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Freedom To Love 2009 02 14

  1. 1. Freedom to Love The Theology of the Body Applied to Our Lives OLOP|YA Our Lady of Peace Young Adult Group
  2. 2. Table of Contents A Brief Overview of the Theology of the Body 1. Sex and the Meaning of Existence 2. Understanding the Body as a “Theology” 3. God‟s Mystery & the Spousal Analogy 4. Unmasking the Counterfeits For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free 1. What is Freedom 2. The Dependence of Freedom on Truth 3. How Do We Know the Truth? 4. The Freedom for Which Christ Set Us Free 5. The Holy Spirit is the Source of Freedom Love as I Have Loved You 1. What is Love? 2. Chastity & the Integration of Love 3. Love & the “Unrepeatability” of the Person Living the Redemption of Sexuality 1. Sex, Lies, & Redemption 2. The “Great Divorce” 3. Integration in Christ 4. Some Practical Points OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 2 YOUNG ADULTS
  3. 3. The Bouillon Cubes
  4. 4. True Freedom Serves the Good 2a. “There is no true freedom except in the service of what is good…The choice to disobey and do evil is an abuse of freedom and leads to the „slavery of sin‟” (CCC, n. 1733). OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 4 YOUNG ADULTS
  5. 5. True Freedom quot;True freedom is liberation not from the external constraint that calls me to good, but from the internal constraint that hinders my choice of the good.quot; OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 5 YOUNG ADULTS
  6. 6. Fulfillment of the Law quot;Do not think that I have come to abolish the law. I have not come to abolish the law; I have come to fulfill the law.quot; Matthew 5:17 OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 6 YOUNG ADULTS
  7. 7. The MOAB: Mother of All Bouillon Cubes 2c. “The body, and in fact, it alone, is capable of making visible what is invisible: the spiritual and divine. It was created to transfer into the visible reality of the world, the mystery hidden since time immemorial in God, and thus to be a sign of it” (TB, 76). OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 7 YOUNG ADULTS
  8. 8. Chastity and the Integration of Love So Long, Self
  9. 9. Chastity When we seek this balance between will, emotion, and attraction, and when we find it, we call it the quot;integration of lovequot; Chastity is the Virtue (or Super Power) that enables this integration OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 9 YOUNG ADULTS
  10. 10. Authentic Love Wills the Good For love to take root, authentic love, above all we must firmly set our will on what is good for the other person. And, it is never good to use the other person for a means to our selfish end. OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 10 YOUNG ADULTS
  11. 11. The Integration of Love An integration takes place, deep within our hearts, where sexual attraction actually becomes an attraction and a desire to uphold the other person's good. OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 11 YOUNG ADULTS
  12. 12. Chastity Frees Love from Selfishness quot;Chastity can only be thought of in association with the virtue of love. The function of chastity is to free love from the utilitarian attitude. And, that utilitarian attitude is the desire to use the other person for my pleasure.” OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 12 YOUNG ADULTS
  13. 13. Love is Integration When we lust we live shattered lives When we love, we experience integration. OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 13 YOUNG ADULTS
  14. 14. Chastity Affirms Our Dignity quot;The essence of chastity consists in quickness to affirm the value of the human person in every situation. And, in raising to the personal level all of our reactions to that person's body and sexuality. “It is not a matter of annihilating our attraction to the body and sexuality or pushing reactions to them into our subconscious, rather it is a matter of sustained and long term integration, so that our attraction to a person's body and sex is grounded and integrated in the value of the person.quot; OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 14 YOUNG ADULTS
  15. 15. Chastity is a Yes quot;Chastity is not a blind inhibition of physical impulses, such that they are pushed down into the subconscious where they await an opportunity to explode. If chastity is practiced only in this way (which is actually not practicing chastity at all) it does, indeed, create the danger of such explosions.quot; OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 15 YOUNG ADULTS
  16. 16. Redemption of Sexual Desire Redemption implies an inner transformation in the way we experience sexual desire. OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 16 YOUNG ADULTS
  17. 17. Pope John Paul the Great pray for us OLOP|YA Freedom to Love 17 YOUNG ADULTS