Twitter cheat sheet


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Twitter cheat sheet

  1. 1. TWITTER COMMANDS  #socialmedia - will find tweets containing the hashtag  linkedin filter:links - will find tweets containing the “#socialmedia“ word “linkedin“, and linking to URLs  @username + message - directs a twitter at another  tennis source:tweetdeck - will find tweets containing person, and causes your twitter to save in their People Search the word “tennis“, and entered via Tweetdeck "replies" tab Eg: @socialguide I love that song too!  beer ? - will find questions with the word “beer“  D username + message - sends a person a private  from:matthewtommasi - will find tweets from the message that goes to their device, and saves in their person “matthewtommasi“ TWITTER TERMS web archive Eg: d krissy are you working tomorrow?  to:scobleizer - will find tweets to the person  FAV username - marks a persons last twitter as a “scobleizer“  DM – direct message favorite and causes the message to show up in your  to:guykawasaki OR to:mashable - will find tweets to  RT / ReTweet – repeating a tweet from someone else the person “guykawasaki“, OR to the person  Tweeps / Tweeple – people on Twitter "Favorites" tab “mashable“  Tweet(ing) – the act of posting to Twitter  SET LOCATION placename - updates the location field  @socialguide - will find tweets referencing the person  Tweetup - an in-person meet up of Twitter members in your profile Eg: set location san Francisco “@socialguide“  Twitterverse - the cyberspace area of Twitter  WHOIS username - retrieves the profile information for any public user on Twitter Eg: whois jack Places Search TWITTER RESOURCES  GET username - retrieves the latest Twitter update posted by the person Eg: get goldman  “windows 7″ near:sydney - will find tweets containing  How To Use Twitter (Video)  NUDGE username - reminds a friend to update by the exact phrase “windows 7“, that are sent near  Twitter asking what theyre doing on your behalf Eg: nudge biz “sydney“  Twitter 101 for Business  FAV username - marks a persons last twitter as a  facebook near:london within:10mi - will find tweets  Twitter API favorite. (hint: reply to any update with FAV to mark it containing “facebook“, that are sent within “10 miles” of “london“  Twitter Applications as a favorite if youre receiving it in real time) Eg: fav  Twitter Blog al3x  Twitter Community Support Date Search  STATS - this command returns your number of  Twitter Contact followers, how many people youre following, and your  Twitter Fan Wiki  “google wave” since:2009-10-23 - will find tweets bio information  Twitter FAQs containing the exact phrase “google wave“, that have  INVITE phone number - will send an SMS invite to a been sent since the date “2009-10-23” (year-month-day)  Twitter Help Resources friends mobile phone Eg: Invite 415 555 1212  “windows vista” until:2009-11-02 - will find tweets  Twitter Status containing the exact phrase “windows vista“, that have  Twitter SupportTWITTER SEARCH been sent up until the date “2009-10-19” (year-month-  Twitter Terms of Service day)  Twitter WidgetsWord Search Attitude Search TWITTER DIRECTORIES  social media - will find tweets containing both “social” and “media“  movie :) - will find tweets containing the word “movie”,  Listorious – Lists Directory  “social media” - will find tweets containing the exact with a positive attitude  Twellow – Twitter Yellow Pages phrase “social media“  food :( - will find tweets containing the word “food“,  WeFollow – Twitter Users  social OR media - will find tweets containing “social” with a negative attitude OR “media” (or both)  social -media - will find tweets containing “social” but Other Search NOT “media“