Double page spread research


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Double page spread research

  1. 1. DOUBLE PAGESPREADResearch.
  2. 2. • The layout of this double page spread have various features. The double page spread looks cohesive through it’s consistent colour scheme of the colours gold and white. The colour scheme is consistent through the main images jewellery, costume and the text. The consistency of the colour scheme in this layout makes the double page spread cohesive. The page consists of a headline that takes up near to half of the second page. The white space has been used effectively in this double page in addition i.e. the main image on the left has a lot of white space surrounding it, this makes the main image have more emphasis upon the reader. The layout of this double page spread comes across as relatively simple, but it is very effective. It has a simple layout but has included a range of conventions of a double page spread and it has used them well. They have linked the double page spread to the front cover through the use of the masthead in the folio. The colour scheme represents the genre well as the use of black possibly connotes the dark path that the Hip Hop genre stems from. However the use of the gold perhaps connotes the royalty and success that Hip Hop artists have gained over the decades.
  3. 3. The foolio used in this double page spread consists of themasthead and the page number. Through having the mastheadin the foolio, helps make the double page spread link with thefront cover, making the magazine more cohesive. To make thisfoolio more successful I think they could have included the issuenumber or the date of the magazine issue. The pull quote has been used in this double page spread has been utilised well. It takes up near enough half the space in height. The typography is bold making it more eye catching. The content of the headline represents the rap genre well as it is a quote from the artist in the main image. The second image in the double page spread works well. The picture has been aligned next to the stand first which consists of rap lyrics. The use of a picture of the artist rapping with props such as microphone helps form cohesion between the stand first(lyrics) and the supporting image of the artist rapping into a microphone.
  4. 4. The by-line and photo credits have beenplaced by the headline. Through placingthe by-line and photo credits more a lessadjacent to the headline, makes theaudience more likely to look at thatsection. The main body of this double page spread has been divided into two columns. The columns have narrow text lengths, thus making it easier for them to be read. They used
  5. 5. • The headline in this double page spread has been conducted well. What makes this headline successful is the alternation in the typography. The typography is the same throughout the headline apart from “hell” and “50 cent”. Through changing the typography and enlarging the font for the name “50 cent” reflects on the artists dominance in the industry, such that they can enlarge his name knowing that it makes the double page spread eye-catching. The colour scheme in the double page spread is subtle but flows well. They have linked the colour scheme together subtly i.e. through the “50 cent” having the same colour as the boarder.
  6. 6. • The layout of this double page spread is relatively simple but in essence it is effective. The layout has utilised the conventions of a double page spread well.
  7. 7. This double page spread has utilised some conventions very well. It has utilised the left pagefor the main image and the headline, thus helping to make the double page spread more eyecatching. The right page that consists of a lengthy stand first and the rest of the main bodyhas used various features well. They have used drop caps successfully as it takes up a lot ofspace on the base line grid and it has bold typography making it stand out. They have used acall out box well as it is stands out from the main body due to it having larger typography andit being yellow in contrast with the white use for the text in the main body. The colour schemesubtly links in well, as they have dominantly used yellow for the headline on the left hand sidewhilst subtly used yellow in the call out box on the right hand side of the double page spread.
  8. 8. • From conducting my research on double page spread, they tend to have similar layouts. They tend to position the main image to take up a whole of one side of the double page spread. They do this as the visual representation of these main stream artists are dominant in the industry. The main image tends to be a medium close up or a medium shot, allowing the facial expression to be focused upon in the miss-en-scene.
  9. 9. • The main image used in this double page spread consists of a long shot of the artist. They have done this to focus upon the mise-en-scene in his costume. The main image compliments the headline through the costume and the colour scheme in the headline being the same. This makes the double page spread more cohesive. When constructing my double page spread I will also make the artists costume complement the colour scheme to make my double page spread more cohesive. They have used a pull out quote well in this double page spread as it is separated from all the typography, as it is aligned to the far left in the left hand page of the double page spread.
  10. 10. The questions asked in this interview are openquestions to allow the artists to have thepredominant floor space in the conversation.The interview also consists of paralinguisticfeatures such as “laughs” I will incorporate thisin my interview as it helps to represent whatthe audience cannot see.The questions asked tend to be relevant to theartists career.The pull out quote works effectively in thisdouble page spread also as it sums up the typeof character the artists being interviewed is.