Statement of intent


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Statement of intent

  1. 1. Double page spreadStatement of intent
  2. 2. Layout:For my double page spread I will be using alayout that is familiar to a music magazinereader mainly using the program InDesign.The final layout I will be using for my doublepage spread will consist of three columns; itconsists of basic conventions of a double pagespread such as pull quotes and sub- headings.Following conventions the organisation of mydouble page spread and information wouldenable me to resonate with my audience, whilstpull quotes and images would lure them in.Grids are important as it would make my doublepage look more professional, and a line my writingand images. My previous mock-ups failed to showthe basic conventions of a double page spread. Previous mock-up
  3. 3. Fonts, size & contentFonts in my double page spread is importanthowever I will only use maximum 2 fonts for myspread one for the heading and the other forthe main body text, the main text body will beblack whilst the heading will go with the themeof the double page spread; I will also only usemaximum 3 different sizes: Heading, main bodytext and pull quotes, this will distinguishthem, the pull quote can also be another colour.My research shows that it is the font size that isvaried not the fonts, according to my researchthe maximum number of fonts are 3: Researched double page spreadsMy audience being Hip-hop enthusiasts would therefore understand colloquiallanguage which is informal language; slang or swear words which are often used inHip-Hop music. This would intern give me the opportunity to write catch phrases thatare colloquial, this would help my message come across as more genuine because Iwould be using language that is familiar and more personal, also to make my doublepage spread more personal I will be using words like ‘You’ this also involves myaudience and would influences my audience to respond.
  4. 4. Imag eThe images I will using will be catchy and would straight away transmits hip-hop to my reader. It is important that the images used on my double pagespread relate to my age range and target audience. I will be using images thatrelates to the subject I will be discussing, this would further intrigue myaudience and therefore make them want to find out about the double pagespread because it would appeal to them as I will be displaying an image ofinterest. I would want my images to be connotating values, goals and theireveryday obstacles; however I want my images to especially display new trendsand female empowerment as my target audience base is women. In my doublepage spread I will be discussing recent issues or most likely an interview of afemale artist, my images will reflect what I am writing. My magazine is aboutfemale empowerment so representation is key, I would be breakingconventions of women shown in a negative or sexual way but show them in apositive light, this will be shown through my images; this would intern have apositive effect on my female based audience. The color scheme andbackground I will be using would correspond well with the image I will use, thiswill make it stand out, and make my double page spread moreappealing, however that color scheme I do eventually use will not overpowermy image.