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  • 1. Group Project #1
    When, Where, and Why do leaves change color in the fall?
  • 2. Which Date Will The Fall Leaves Hit Their Peak in Washington?
  • 3. Data to Collect
    What Town Are You Observing From?
    Which Date does the colors hit their peak?
    What Elevation Are You At?
    Was their a weather event that triggered it (first frost, really warm, too dry?)
    Is there a certain tree species that has more color than the others?
  • 4. Stage 1 – Oct 9thuntil Nov 1st
    Post your response in the Group Thread
    Email your response to me as well, so I can track and record your credit.
  • 5. Stage 2 – Nov 1st
    Once the data is collected, I will email all of you the final data results (pre-organized for your convenience) of the whole class and a map of where the observations took place.
    You analyze the results yourself to come to conclusions.
  • 6. Stage 2 – Nov 1st
    Go back into the thread and offer your hypothesis about what factors affect color change including elevation, latitude, longitude, temperature, daylight hours, weather, or whatever else that has been noticed.
    Email me your final data analysis and a summary of how you developed your hypothesis.
  • 7. Stage 3 – Nov 1st-10th
    Develop an experiment or data collection method that could test your hypothesis the following autumn to see if it is true.
    Email it to me.
  • 8. 100 Points Possible
    Stage 1 – Data Collection = 30 pts
    Stage 2 – Data Analysis and Hypothesis = 40 pts
    Stage 3 – Hypothesis Testing Plan = 30 pts