2012 l bi uk_customer strategy_february2013


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LBi are a leading global marketing and technology agency with over 2,100 employees worldwide and an outstanding CRM centre of excellence based in London.

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2012 l bi uk_customer strategy_february2013

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  10. 10. More relevant emailssaved M&S£650,000 worth ofphone calls – an
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  13. 13. How do you get 3million moreteenagers to drinkand Coca-Cola?
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  19. 19. About LBi CRMClick UnsworthPipa to edit Master text stylesGlobal Head of CRMPipa.Unsworth@LBi.com@Peepa
  20. 20. Data
  21. 21. HISTORY YEAR-ON-YEAR GROWTH WHAT’S NEXT2008 saw LBi formalise its CRM offering CRM ascended most clients’ agendas in 2011 saw CRM continued growthin response to a growing demand from 2009, with the recession reminding globally: driving broader clientboth existing and new clients to create companies that understanding and penetration across our key markets. Newmore effective ways to manage and managing profitable customer clients included Volvo in Sweden (Myfacilitate conversations and profitable relationships is a business priority. Volvo), Sony Ericsson Xperia (Social CRMrelationships between consumers and programme), Coca-Cola (customer “CRM offers a level of accountabilitytheir brands. engagement platform), Americans Elect favoured by clients when marketing and Bayer Crop Science (full service CRM2009 saw our CRM capability go from budgets are squeezed and greater focus programmes), Lloyds Bank 2012strength to strength; winning new is placed on accountability and return on Trackside (eCRM programme).clients such as BT Tradespace and Barratt investment. “Developments, developing existing client We saw our first CRM award wins for 2010 saw continued, rapid growth of ouraccounts like Electrolux, bringing new Hendrick’s Gin social CRM programme, CRM capability globally: trebling thetalent into the team, and developing a continued interest from clients in team, developing our IP and workingsignificant pipeline of opportunities outsourcing operational management of with new clients such as Invescogoing into 2010. their CRM programmes as well as Perpetual, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds providing CRM and Social CRM solutions. Banking Group, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Zwistal, Coca Cola, 2012 has seen CRM reach a new level of William Grant & Sons, SABMiller and maturity in the UK – no longer a “service Aldar Properties. extension” but a key part of our strategic capability. The benefits of blended Typical business challenges and briefs Customer Strategy demonstrated on included developing customer retention client accounts like Virgin Atlantic, • Pipa Unsworthprogrammes, creating of • Global Head and engagement strategies, optimising existing lifecycle Barclays, Logica and Coca-Cola. CRM loyalty programmes (brand loyalty vs. reward point schemes) and deploying social CRM programmes focused on building and mobilising brand advocates.
  22. 22. Oliver.Spalding@LBi.comUK Head of Customer StrategyTom.Burrell@LBi.comGlobal CRM Director
  23. 23. Type Service Description Retaining a customer is on average 8x cheaper than acquiring one.Deliverable Retention Strategy Retention strategy devises ways to motivate repeat purchase. Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, andDeliverable Loyalty Strategy therefore encourage, loyal buying behaviour. CRM, evolved. Business functions enabled by a systems andDeliverable Social CRM technology, designed to improve customer responsiveness. CRM technology Identifying the right technology solution to maximise ROI tailoredDeliverable strategy to fit different business models and departmental organisation Multi-channel Evaluating the customer experience to map out touch points andDeliverable strategy define the right channels to affect customer behaviour. A series of coordinated activities designed to enhance the level ofDeliverable Customer service customer satisfaction with a company, product or service.Deliverable Email Effective design of direct communications, technologies andDeliverable Mobile messaging automation to deliver against a variety of business objectives in making the customer’s experience more seamless. Social directDeliverable messaging
