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An part of my role at work, I worked on the E-Learning @ The Library pilot scheme for Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

This was a project which was an initiative between FÁS and participating local county libraries which enabled people to up skill and train for free in their local libraries and online.

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E-Learning @ The Library

  1. 1. FÁS E-Learning@ The Library
  2. 2. An part of my role at CMD TrainingInstitute, I worked on the E-Learning @The Library pilot scheme for Sligo,Leitrim and Donegal.This was a project which was aninitiative between FÁS and participatinglocal county libraries which enabledpeople to up skill and train for free intheir local libraries and online.
  3. 3. Aim of Pilot• Promote and establish interest in the initiative at local level• Recruit participants• Establish workshops in participating local libraries
  4. 4. Aim of Pilot …• Provide basic IT training for those with little or no IT skills• Refer learners to appropriate online training courses• Promote the concept and advantages of online learning
  5. 5. My Strategy & Tactics• My strategy feel into four main categories  Administration strategy  Promotion strategy  Learner support strategy  In Library
  6. 6. Administration• Training support staff on Moodle and the E-Learning @ the Library website• Creating learner accounts online and registering learners on appropriate courses• Scheduled workshops• Produced syllabus for library workshops and created support material for learners
  7. 7. Promotion• Established relationships with local librarians and created rapport• Organised information evenings in local libraries where learners could learn more and sign up for the service• Created a promotional strategy involving telephone calls, emails and text messages• Notified relevant bodies of the initiative i.e. citizens information, jobs centre
  8. 8. Learner Support• Once enrolled on an online course I was able to support learners through  Video call support [Skype]  Phone support  Email support  Instant messaging [Moodle]  Learner forums [Moodle]  Technical support
  9. 9. Library Workshops• Learners were instructed in basic IT Skills• Learners were shown how to access and use online course materials via an online learning management system called Moodle• Learners were taught how to utilise common E-learning tools such as instant messaging and online forums
  10. 10. Library Workshops …• Learners mastered technologies such as Internet and Email, tools commonly used within the workplace• Learners were given the opportunity to take information learned in the workshop and apply it in a practical situation or at home i.e. booking airline tickets online• Learners were encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning
  11. 11. Library Workshops …• Learners were shown how to develop methods for tracking their course work, schedules and progress independently of a tutor• Learners were encouraged to embrace the idea of independent online learning with the workshops giving them the combined effect of boosting their confidence and making them more employable
  12. 12. Results• Established workshops in 8 local libraries• Recruited 320 learners [Over 4 Months]• Identified and provided FÁS with common factors influencing success on the pilot for the purpose of continuous improvement• Generated local awareness of the initiative in 3 counties [Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal]
  13. 13. Pictures From E-Learning @ The Library Events
  14. 14. Olivia Moran Learn more about me and check out more of my presentations at www.oliviamoran.me