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  • 1. The Thesis
    • Seriously, this is the most important part of the paper!
  • 2. Determine what type of paper you are writing
    • We are writing an analytical paper .
    • An analytical paper breaks down an issue or an idea into it’s component parts, evaluations the issue or idea, and presents this breakdown and evaluation to the audience.
  • 3. Our objective in plain English:
    • Today you will take a look at Thomas Jefferson.
    • Break down his idea(s) on freedom into three sections.
    • Find a unifying theme aka something that makes them connect to one another.
    • Questions?
  • 4. Specify
    • Your thesis statement needs to be specific!
    • It should cover ONLY what you will discuss in the paper.
    • Support it with specific evidence. This means, you need to find examples from your reading.
  • 5. Placing the thesis
    • Your thesis statement must go at the end of the first paragraph (the introduction).
    • Don’t be afraid to revise your thesis. It may change as you write your essay.
  • 6. Example thesis:
    • Through his utilization of parallelism, allusion, and diction, Thomas Jefferson expressed his beliefs of freedom and dissent the King of England.
  • 7. What did Michelle do with her thesis?
    • She stated what Thomas Jefferson attempted to do: Thomas Jefferson expressed his beliefs of freedom and dissent the King of England .
    • She also came up with a plan of attack. Some people call this a map. Creating a PAO or a map requires you to have 3 points that explain how/what you are expressing in your thesis.
    • She provided three ways that TJ expressed his beliefs: Through his utilization of parallelism , allusion , and diction ,
  • 8. Why care about a thesis?
    • Your thesis is the most important part of your paper.
    • It defines what you will write.
    • It also helps with organization.
  • 9. The next steps after you have created your thesis
    • Make an outline. This is simple to do with a thesis. Your three main body paragraphs will cover the three points you listed in your POA/Map.
    • We will explore this during out next writing lesson. For now....
  • 10. Let’s practice
    • Within your groups, please split up into partners.
    • Interview/talk to your partner about your favorite style of music.
    • After talking for two minutes (one minute per person), please proceed to write a thesis statement, explaining their thoughts on their favorite kind of music.
  • 11. The Basic Example
    • Mrs. Fisher contends hip-hop is the best genre of music, because it is easy to dance to, it’s the best type of music for the gym, and hip-hop is constantly re-inventing itself.
  • 12. Your turn!
    • If you are having troubles understanding a thesis, just follow this model:
    • State what it is you want to say
    • then state three points that support it.