side had Diabetes and has very poor eyesight. Besides that, my family has stayed pretty healthy.
    • Fitness Data and Nutrition
    • Studying Per Night
      Day 1 (Monday): Two hours
      Day 2 (Tuesday): Four hours
      Day 3 (Wednesday): One hour
      Day 4 (Thursday): Two and a half hours
      Day 5 (Friday): None
    • Sleep Per Night
      Day 1 (Monday): Eight hours
      Day 2 (Tuesday): Five hours
      Day 3 (Wednesday): Nine hours
      Day 4 (Thursday): Seven hours
      Day 5 (Friday): Seven Hours
    • TV Watching Per Night
      Day 1 (Monday): Two hours
      Day 2 (Tuesday): One hour
      Day 3 (Wednesday): Three hours
      Day 4 (Thursday): Half an hour
      Day 5 (Friday): One hour
    • Computer Use
      Day 1 (Monday): Two hours
      Day 2 (Tuesday): Three hours
      Day 3 (Wednesday): Three hours
      Day 4 (Thursday): One hour
      Day 5 (Friday): One hour
    • Phone Use
      Day 1 (Monday): Ten minutes
      Day 2 (Tuesday): Five minutes
      Day 3 (Wednesday): Twenty-five minutes
      Day 4 (Thursday): Fifteen minutes
      Day 5 (Friday): Ten minutes
    • Totals
      Studying: Nine and a half hours per week
      Sleep: Thirty-six hours per week
      TV: Seven and a half hours per week
      Computer: Ten hours per week
      Phone: One hour and five minutes per week
      Overall Total: Sixty-four hours and five minutes per week
    • Social and Emotional Health
    • Hobbies/Talents/Sports
      Playing Sports
      Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc.
      Film Making
      Film Editing
      Watching the San Diego Chargers play
      Listening to music
    • Travel
      Summer of 2008
      To the Middle East
      Jordan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia
      With my mother and three siblings
      Palestine with my father and two brothers
    • Closest Friends
      Bader Abdulkader
      Sabahudin Redzepovic
      Yasser Kaziha
      Ramiz Islamovic
      Ahmad Ouro’Okando
      Andrew Nguyen
      Ricky Lee
      Mekyas Moges
    • Schools Attended
      Kindergarten: Islamic School of San Diego
      First-Fifth Grade: Rolling Hills Elementary School
      Sixth-Eighth Grade: Black Mountain Middle School
      Ninth-Eleventh Grade: Westview High School
    • Clubs
      AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
      I would like to join:
      Muslim Student Association
      Interact Club
      Associated Student Body
    • Health Triangle
    • Health Triangle
    • I am a very active person physically; I try to involve myself in physical activity as much as possible. Sports are a huge part of my life and I enjoy myself playing them, especially the tiring ones like basketball, football, and soccer. I also consider myself mentally adequate, and I believe that education should be a top priority for anyone who plans on succeeding in life. I always try to stay well-versed in current events around the world. Socially, I have a tight group of friends that I don’t venture out of as much as I should, but I love meeting new people and I’m fairly outgoing.
    • Picture Timeline
    • 1994, Mosque gathering in San Diego
    • 1996, On the way to Disneyland in Anaheim
    • 2004, In front of my house on the way to a holiday celebration
    • 2007, in Saudi Arabia visiting my uncle’s chocolate factory
    • 2008, in Jerusalem visiting my homeland
    • 2010, in Alpine after a paintball tournament
    • Personal Crest
    • Greatest Personal Achievement
      My greatest personal achievement would have to be getting an A in AP English. It was the most challenging class I have ever taken, but I told myself I would do whatever it took to get an A and I did it. I am very proud of this achievement and it was very important to me because it showed me what I’m best at: writing. It also showed me that I can do whatever I set my mind to as long as I’m willing to work hard.
    • Happiest Moment
      My happiest moments would probably be the days my little brother and sister were born. They have meant so much to me since they joined the family and my older brother and I were getting pretty bored with just the two of us. It’s always a huge deal when there’s a new addition to the family, and this was special because I have always wanted to be someone’s big brother.
    • Family’s Greatest Achievement
      My family’s greatest achievement would be making it to America and establishing a steady lifestyle. When my father first came to America, he was struggling to pay for college and provide for himself. When I was young, we didn’t live in a very good part of San Diego, and money was hard to come by. But my father worked hard and we were eventually able to establish a life in Penasquitos.
    • What I Can Do Better
      I always try to help my mother around the house, but I don’t think I do enough. I know it’s very stressful to have four kids, and for about four years she was a single mother because my dad found work in Iraq, and I should really make an effort to help her out when she needs things. Sometimes, she asks me to drive my siblings to places and I always try to make an excuse, when really I’m just too lazy. I should try harder to make things less stressful for her.