  24. 24. Type Service Description Integrating social Helping clients define the business case for extending customerPlug-in customer care care into social media, platforms, governance and stakeholders. What’s Next? Helping clients define the commercial case for more innovativePlug-in Customer workshop customer comms through brand immersion and workshop CustomerPlug-in A process to audit, implement and optimise email communications experience email that improve ROI and customer satisfaction optimisation Defining the role for CRM and high level strategic roadmap throughIP CRM Discovery analysis of intelligence gathering and stakeholder interviews. Capabilities A diagnostic tool that defines the business’s CRM maturity model –IP Assessment Strategy; Customer data; Technology; Marketing; Sales; Services A technology vendor selection process that addresses differentIP Technology Audit types and scales of customer management implementation. A multi-disciplinary workshop process to help explore, refine andIP Visioning Workshop define the CRM vision under one umbrella platform Customer A comms planning tool to help design the desired customerIP Experience Map experience across relevant customer touch points in their lifecycle Roadmap & Project Frameworks and documentation to guide the project fromIP charters definition through to implementation and version control.
  25. 25. Type Service Description Data Quality An audit process to help businesses understand and improve theDeliverable (Audit & Advisory) robustness of their data practices and storage Data Capture The desired state of data capture, form design, data planning andDeliverable Strategy management, data analysis to derive data quality Customer Journey Analysis of platforms, communications, interactions and messagesDeliverable analysis to identify gaps, breaks and opportunities for improved efficiency Customer Analysis of research and big data to develop multipurposeDeliverable Segmentation segmentation that identify distinct target customer groups Multi-channel A three step process to help businesses comply with the latest EUPlug-in Data Compliance legislation across cookies, contact and data collection permissions. Dovetails with the Customer Experience Map to designIP Touchpoint plan interactions, decisions, timings, frequencies and key messages. CRM scenarios &IP Visualising the touchpoint plan from a customer’s point-of-view storyboards Business & contact Defining the business, customer and contact criteria / constraintsIP rules that underpin the CRM or direct communications architecture Creative & action What’s next briefs are informed by the touch point plan or individualIP briefs comms and campaign briefs to create the compelling propositions Key Messages A framework to organise and review multiple key messages,IP matrix propositions and calls-to-action / response handling
  26. 26. Type Service Description Data Cleansing Process to ensure data is accurate, consistent and withoutDeliverable (Enrichment) duplicate copies for purpose of customer intelligence. Communications and data initiatives to effectively convertDeliverable Lead Generation customer interest into a prospect pool for direct communication Programme Focusing on the quality of inputs/outputs alongside the technologyDeliverable Management platform to optimise customer responsiveness across channels Community Ongoing management and mediation of the customer serviceDeliverable Management experience through social media platforms and networks Branded platform A mobile optimised solution for recruiting and engaging customersPlug-in Mobile sampling to trial a new product or service Automated A process to audit, implement and optimise email communicationsPlug-in Ecommerce that drive relevant x-sell and upsell opportunities Repurchase triggersIP KPI framework A bespoke measurement frameworkIP Mechanics design Programme governance, response and redemption handling Test & learn A comprehensive suite of effectiveness test parameters based onIP framework appropriate proving or disproving quantifiable hypotheses Measurement solutions that are able to aggregate and analyseIP Dashboard analytics multiple data streams to inform effectiveness and optimisation Optimisation can be achieved through pre-testing (Beta), live-IP Optimisation tactics testing (in-flight) and post (sunset) e.g. A/B and Multivariate tests
  27. 27. Type Service Description This service is available as consultancy only solution through to fullDeliverable Vendor evaluation pitch support including the management of a full RFP, shortlisting and selection Database Gathering and specifying business and technical requirements toDeliverable development inform the development and implementation of bespoke databases Campaign An end-to-end solution, providing users with a database platformDeliverable management and suite of software tools to enable ongoing campaign provision Software platforms designed to assist departments andDeliverable Automation organizations in simplifying processes by automating repetitive tasks or where there are a significant number of variants Whilst vendor-neutral, we have developed partnerships withIP Partnerships industry-leading CRM & Social CRM companies and experience with most leading ESPs