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3-day Ruby on rails for beginners course
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3-day Ruby on rails for beginners course



Web application development with ruby on rails.

Web application development with ruby on rails.



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3-day Ruby on rails for beginners course 3-day Ruby on rails for beginners course Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to Ruby on Rails for Beginners Course
    • This is an introductory course that will
    • teach you how to build and deploy
    • web applications using rails.
  • What is Ruby on Rails
    • Ruby on Rails an open source web framework based on the ruby programming language that is used to build a database backed web applications.
    • It favours convention over configuration and uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to be explained later .
    • What are people building with rails :
    • www.twitter.com **realtime social network
    • www.hulu.com **Stream TV & Movies.
    • www.yellowpages.com **Online directory
    • Online/ Mobile payment platforms
    • www.braintreepayments.com
    • http://recurly.com/ & https://squareup.com/
    • Ecommerce
    • www.Groupon.com
    • www.shopify.com
    • SaaS products
    • http://basecamphq.com/signup **web-based project management collaboration
    • http://www.zendesk.com/signup **Help Desk and Support Ticket Software
    • http://pusher.com/pricing *realtime push notifications for your application
    • www.freeagentcentral.com **Online accounting software for small businesses
  • Who should join
    • This training is for you if:
    • You are familiar with HTML and CSS.
    • You haven’t used Ruby on Rails before.
    • You have played with rails briefly but you are yet to fully understand it.
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  • What Topics are Covered in this training?
    • A quick introduction to ruby
    • Introduction to Git for source or version control
    • Introduction to Rest and how it applies to rails.
    • Test driven development using Rspec
    • Rails MVC overview and the anatomy of a rails application. Here we would build together a demo application complete with testing using Rspec and Git for source control.
    • Bonus #1: Intro to building gems and rails-engines for code re-use across multiple applications.
    • Bonus #2: Consuming Api’s with Activeresource.
    • Deployment to Heroku
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  • What will intro to Git cover
    • You will learn the basic commands required for everyday usage:
  • Intro to Rest summary:
    • REST means Representational State Transfer and shows how to design the interaction between a client and a server.
    • REST breaks HTTP requests into verbs and nouns.
    • The verbs can be seen on this image to the right.
    • The nouns are URIs, unique identifiers for some resource accessible via the Web eg a book on Amazon
  • Rails Model-View-Controller Overview
  • Rails application directory structure
    • Rails 3 directory structure
    • Rails 3.1 directory structure
  • Activeresource summary
    • Activeresource Provides a simple way to consume RESTful services and could be useful in utilizing third party api's eg twitter api.
    • It enables us to transparently make a remote call (based on REST principles) like sending an HTTP GET request across the wire to a RESTful service:
    • GET http://api.myremote.com/people/1
    • <= James
    • In this training we would exmaine how to consume twitter api with activeresurce.
  • How the training will be ran:
    • It is face to face and hands-on training that would culminate with the building a demo application.
    • Each topic will be presented with slides and practical code work through where applicable.
  • What to expect at the end
    • You will be able to build web applications using ruby on rails.
    • You will be able to build ruby gems and rails-engine.
    • You will know where to find additional resources.
  • Duration and Location
    • The training will run for 3 days from 9.40am – 4.30 pm.
    • Starting on Friday 5th then on Saturday 6th August and Monday 8th Aug 2011.
    • Location: The training will be held on the grounds of Newcastle University. The exact rooms will be communicated to you later.
  • How much does similar training cost around the UK:
    • http:// rubyrailstraining.eventbrite.com /     -£1,150
    • http://www.unboxedconsulting.com/courses/ub_2011_07_04   -£1150
    • http://skillsmatter.com/course/ajax-ria/andrew-chalkleys-core-ruby-on-rails-fast-track -£1095.00, with discount £547.50
    • http://www.academyclass.com/training/Web-Fundamentals/Ruby-on-Rails-training-course   -£897
    • http://rubyonrailstraining.eventbrite.com/ -£600
    • http:// www.wellho.co.uk/course/rrfull.html    -£350 + vat or £400
  • Cost of the training
    • The 4 days training will cost £390 .
    • Early bird discount for registration within the first 7 days - £310
    • Early bird discount for registration between day 8 - day 14 - £350
  • Payment and registration
    • Payment commences on 12 th July 2011.
    • http://tech.wizebee.com/ruby-on-rails-for-beginners-course
    • How to Pay:
    • Visit: http://wizebee-ruby-on-rails-course.eventbrite.com/
    • Only 25 spaces are available.
  • Cancellation Policy
    • If you cancel your registration 5 or more calendar days before the scheduled start date of the class, you will get a full refund.
    • If you cancel your registration 1- 4 calendar days before the class start date, you will only get a 50% refund.
    • If you do not show up for the event, or cancel on the day of the event, you won't get any refund.