    • One Year To Live
      If I had one year to live with guaranteed success, I would probably be a daredevil, or an extreme athlete. I always watch TV shows like Nitro Circus where the people in the show do crazy things like jumping into the Grand Canyon or swimming with sharks, and I know I would never have the courage to do that. I know however if I did have the courage, I would have the most exhilarating experiences of my life.
    • Three Words to Describe Me
    • Full Given Name
      Omar Kamal Taisir El-Qoulaq
    • Unique Self
    • Song That Represents Me
      Daydreamin’ By Lupe Fiasco
      I fell asleep beneath the flowers
      For a couple of hours
      On a beautiful day
      I dream of you amid the flowers
      For a couple of hours
      Such a beautiful day
    • Lyrics (Continued)
      [Lupe Fiasco]As I spy from behind my giant robot's eyesI keep him happy 'cause I might fall out if he criesScared of heights so I might pass out if he fliesKeep him on autopilot 'cause I can't driveRoom enough for one I tell my homies they can't rideUnless they sitting on the shoulders but that's way too highLet's try not to step on the childrenThe news cameras filmingThis walking project buildingNow there's hoes selling hoes like right around the toesAnd the crack heads beg at about the lower legThere's crooked police that's stationed at the kneesAnd they do drive-bys like up and down the thighsAnd there's a car chase going on at the waistKeep a vest on my chestI'm sitting in my room as I'm looking out the faceSomething to write aboutI still got some damage from fighting the Whitehouse, just a
    • Lyrics (Continued)
      [Lupe Fiasco]Now come on everybody, let's make cocaine coolWe need a few more half naked women up in the poolAnd hold this MAC-10 that's all covered in jewelsAnd can you please put your titties closer to the 22s?And where's the champagne? We need champagneNow look as hard as you can with this blunt in your handAnd now hold up your chain slow motion through the flamesNow cue the smoke machines and the simulated rainBut not too loud 'cause the baby's sleepingI wonder if it knows what the world is keepingUp both sleeves while he lay there dreamingMe and my robot tip-toe 'round creepingI had to turn my back on what got you paidI couldn't see half the hood on me like Abu GhraibBut I'd like to thank the streets that drove me crazyAnd all the televisions out there that raised me, I was
    • Explanation
      This song represents me simply because it exemplifies through genius metaphors and wordplay what I believe is wrong with society. I am strongly opposed to the music video culture in our music industry, and how we degrade women so openly with the response of profit. It also represents what I want to become, not a rapper, but someone who will one day have enough fame to influence society positively through spoken word, in the way that this song is doing.
    • Self Portrait
    • Future Aspirations
    • One person that has made a positive impact on my life is my father. He has always taught me to prioritize my life in the way that will benefit me the most in the long run, and not in the way that is dictated by those around me. He also taught me the importance of family, by putting his life at risk to go work in Iraq for four years when we were struggling to make ends meet. I always have appreciated my dad for that; he always put us first and never thought about himself before others.
    • Dear Dad
      I am forever grateful for all the
      sacrifices you have made for our family. You
      have always taught me the importance of
      selflessness and individuality, and you have
      definitely made me a better person. When I was
      struggling with my grades, you pushed me to take advantage of
      my potential and helped me understand the importance of my
      education. I feel lucky to have a father like you who cares so
      much for my well-being, when there are so
      many fathers out there that don’t even bother
      to meet their sons. Thank you for having such a positive impact
      on my life.
    • Where I See Myself in the Future
      In three years: I hope to be studying at UC San Diego for some sort of technology or engineering degree. I hopefully will have some sort of job, like a waiter, that will help me pay for college
      In five years: I see myself a graduate of UCSD, on my way to graduate school so that I can obtain a Master’s Degree in the subject I will have a Bachelor’s Degree in.
      In ten years: I hope to be starting a family by this time, living in San Diego close to my parents and siblings who will all have their own lives by then. Hopefully I will be blessed with a wife and a house full of children, with a steady career in technology or engineering.
    • Life Accomplishment
      If I could accomplish one thing in life, I
      would want to raise a son or daughter
      that is talented enough to go to
      Harvard or some other Ivy league
      school. I know that it’s too late for me
      to have aspirations like that, but I want
      my kids to have the option to do anything
      they want in life, so that they can live
      comfortable lives and raise grandchildren for
    • Media Awareness
    • The media effects pretty much everything around us. I myself try very hard to not be effected by the media, because I believe there is nothing to benefit from it. Most of the time the media tells us to dress a certain way that doesn’t suit our personality, so I try to steer clear of that. Obviously the media has had some great effects recently, by broadcasting national disasters as they happen. Technology in the media has helped us in many ways. But I believe ultimately that the best thing to do is to stay away from the influences of the media as much as possible.
    • Body Image Slogan Billboard