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Andresen science engagement



Cause Marketing Forum presentation from Katya Andresen, May 2012

Cause Marketing Forum presentation from Katya Andresen, May 2012



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  • Embarassing story that gets at the heart of the ups and downs of unleashing generosity
  • One we need to fix now because it’s not getting any easier to break through to people. Filters and screens are all around.We can make the right connections – and technology can deliver them – but it requires a shift in how we think and act.
  • Lisa Cron
  • Stare at her, in the eyes, for 15 seconds. How do you feel? What do you want to do?
  • Story – the limbic brain, mirror neurons, WORD CHOICE
  • Words do things to your brain or put it to sleep – choose the right ones! (Mark – feel free to make this even MORE dry.)
  • Fell free to improve this
  • Words matter.
  • Mention Jen Shang’s new study, building off Croson’s earlier research. Women and moral identity.
  • Beat the Peak campaign in Tucson which promoted xeriscaping. If you xeriscaped you got a Beat the Peak mascot/sign. It’s taken such hold, it’s created a stigma against lawns. No hiding your lucious lawn.
  • $150 MILLION
  • It was wildly successful, boosting Pampers sales and resulting in 150 million vaccines.
  • I’m going to use another IRC test. We tested Rashida Jones vs. Bob Kitchen (their emergency response lead, next slide) vs generic IRC. Guess who won” Bob Kitchen, Followed by Rashida, followed by generic IRC.
  • Test
  • Test

Andresen science engagement Andresen science engagement Presentation Transcript

  • The Science ofConsumerEngagement &Social ChangeKatya Andresen@katyaN4GMay 2012
  • About me  Network for Good  Robin Hood Marketing   @katyaN4G  Proud daughter of a psychiatry professor
  • CausesConsumers View slide
  • CausesConsumers View slide
  • Photo courtesy
  • If we’re not feeling,we’re not conscious.
  • Cause marketers, you are in onebusiness:the happiness businessParaphrase of M.A. Strahilevitz
  • 1. Emotion, emotion, emotion.
  • Damian O’Broin
  • Dima spoke of the toll that poorair quality and weakenvironmental policy has taken onhis village and family. Urgentaction is needed.Words matter
  • Dima punched his leatheryhand into the smoke thatblocked the sun and reeked ofburned rubber. “My baby sonneeds to breathe clean air.”
  • 2. Supporting a cause is a social act.
  • 3. Small works better than big, one works better than many.
  • Photo Credit: YouGetThePicture, Flickr
  • Source: Communications Network, Paul Slovic
  • Rokia matters. Millions do not.Source: Communications Network, Paul Slovic
  • Bigger camp = less moneySource: Communications Network, Paul Slovic
  • 1 Pack=1 Vaccine
  • 1 pack will help eradicatenewborn tetanus globally
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  • 5. Cultural values trump reason.
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  • Katya Andresenkatya.andresen@networkforgood.orgwww.nonprofitmarketingblog.comTwitter: @katyaN4G