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Citation Searching & Bibliometrics
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Citation Searching & Bibliometrics



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  • 1. Citation searchingand bibliometrics
    Olof DannbergAlnarp Library
  • 2. Agenda
    Citation searching – an introduction
    What is bibliometrics?
    Web of Science
    What is Journal ImpactFactor?
    Journal Citation Reports
    Criticism of IF and some alternatives
  • 3. Bibliometrics
    “statistical analysis of books, articles, or other publications”
    (The Oxford Dictionary of English)
  • 4. Bibliometrics
    Citation analysis in one method used in bibliometrics
    By analyzing citations at article level you can estimate the popularity and impact of specific articles and authors
    By counting citations at journal level you can calculate the Journal Impact Factor
  • 5. Exercise: Web of Science
    Do a search on your own subject (one or two keywords only)
    Sort by Times Cited
    How many times has the most cited research article been cited?
    Did you know about this article before?
  • 6. h-index
    The value of h is equal to the number of papers (n) in the list that have n or more citations
    An h-index of 4 means that that you have 4 articles that have been cited at least 4 times.
  • 7. Exercise: Web of Science
    Which article by an Alnarp researcher is the most cited? 
    Use Author Finder to find all articles by your supervisor (or yourself) 
    What is the h-index?
  • 8. Exercise: Scopus
    Do a search on your own subject (one or two keywords only)
    Sort by citations
    Is the most cited article the same as in Web of Science?
    Has it been cited by other scientific web sources (theses, dissertations etc)?
  • 9. ImpactFactor
  • 10. Ohter JCR measures
    5-Year Impact Factor
    The impact factor calculated for 5 years instead of 2
    Immediacy Index
    How many times articles have been cited within one year. Indicates which journals are publishing “hot” articles
    Cited Half-Life
    The median age of the journal’s articles cited in the current JCR year. Indicates the long-termvalue of the articles
  • 11. Exercise: Journal Citation Reports
    Select to view all journals in your own subject area
    Which journal has the highest Impact Factor in this subject?
    Did you expect this journal to be in top?
  • 12. Criticism of IF
    English language bias
    Books are not included
    Subject differences
    Citation behavior varies between subject areas
    Methodological flaws
    Negative citations
    Misprints and title changes
    Authors and editors manipulate the IF by strategic publishing and in-house citations
  • 13. Alternatives: journal level
    Includes more sources, not only journal articles
    Measures citations to articles published in the last 5 years
    Citations from highly-ranked journals are given a higher value, similar to Google’s PageRank algorithm
  • 14. Alternatives: journal level
    SCImago Journal Rankwww.scimagojr.com
    Based on citation data from Scopus
    Measures citations to articles published in the last 3 years
    Uses a Google-like ranking algorithm, just like the Eigenfactor
    Example:SCImago Journal Rankings
  • 15. SCImago vs. JCR
  • 16. Exercise: SCImago
    Look at the journal rankings in your own subject area
    Compare with the Impact Factor in JCR
    Are there any differences?
  • 17. Alternatives: articlelevel
    Usage statistics
    Open Access journals often use download statistics as an indicator
    BioMed Central www.biomedcentral.com
  • 18. Alternatives: articlelevel
    Faculty of 1000 f1000.com
    Evaluates the most important articles in biology and medicine
    Researchers and cliniciansrates and comment on papers they read
  • 19. Summary
    Citation searching is useful as an alternative to keyword searching
    Bibliometrics give you comparable quantitative data about scientific publications
    The usefulness and reliability of the methods have been questioned
    New methods for evaluation have arisen, quantitative and qualitative, but have yet to gain wider acceptance as replacement for citation counts and Impact Factor
  • 20. Further readings
    SLU University Library (2010). Bibliometrics. Accessible: http://www.slu.se/en/library/publish/eindex/
    Vice-chancellor's decision about affiliation ... 2010-01-02 (Swedish)
    Garfield, E. (1994). The concept of citation indexing : a unique and innovative tool for navigating the research literature. Accessible: http://thomsonreuters.com/products_services/science/free/essays/concept_of_citation_indexing/
  • 21. “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”
    Albert Einstein