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Production log fp


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Production log: Front page
  • 2. Pre production: masthead Masthead idea 1This was my previous masthead ‘Hoops’. This name wasinspired by an item of jewellery, I wanted the name to attractfemales because I am subverting the generic conventions ofhip-hop magazines as most of the time they are being createdfor a male based audience.The font is golden and embalmed, this is because I wantedto capture a 3D- gold effect- just like gold hoop earrings. Thefont is in graffiti style this is because I wanted to reinforcethe idea of the magazine being about hip-hop. It was alsovery important to me that the name of the masthead isshort and catchy, this is so it is easy to remember.
  • 3. Pre production: mastheadMy masthead will be place at the upper left corner Masthead ideas:of my magazine, in my research this is where it was placed, I aim for my magazine masthead to be catchy and different; it is important that it is because this is how my audience would recognise my magazine. I have looked at the website dafontand have looked at different font ideas and styles; I Italic sans serif fonthave looked at italics or serif fonts especially, this is because to me it connotes sophistication and it looks very feminine compared to the ‘KING’ sans Black or goldserif font which is more masculine. However due to masthead student criticism I have realised that unless this is colour bevelled it does no really look catchy or standout, especially since I have decided on a plain block colour such as black or gold, as I want to keep it simple.
  • 4. Experimenting with fontsThese fonts are all serif and my ideas for amasthead, however it wouldnt really stand outagainst an image and to me its is not bold or catchyenough to be adapted to be made into a masthead.
  • 5. MORE Masthead IdeasMy masthead is named ‘QUEEN’, I haveexperimented with different ideas and looked atdifferent ways I can play with letters. Whenlooking for ideas I stumbled across a hip- hopartist (Eminem’s album cover) and I am inspiredby the way the ‘E’ is backwards, I want to adopt Eminem’s album coverthis idea and make one of my ‘E’s backwards aswell, I have drawn a sketch of how I want mymasthead to look by expanding on the Eminemidea.I initially decided to use serif font because I I will use this serif font, but reversebelieve it represents femininity, however that the ‘E’ I can do this in Photoshopdoes not stand out, I will be using serif font tosimplify my masthead yet make it more catchy
  • 6. On Photoshop:I could add a crown and play around some more.The font used on the Eminem album and thefont I have is very similar, the effect on the albumcover is gritty hence why I will not be adoptingthat style, but it could also connote hip-hop. Toadd more femininity and reinforce the name Iwant to incorporate a crown.
  • 7. In Photoshop On Photoshop I experimented with making my masthead stand out incorporating my ideas from research. I used the colour red because it is a strong attractive vibrant colour, also used in two magazine mastheads that I analysed. The colour red could connotate to my readers: Danger, Sex, Vibrance, Expressiveness etc. So I believe that it is an effective colour to use. To create this masthead I typed in ‘QUEN’ leaving a space between the U and E this enabled me to create a separate layer for my backwards E. I wanted to make my masthead stand out so I added a ‘drop shadow’ and ‘inner shadow’ whilst including ‘Bevel and Emboss’ I repeated the same process when including my reverse E only I reversed it.
  • 8. I wanted to add a crown to reinforce the name of mymagazine being called ‘QUEEN’ and to make my mastheadcatchier. On the internet I got a stencil of a crown. On Photoshop I was able change the colour to gold and bevel and emboss it, I did this so it would look similar to the text. This was bevelled and embossed.
  • 9. Although the masthead I created was serif bold and with the crown, I still was not fully confident that it looked right with my image.Masthead idea 2 I again continued to experiment on Photoshop. This time instead of making my whole masthead red I instead used the colour on a strip on the crown, this to me makes it look more professional and catchy. My masthead is also catchy because it is not a conventional masthead that is large and spread across a magazine, however it is small like the ‘XXL’ magazine masthead, I also like the idea that the crown is large on my masthead, it definitely reinforces the idea, and draws my female audience base in.Masthead idea 3
  • 10. Front Page Image ideas..The picture I had originally chosen was interesting becauseof the background and her apparel, however I cannot usethis because she has no hip-hop equipment such as micro-phones or headphones. Although this image links to music i.e. the microphone, the image looks very unplanned and unprofessional. The apparel and styling of the model doesn’t look very distinctive. This image consists of a female and male who have although dressed nicely are not posing for a front page magazine. Student criticism says that they are posed to casually and although headphones are featured in the image, it still doesn’t relate to hip-hop. Also the place that I chose to take the picture does not look very distinctive or attractive either. If I was to erase the background nether the less the image still would be inappropriate.
  • 11. Front Page Image ideas..TayanaTaylor Since my magazine is about empowering women, I decided that I want to subvert the way women are normally dressed. These images in particular show this. Another thing that makes these images successful to me is the way they are positioned; on the image on the far right she has crossed her legs with a facial expression that looks confused, whilst above the girl looks more sure of herself, independent and head strong. Both women are dressed out of the norm of what a female would normally dress like, i.e. the tuxedo and the trainers and had paired of with glasses and suspenders, big chain and tap shoes. Jenelle Monae
  • 12. Front Page Image..This is my final front page image, although there is no hip hopapparel and things around her that suggest that it may be hip-hop. She is posed in a sophisticated attention grabbing way. Ibelieve this image works particularly well because of thebackground and they way she is posed. She is wearing colourful attractive attire which corresponds well with the background. The shirt buttoned all the way to the top can denotate intelligent and sophistication, similarly it is what men normally do. On the other hand she is wearing a bodycon skirt, this reinforces feminism. On the whole she is dressed how my target audience would generally dress this would attract my audience. Behind the model there is a graffitied wall, this would denotate hip-hop as it is an expressional rebellious thing that mostly teenagers do that is also associated with the genre. I have blurred the background however so it is not the main focus, only the model, I have also darkened the edges of the image this makes it look more professional.
  • 13. On photoshop I dBefore After