Humility part 1


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Humility part 1

  1. 1. Humility HUMILITY By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life. Proverbs 22:4Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life. --George ArlissHumility is the quality of not thinking that you are better than the others, having a lowrank or social position. This does not mean that all low-ranked people are humble butrather the feeling in you that others are more important to you than yourself …..the actof being considerate about others ….taking other people as more valuable in your liferegardless of gender, social status, economic ability, political background, educationalbackground and other hidden factors. Biblically speaking, personal humility carries theconcept of lowering oneself in such a manner as to attain a place of lowliness. Perhapsthe best way to understand humility is attempting to see ourselves through God’s eyesrather than our own. The Bible says that humility leads to wisdom, with a focus onsubmitting to God rather than building up ones own ego. The Bible warns against falsehumility, which is really about making ‘your-self’ look impressive to other people buthas nothing to do with building a relationship with God. A humble person is one whoacts like a door mat and lets other people trample all over them, lets them into thehouse as it were and allows them to trample all over them without saying a word inresponse.Humility calls for acceptance of authority especially from elders. Service or servanthood occurs when authority has been granted and accepted. Note that leaders areservants and therefore granted authority from elders or above. This acceptance requireshumility of character and this breed forth favor. God’s favor is only granted to us onlyif we are humble. Jesus humbled himself (from birth to death) and no doubt, God’sfavor was, is and will forever be with Him. Many times we pray for God’s favor to beupon us but we hesitantly refuse to be humble.1|fred
  2. 2. HumilityThe driving force in our lives should be trying to please God.Secondly, we should take into consideration the needs and pleasures of others. Withour own pleasures subordinated, we will truly be the humble servants of God.God’s will is only revealed to the humble in character. Once His will is revealed to us,we must take another step of acceptance. Be submissive to that will and do it diligentlytill you accomplish it with the guidance of His Spirit.As seen earlier, God’s will is only performed by the humble in character and actions. AllGod’s messengers right from the very beginning (the Old Testament to the NewTestament) were humble both in thoughts and deeds. Your deeds reveal what yourmind has been manufacturing. In Acts 20; 19, Paul clearly acknowledged that heperformed God’s work with humility. He was persecuted by the Jews but continueddoing His work because his humble reward is in Heaven. Take a short break andreflect on Jesus Christ’s ministry while on Earth. Is there any instance He performedGod’s work in absence of humility and meekness?God’s wisdom can only be realized in one’s life only if humility is present. Look at KingSolomon-the wisest man ever lived. He knew that before he accepted authority to be ajudge and ruler of God’s chosen people, he required wisdom to fairly perform hisduties. He had to be humble, gentle ad polite unto the Master and the elders. Strongdevotion and bodily discipline work hand in hand with humility. You cannot behumble in the absence of discipline. Strong devotion Humility Bodily DisciplineHumility also calls for purity of mind. Sinful minds breed forth pride which finallyleads to death (either physical or spiritual). A pure mind reveals the presence humilityof character which outwardly leads to bodily discipline.2|fred
  3. 3. HumilityThe fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom….having reverence or admiration forthe Lord. This wisdom brings forth honor but humility precedes them all. In Proverbs22; 4 ….true humility and the fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor and long life. Nowander King Solomon attained wealth too when he asked for wisdom. It was possiblebecause he was humble in Character and deeds. He realized that he needed to first behumble and gentle if he wanted the God of Israel to bless him. Hezekiah is anotherexample ….2Chr. 32; 26-30. God works with people who are humble and He humblesthose He wants to work with. God never uses people who are proud. Saul had to behumbled before being called Paul. Matthew the tax collector had to check his humilityscale before following Christ. King Saul had a humble beginning but later when pridefound its room in his heart, his reign ended and King David succeeded