Evaluation Part 1


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Evaluation Part 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. From extensive research into opening title sequences of children’s television programmes I discovered the conventions which make themwhat they are. I followed these conventions such as structuring the name of the programme to appear at the end of the opening titles in the same way that Tracy Beaker and The sleepoverclub do. By doing this it allows the audience to be aware of the name of the show and gives a slight insight into what the programme is to be about.
  3. 3. Another convention that I followed is the use of having a group of friends being both male and female which all have very individual yet stereotypical characteristics, style and personalities which would usually occur in them not being friends. But the conventionfollowed is that the group of friends with all ofthe different characteristics can actually all be very good friends. Therefore sending a subliminal message to the audience.
  4. 4. Following another convention, I structured thecast to do fun, energetic and youthful shots all together at the beginning and end of the opening title sequence. This is to firstly draw the audience into watching the video which works as they immediately see fun andyouthful characters simply having fun, which is appealing for the target audience. And then to keep the audience wanting to watch theprogramme as the final image they see if again fun and youthful characters having fun. This instills the thought to the audience that theprogramme is going to be fun and for their age range.
  5. 5. (the individual clips will be on the next slide)Another convention followed is the use of individual clips of each character performing an act which relates to theircharacter in the programme. For example I structured Sam’s character as eating biscuits in his individual clip whichreinforces his stereotypically underdog/average character. I structured Daisy’s character to be giggling and blowing kisses in her individual clip which reinforces her stereotypically girly character. I structured Annie’s character to be conducting a science experiment which reinforces her stereotypically geeky character. I structured Ashley’s character to be dribbling a football through coneswhich reinforces her stereotypically sporty character. And I structured Toby’s character to be causing mischief by attaching a KICK ME sign to the back of another student, therefore reinforcing his stereotypically mischievous character.
  6. 6. Another convention that I followed is having the complete cast wearing school uniform as their costumes. This convention signifies to theaudience that although the group as individuals arerepresented as very different, they are however all united through the uniform. Although they are all dressed in the same uniform their characteristics and individual personalities are again shown through the different ways in which they wear the same uniform. For example Sam and ben wear theirs scruffy by having un-tucked shirts and ties that are done up quite high but wonky. Daisy wears a skirt and an added pink cardigan and also wears her tie quite low down in a large knot. Annie wears her uniform very neat and tidy with all shirt buttons done up and tie fastened atthe highest point in a small knot. Although Ashley doesnt wear the same uniform as the rest of the cast she still wears a school PE uniform of shorts, top, football socks and trainers.
  7. 7. Another convention that I followed is the use of props to reinforce each characters characteristics. For example I reinforced Annie’s science character by having hersurrounded by science props such as a Bunsen burner and a test tube rack. And had her conduct an experiment with test tubes whilst also wearing glasses and science goggles. All of this reinforces to the audience that she is the science one of the group.
  8. 8. Another convention I followed is the use of a youthful, fun and upbeat backing track. (the song will be on the next slide) The use of a youthful, fun and upbeat backing track to the opening titles of a children’s TV programme is to reinforce to the audience that it is a youthful programme which is suitable for themselves. And also that it is something fun to watch. The track was called "Highway Five" and I trimmed it down to the exact length anddesired part on iMovie before adding the clip to my project.
  9. 9. Although I havent challenged any conventionsof the opening to a children’s TV programme Ihave however left out the illustrator/directors names out of the end of the opening titles aswhen I asked the target audience if they want this, all responses were no or not bothered.
  10. 10. Another convention followed is having thecharacters name appear next to them in a shotof just themselves. This allows the audience to establish who the characters are beforewatching the programme which leads to easier viewing. Another convention followed is having the name of character appear in a colour that represents their character, whilst having the same colour background or surrounding objects. This is because this creates verisimilitude and continuity of the characters identity to the audience thereforemaking them more identifiable. I followed this convention by having Daisy’s name in a pink shade and her cardigan, highlighter, lipstick and mobile phone all in pink shades.