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Digital Curriculum Vitae Eor


My proffesional profile is detailed.

My proffesional profile is detailed.

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  • 1. DigitalCurriculum Vitae of Eulogio Olivo-Rivera Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 2. OBJECTIVEApplying for a positionwhere I can utilize my present skills. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 3. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Data Entry and Scheduling.  Teaching Religion, Philosophy, Cross-Cultural knowledge. Theology, US History, History of People and team orientated. Puerto Rico, ESL, and Spanish Case Management and Phone to English and Spanish Etiquette. students alike. Flexible with schedule.  Religious Education at various levels for more than 25 years. Analysis, Monitoring and Processing commitments.  Create and edit Catholic Religious Education (in English Clinical Pastoral Education and and Spanish) work posted at Counseling. Google Documents. Work well under pressure and  Interpret situations and deadlines. individual cases to determine Supervised a team of five (5) various benefits according to co-workers. customers needs and the Logistics and Problem Solving. companys availability. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 4. SUMMARY OF SKILLS Bilingual (Spanish & English) - Can write, read and speak both fluently. Basic knowledge of computers and Internet (Word, Publisher, Access, Excel, One Note, Outlook, etc.). Customer Service Skills. Knowledge in Philosophy, Theology, Religion, and Adult Education. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 5. EDUCATION PROFILE Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 6. B.A., Philosophy, 1982, PontificalCatholic University of Puerto Rico; GPA: 2.89, Major GPA: 3.28; Graduated Class President, Public Relations of Political ScienceStudents Association, Member of Debate Team Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 7. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 8. M.A., ReligiousEducation, 1994 , FordhamUniversity, Bronx, NY; GPA:3.50, Major GPA: 3.50, Major Paper: TheHispanic Presence in the Anglo-American Church. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 9. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 10. M.A., Theology,1996, St. Johns University, Queens, NY; GPA: 3.49, Major GPA: 3.49, Major Paper: The Immigrant Christ Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 11. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 12. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 13. Worked independently, resolving difficult customer services issues, in addition to collecting on delinquent or past dueaccounts. I worked with the customer todetermine the reason of the delinquency, and to overcome objections by solving unresolved issues to obtain payment or payment commitment. Always followingpolicy, I have the ability to think outside of the box.Bilingual Payment Specialist III, 2008 to 2010 – SprintCommunications, Lone Tree, COTel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 14. Sold wireless phones, service plans and accessories to meet sales goals. Delivered customer service. Resolved customer issues. Supported inventorycounts and returns as assigned. Workedflexible hours, overtime, weekends, and holidays and at various locations in a fast-paced or extremely busy environment as required.Customer Service Representative, 2007 to 2008 – Cricket Communications, Greenwood Village, CO Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 15. Settled up goals for the Hispanic office through working with the Bishop, the pastors of parishes with large concentrations of Hispanics, sisters and lay ministers, and other leaders of the Hispanic community. Prepared annual budget. Prepared different educational resources and materials for the Hispanic population. Supervised a team of five (5)Diocesan Director for the Office of co-workers.Hispanic Ministry, 2005 to 2007 - Diocese of Grand Island, Grand Island, NE Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 16. Taught High School: Spanish and History of Puerto Rico. Teacher, 1999 to 2005 -Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Board of Education, Ponce II, Ponce, PR Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 18.  Academia Cristo Rey, Ponce, PR (8/1982- 7/1983). Taught Catholic Doctrine to grades 4-8. NYC Bd of Ed - Dist. #8, Bronx, NY (10/1985- 7/1988). Taught ESL in different Middle Schools. Also, taught US History in English and Spanish to groups of Bilingual and English-speakers in 8th grade. NYC Bd of Ed - Dist. #12, Bronx,NY (8/1988- 8/1991). Taught ESL from K-8. Church of the Most Precious Blood, New York, NY (8/1992-7/1993). Directed the Religious Ed program for the Parish. Archdiocese of New York, Catechetical Office, 1001 First Ave, NY, NY (9/1992-5/1995). Taught different courses in Catholic Theology, Methodology, and Leadership for all Catechetical levels (in English and Spanish). Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 19.  Church of St. Joseph, New York, NY (8/1993- 7/1994). Directed the Religious Ed program for the Parish. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ponce, PR (8/1996-7/1998). Taught Catholic Doctrine (Systematic, Ecclesiology, Christology, Synoptics, Morality, etc.). Colegio Ponceño, Ponce, PR (8/1996-7/1998). Taught Catholic Doctrine to grades 9-12. Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola, San Juan, PR (8/1998-7/1999). Taught Catholic Doctrine to grade 9-11. Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Guayama, PR (8/1998-7/1999). Taught college courses in Philosophy (Introduction, Logic, & Ethics) and Religion (Ecumenical). Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 20.  PR Board of Ed., Ponce II, Ponce, PR (10/2000- 7/2005). Taught Jr. High: Spanish to 7th grade; in High School, taught Spanish10 & History of Puerto Rico. Office for Hispanic Ministry, Diocese of Grand Island, Grand Island, NE (8/2005-7/2007). Directed the Diocesan Office for Hispanic Ministry. Prepared different educational resources and materials for the Hispanic population. Taught courses in leadership and doctrine (in English and Spanish). Visited every parish and chapel in the Diocese to deliver a Bilingual Newsletter “La Voz Hispana (The Hispanic Voice)”; and also met with the majority of priests in the Diocese. Archdiocese of Denver, Centro San Juan Diego, CO (8/27/2011 – 12/3/2011). Taught a course on “Ecclesiology” (in Spanish), for Spanish speaking Catechist Ceritification, 2nd level. Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL (2/2012 - Present). Currently, teaching a courses in the Catechetical Formation Certification Program (English & Spanish). Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 21. PUBLICATIONS Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 22.  "El Pobre, Sujeto de la Teología de la Liberación." PUCPR & UCM. Ponce, PR, 10/2000, 35. "Ignacio Ellacuria y su Pasión por la Verdad." PUCPR & UCM. Ponce, PR, 10/2000, 31. "La Hermenéutica Bíblica y Los Pobres." PUCPR & UCM. Ponce, PR, 12/2000, 31. "La Teología de la Liberación en las Americas: Caminos Similares y Retos Compartidos." PUCPR & UCM. Ponce, PR, 3/2001, 32. "María, Mujer Profetica y Liberadora." PUCPR & UCM. Ponce, PR, 4/2001, 29. "The Hispanic Ministry Office is to service the whole Catholic Church." West Nebraska Register. Diocese of Grand Island, NE, 11/2006, 2 Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 23.  "Popular Religion in the Life of Latinos." Barry University. 12/2006, 2 "Historical Origins of Latin-American Popular Religiosity." Barry University. 12/2006, 2 "An Opportunity to Respond." West Nebraska Register. Diocese of Grand Island, NE, 3/2007, 2 "Against All Odds, Will The Truth Shine Again?." West Nebraska Register. Diocese of Grand Island, NE, 5/2007, 2 "What color is your dream? Really?." (Commentary about the reaction of Congress to the Dream Act). Letter to the US Congress. 6/2011, 5 Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 24.  "Making wood out of a fallen tree! A Puerto Rican tradition or a habit of hetereophofics!." Mediate News, The Blaze, Huffington Post, MSMBC, Facebook. 8/2011, 2. Lo Anti-Católico: la Nueva Discriminación; published April 3, 2012 on www.catolicoshispanos.com; published April 5, 2012 on www.reylugo.com. El Matrimonio: ¿Institución entre Juan y Mónica, ó entre Juan y Juan, ó Mónica y Mónica?; published May 15, 2012 on www.catolicoshispanos.com and www.reylugo.com. ¿Qué significa el Crucifijo para mí? ¿Para ti?: Una Reflexión; published May 18, 2012 on www.catolicoshispanos.com and www.reylugo.com. Por fin llegaron las Elecciones, las fiestas reales de mi nación:¿Político Católico o Católico Político?; published June 10, 2012 on www.catolicoshispanos.com and www.reylugo.com. Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 26.  Gave many talks in different retreats (English &/or Spanish) in Puerto Rico, New York and Nebraska. Taught many courses in Theology and Leadership (English &/or Spanish) in Puerto Rico, New York and Nebraska. The US Bishops and the Problem of Immigration in the US, 2006; Creighton University, Omaha, NE Taught course on “Ecclesiology” (in Spanish), for the Catechist Certification Program, 2nd level, at the Centro San Juan Diego, at the Archdiocese of Denver. Currently, teaching at the Catechist Formation Program, in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 27. TRAINING &SEMINARS Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 28.  Interviewing Skills I & II, 1983; St. Joseph College, West Hartford, CT Clinical Pastoral Education I & II, 1984; Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY Grievance and Bereavement Training, 1994; Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY Fifth International Encounter for Education and Thought, 2004; University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse in the US Hispanic Community, 2006; Lutheran Church of Lexington, Lexington, NE First National Encounter of US Hispanic Catholic Youth and Young Adults, 2006, Notre Dame University, Indiana Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 29.  Safe Environment Training, 2007, Diocese of Grand Island, NE Relations between Catholics and Jews for Latino Ministers (Two Communities in the same Diaspora), 2007; Chicago Theological Union, Chicago, IL Safe Environment Training, 2011, Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado Safe Environment Training (Vulnerable Adults), 2012, Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida Safe Environment Training (Children & Youth), 2012, Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida Spanish EMHC/Reader Workshop, 2012, Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 30. CLINICALPRACTICE Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 31.  Clinical Pastoral Education I Practicum, 1994; Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY; 400 hours Clinical Pastoral Education II Practicum, 1994; Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY; 400 hours Tel.: (813) 443-6636
  • 32. HONORS AND AWARDS Whos Who Among Students inAmerican Universities and College, 1981, PCUPR, Ponce, PR Tel.: (813) 443-6636