him. In Dan 5;17-31, King Belshazzar had a similar dream to that of Saul life as King of Israelespecially in verse 20, when he became proud, he was brought down.All humble servants of the Lord boost in Him. Therefore humility can be defined as theact of boosting in the Lord and not thyself where as pride is to boost in thyself oranything other than the Lord Almighty. The problem with pride is that it keeps peoplefocused upon themselves instead of on God; humility focuses upon God rather thanupon our own strengths.In 1Kings 21; 29, when Ahab heard what the Lord was planning to do to him and thepeople of Israel, he humbled himself by fasting and praying. This is a good expressionof bodily discipline. Deep in his heart, Ahab first boosted in the gods of the Amoritesbut on hearing God’s plan(s) through Prophet Elijah, he began boosting in the Lord, theonly true God. He heard and knew what the Lord had done before. In effect he escapeddoom and death. Rehoboam had the same experience in 2Chr 12; 12A little act of humility can cause great wonders in one’s life. Accepting God as our Lordand savior requires humility. It required one man to humbly die for billions and more3|fred
  4. 4. Humilityof proud and lifeless people just like a small source of light that illuminates in thedarkness.The Christian body is the church and temple of the Holy Ghost. The trinity ought to livein a well-balanced and organized and clean body. In 2Chr 7; 14-15 when King Solomonhad finished building the Lord’s temple, one of the requirements made by GodAlmighty was humility. Humility leads to performance of other vital acts in aChristian’s life---- praying, fasting, forgiveness and many more. Without exercise ofhumility, a Christian will not be obedient to the Lord. Inadequate prayer is a symptomthat one is boosting in other things or people other than the Lord Almighty. Pride hasnever left any person or kingdom reigning.Even when life seems so tough, a humble Christian will boldly stand out and boost inthe Lord knowing that he/she shall overcome in due time. Tough situations will notboost over that Christian. Practice of humility forces the Lord to turndown his anger.Take time right now to look at some bible personalities whose expressions of humilityforced the Creator to turndown his anger. A humble worship of the Lord will nevermake the Christian the same. To be sincere, all those that boost in what God has donefor them will surely agree with me that humility (the basic character quality) played thebiggest role in the fulfillment of God’s promises in their lives. During worship, somepeople cry as expression of humility. Paul clearly experienced it in Acts 20; 19. Humilitycan neither be forced nor imitated.In 2Chr 33; 12 when Manasseh was distressed, he humbly cried out to God. To reachManasseh point of prayer requires guidance from the Holy Spirit. Prayer iscommunication to the Almighty. Any communication requires a humble mechanismfrom the source to the recipient and back to the sender---feedback. Stephen. R. Covey inFirst Things First said “It takes humility to seek feedback. It takes wisdom to understand it,analyze it, and appropriately act on it.” Humility of character led him into the holy4|fred
  5. 5. Humilitysanctuary and prepared him (Manasseh) to pray. God is moved by the prayers of hishumble children. Be humble before, during and after prayers. For that is what pleasesGod so much and makes Him react to your prayers. God is not moved by how long orwordy your prayer is but rather by the degree of humility expressed from the bottom ofyour heart. God looks at the heart where humility is manufactured from.Paul constantly worked upon his humility level by praying to God. Humility is a lifelong character to develop. One cannot attain it at once. Keep praying to God becausehumility is expressed differently according to different situations. Different challengesrequire different approaches. We can know everything but without humility ofcharacter in our lives, we are like animals. God created us in his own image andbreathed into us His Spirit. That Spirit contained the many qualities for examplehumility, meekness, gentleness and many more. This is the main difference betweenhumans and animals or any other living things.God humbles us in different ways depending on the degree of our “stubbornness”. Paul(formerly Saul) was humbled differently from Pharaoh of Egypt in the book of Exodus.Many times when life seems so hard, God is trying to humble us for the journey(s)ahead. The way God humbles you may be different from the way He may humble me.All we need to have is a spirit that is willing to be taught---teachable spirit.A humble person must be submissive to God Almighty and even to fellow brethren butnot to the devil. To submit means to accept authority, control or greater strength ofsomebody. In a Christian perspective, to submit means to accept God’s authority nomatter what the situation is currently on your side. Satan tries so hard to makeChristians not yield to this authority. Only the humble overcome Satan’s traps. You,therefore, cannot be humble if you do not have someone to account to.On the final day, every one will be brought low before the Lord…Is 2; 11…..every onewill be humbled. Take a look at any court session, the suspects or guilty are usually so5|fred
