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  • Maintaining the environment where play takes place: administration, maintenance Actions that make playing possible, providing a practical setting for the ludic structures Virtual worlds and MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Second Life Physical play spaces like arcades, casinos and amusement parks Social networks that support ludic actions like Facebook
  • Supporting the decition to start playing a game by providing games/content to choose from: aid in choosing, picking content Providing physical and mental accessibility Selection of games at an arcade , rides at the amusement park, choises at a game service site such as NGage, Informing about choises available to a player
  • Facilitating play based on existing content or form: game mastering a session, administering an experience, running a game Personalizing and localizing a game Game mastering a role-playing game based on a scenario, hosting a murder dinner , producing a ludic experience (such as a batchelor party stunt ), Black Jack dealer in a bar
  • Providing support for the act of playing, for different styles of playing and controlling playing Modifying the play to suit the exact people who are playing. Play aids: walkthroughs, alternative rules, game wikis, additional programs, plug-ins, gold farming, power leveling Mods, hacks, patches Different difficulty levels Controls that limit playing
  • Teaching and training a player to play a game or to play better. Providing a tutorial or official rules on how to play Teaching and tutoring: golf instructor, sparring partner in tennis, guides in Second Life Tutorial modes and rehearsals Player identity management (e.g. Raptr)
  • GaS: Player Services - Jaakko Stenros

    1. 1. Player Services Jaakko Stenros
    2. 2. ” games as services”
    3. 3. games are: an activity a product a service a platform
    4. 4. sequels and serialization episodic games expansion packs other add-ons
    5. 5. games as fiction
    6. 6. content has not changed
    7. 7. game content or form is not a service, it is a product
    8. 8. however, the way content or form is delivered, presented or facilitated can be a service
    9. 9. “ a helpful act” “the act of serving” “useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity”
    10. 10. “ intangible and insubstantial” “cannot be handled, heard, tasted or smelled” “cannot be stored or transported” “inseparable and perishable”
    11. 11. player service model
    12. 12. player point-of-view nature as product or service an innate feature includes games and playful activities, digital and non-digital transaction of money unneccessary pragmatic and inspirational, not dogmatic
    13. 14. maintenance of environment
    14. 15. support of initiation
    15. 16. facilitation of playing
    16. 17. assistance of play
    17. 18. socialization of player
    18. 20. <ul><li>“ Instead of commodifying places and things and exchanging them in the market, we now secure access to one another’s time and expertise and borrow what we need, treating each thing as an activity or event that we purchase for a limited period of time. Capitalism is shedding its material origins and increasingly becoming a temporal affair.” (Rifkin 2005) </li></ul>
    19. 21. implications for serious games paragaming mods, hacks and remixes player created content services and access
    20. 22. thank you questions & comments [email_address]