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Personal statement

  1. 1. Oliver Smith 13CARMy ambition is to follow a university course which combines my two favourite subjects,Sport and Business. This allows me to achieve my career goal of working in marketing andadvertising within sports, including events management.Throughout my life I have been a keen sportsman, playing football, basketball, golf andvolleyball. My passion for football began when I joined my local team at 6 years old andcontinues as I still play for them, demonstrating my dedication and loyalty. During this time Ihave had the honour of representing North West Leicestershire, playing at Pride Park andMeadow Lane and playing in the F.A Youth Cup for Long Eaton United. This rewardingexperience provided an insight into the business side of professional sport.I was selected to represent the Leicestershire and Rutland County F.A. as a young leader atthe National Youth Leadership Camp at Warwick University. Throughout the camp wecompleted different workshops ranging from media training to refereeing. During this time Ifeel I improved my team working and communication skills. Furthermore, I grew inconfidence and self belief as I found that I had good ideas that many people agreed with. Asa consequence I have taken many opportunities to participate in events such as disabilityand girls’ football, where I help to organise the event and referee many of the matches.As I have always wanted to coach and manage younger age groups to pass on my footballknowledge and experience, I completed both my F.A level 1 Coaching Badge and my Level 1Youth Award Badge. I started coaching with Kegworth Imps U12’s, this was thoroughlyworthwhile as I could use my own knowledge from my coaching courses and then apply it toreal situations and training sessions. I am now the coach of Kegworth Imps under 7’s whichhas been a great experience for me as I have had to adapt to a new situation ofcommunicating instructions and getting ideas across to seven year olds. This requires agreat amount of patience, something I pride myself on having. I also feel my relationshipwith the team members makes me approachable, whilst maintaining a position of authority.My keen interest in business and how businesses work soared as I began to study Businessat GCSE level, where I developed an enthusiasm of every aspect of the business world. Inparticular I am eager to learn more about aspects of communication, finance and marketing.I am inspired by my father who owns a medium sized business with over 40 employees, Itake a great interest in the jobs and information he has to do and process, in turn allowingme to gain an understanding on how businesses are run day to day and what is required fora business to be successful.During my time at Burleigh Community College, a nationally recognised sports college, Ihave competed in basketball, reaching the Final Fours in England. I received the players’player award for football and I was nominated for the Sports Personality of the year Award.I am delighted to have been nominated as it demonstrates I have the correct attitudetowards an area I am very passionate about.
  2. 2. Oliver Smith 13CARFor my work experience I worked at a secondary school in the P.E. department. Myresponsibilities included equipment checks, publicity and as a general teaching assistant. Idemonstrated to members of faculty that I could be relied on to perform tasks to the best ofmy ability whilst proving to have good time keeping skills.Within my community I volunteered at events such as sports days and coaching sessions forprimary and secondary school pupils during my Level 2 Community Sports Leader Award. Iam also a Sporting Mentor to students within my community who are taking their CSLAcourse; I hope to share my ideas and to find out others ideas to broaden my knowledge onleadership. Therefore with my passion for sport and business combined with desiredqualities in this career area, I believe that I am the ideal candidate for this course.