  6. 6. Humilitypolite tending to being humble. God lives with those whose spirits are contrite andhumble. Repentance is an expression of humility. True worship means loweringourselves as we elevate God Almighty.The proud will be humbled and the humble person will be honored was one of thepowerful teachings of Christ while on Earth….Luke 14; 11, Luke 18; 14 and Matt. 23; 12.People want to be honored but ignore the role pride is playing in their lives. Take ashort break and reflect on your life and those moments when you wanted to behonored. Were you driven by pride or humility?In Matt. 18; 4 Jesus Christ teaches us that little children are naturally humble. This isbecause they are very submissive and willing to be taught. Children are soadventurous, inquisitive and willing to learn. Effective learning requires strongdiscipline and devotion all of which require humility and ‘gentleness’. Christ’s life is thefundamental and true illustration of humility. Therefore if we are to be humble, let usfollow Jesus Christ. Let us live like Him in all faculties of life, dear reader. Look at Phil.2; 8 Jesus humbled Himself even at the last moment of His humanly life on earth.Despite all the troubles and destruction around you, determine to be humble till youreach your destiny. You will always wake up with joy on your lips.The company that we involve ourselves with can in one way or another determine thelevel of our humility. If you live amongst proud people, you are sowing seeds of pridein your life and when harvest time comes, you will reap the pride. Be careful whatcharacter of people you hang out with. Jesus’ disciples lived a humble life even after theMaster’s ascension because they used to be among the most humble man that has everlived both on earth and in heaven and most importantly, who still lives and reigns.Take a moment and think about the type of friends that you associate with; are theircharacters worth living around. Solomon suggested that it is better to live humbly withthe poor than to share plunder with the proud….Prov.16; 19. The choice is yours! Proud6|fred
  7. 7. Humilitypeople are helpless and it is the main reason why they want to be recognized throughpride.We are liked and loved by the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of agentile, humble and quiet Spirit. Canal spirits want to be recognized through pride andarrogance. Ephesians 4; 2 tells us to be humble and gentle. It is said as gentle as a sheep.Jesus is called the Lamb of God because of this evident character factor. Humble peopleare characterized by having self-control through the presence of the Holy Spirit in theirlives. This makes them capable and able….qualified to perform God’s pre-ordainedduties here on Earth. Humility is the vital quality that God searches for in an individualbefore doing His will.One of the major difference between a humble person and a proud one is that a humbleperson is joyful---internal happiness which lasts long or for a life time where as a proudperson seems to be happy and this lasts for a very short time. Do you want to be happybecause things are happening positively on your side or joyful because of your goodcharacter? The choice is yours dear. Even if the going gets tougher, you still remainjoyful because of your humble deeds and thoughts. This is what God desires in all Hisliving creatures. There is a reward for everything we do, whether, seen or unseen. Goduncovers every secret of man.The humble and lowly will possess the earth. They will inherit the whole earth. Goddesigned the earth to be occupied by His loved one, those who are faithful to Him. TheLord crowns the humble with salvation too. Salvation is never attained by the proudbecause they believe in self-righteousness. The moment one accepts the Lord as his orher personal Savior, he or she reveals to God that he or she is nothing but willing to besomebody….conqueror. Humility prepares the Christian to follow all the Master’steachings and commands. Everything God commands us to do must be done out of7|fred
  8. 8. Humilityhumility and gentleness. Perfect rest of the soul and body involves the presence ofhumility and meekness in that soul and body.8|fred