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Made in india






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Made in india Made in india Presentation Transcript

  • Made in India
    Directed by Rebecca Haimowitz and VaishaliSinha
  • Summary
    Lisa and Brian Switzer, an infertile American couple, seek surrogacy help in India after they realize it is too expensive in America. This is a story of their journey and the bumps in the road along the way.
  • Film’s Message
    Cultural differences
    Having a baby without a man
    Standard of living
  • Film’s Message
    A different perspective on surrogacy
    It’s not right or wrong
    Birth parents aren’t being selfish
    Beneficial for both sides
    Last resort for both parties
  • Film’s Message
    Understand the complexities of surrogacy
    Why a family would do it
    How it affects both parties
    The business aspect
  • Film’s Message
    Human rights
    How much can you “scam” a person for your business?
    “Buying” a person
    Husband-wife relationship
    Women’s choices
  • Film’s Message
    The notion of motherhood
    Do you have to give birth to a child to be their mother?
    What rights should the surrogate have after the baby is born?
  • Communication
    Many different perspectives
    The Switzers
    Rudy Rupak- One founder of Planet Hospital
    American community
    Surrogate mother
    Surrogate family
  • Communication
    Kept the audience entertained which made it easier for them to grasp the film’s message
    Some humor- kept it light
    Empathize with the characters
  • Audience Response
    Feel a connection with both the Switzers and the surrogate mother.
  • Audience Response
    Understandthe decisions that were made and why.
  • Audience Response
    Don’t judge before you know all the details in a situation.
  • Feel whatever emotions the people in the movie were feeling.
    Audience Response
  • Have a new awareness of each of the cultures portrayed in the film.
    Audience Response
  • Sources
    Home video
    More personal– easier to connect with Switzer family.
  • Sources
    Personal accounts (interviews)
    Surrogate family
    Rudy Rupak
    Hospital Executives
  • Course Questions
    What is the role of the individual in the modern world?
    Don’t judge others based on their culture.
    Learn why people do the things they do
    Why surrogacy was the best option
    Cultural differences
    Having a baby without a man
    Way of life
    Standard of living
    Become more worldly
    Have a better understanding of the cultures around you.
  • Course Questions
    What is the role of the individual in the modern world?
    Buy things to fuel the economy
    Pay for surrogate and surrogacy services
    Realize the different impact money has in different countries
    How much the surrogate is being paid in India
    Cost of surrogacy in the United States vs. India
  • Course Questions
    What is the role of the individual in the modern world?
    Realize the impact your decisions will have on the people around you.
    Choosing surrogacy
    Impact doctors will have by running these programs
    Offering more affordable surrogacy in another country
  • Course Questions
    What is the role of the individual in the modern world?
    Know the legal and ethical implications of your choices.
    Not everyone agrees surrogacy is “politically correct”
    Buying a person
    Using them
    Other options
    Not being paid equally
  • Course Questions
    How have human choices had a local and global impact?
    Every choice you make has an impact on others in some way or another.
    The Switzer’s choice to go through surrogacy in India impacted those that heard their story as well as the surrogate and her family.
  • Questions
    Is surrogacy a violation of human rights because you are “buying” a person?
  • Questions
    Should people judge surrogacy differently based on if it is happening in the United States or in a poorer country?
  • Questions
    As this becomes a more relevant topic in society what laws will be put in place?
  • Questions
    What regulations will have to be made between companies such as Planet Hospital and the hospitals in foreign countries where these surrogates are actually giving birth?
  • Questions
    If I was desperate to have a child and had seen the Switzer’s experience in India would I consider doing the same thing?