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Olive tech training testing services overview_final

  1. 1. Testing at Olive TechnologyTopic: Testing Services OverviewJoin our Facebook Community at: www.facebook.com/olivetechcommunityConnect on our Blog: http://blog.olivetech.comDownload our Resources: http://www.scribd.com/olivetechContact us to discuss a quote!Empowering People Through Technology
  2. 2. Who Are We?
  3. 3. Global Clientele
  4. 4. Client Testimonials “Olive undertook the challenge of building Remake Health’s demanding intellectual property by implementing disciplined processes backed by skilled resources and a focused and accessible communication approach that ensured a on schedule delivery of the solution.” - Dr. Ravinder Sohal Founder and CEO of RemakeHealth Talented "Over the past couple of years, Olive has been a fantastic partner to SFT. Olive has proven to be an extension of our company adding expertise and key services that help our company be successful here in the USA. We have asked Olive to handle very sensitive and timely projects." - Matt Powell President of Sherwood Forest Technologies, Inc. Trusted
  5. 5. Olive Executive TeamJoseph Vijayam, MD A. Veerappa, COOFormer CEO, Matrix Consultancy, India Former prof. at Engineering Staff College ofMBA, Georgia State Univ. GA, USA India (ESCI)BS in Comp. Sci., Biola Univ., CA, USA Head of EDP, Hindustan Machine Tools M.Tech in Industrial Engineering from JN Technological University, IndiaRudy Pandya, CEO & CTO Vijay Burton, CPO Former Senior Dev, Radsoftech Ltd.Former Consultant, Andersen Consulting Project Work Experience: World Bank,Project Work Experience: US West, Alcon, and Vectron Sysand AT&T Wireless MS in Comp Applications, Osmania Univ, IndiaBS in Engineering, Univ. of Rochester, NY,USA
  6. 6. Testing Overview Waterfall Model & Agile SCRUM Testing Process QTP Selenium
  7. 7. Waterfall Model Olive has traditionally utilized the Waterfall method of development and is experienced in implementing it for success in an offshore environment.
  8. 8. Agile Scrum Methodology 1. Sprint Planning 2. Verification of the User Story (Writing Test Cases) 3. Review of the User Story (Review of Test Cases) 4. QA of User Story (Execution of Test Cases) 5. Defect Tracking 6. Retesting & Regression Testing 7. Sprint Closure
  9. 9. Testing Process Deliverables Requirement Test Planning Test Design Test Execution Closure Analysis Domain and Test Plan Test Case Issue/ Defect Test Report Functional • Timeline Tracking Requirement • Milestone Review Peer Review Automated Scripts Release Notes Regression Testing Closure Report
  10. 10. Sample Test Case
  11. 11. QTP QTP (Quick Test Professional) is introduced by Mercury Interactive Incorporation and has been taken over by HP, the default scripting language for QTP is VB Script. It is an automation tool mainly for functional and regression testing. The Advantage of using QTP are as follows: 1. Reliability 2. Repeatability 3. Programmable 4. Reusability 5. Fast 6. Cost Reduction
  12. 12. • Olive is using QTP to automate a project for one of our clients.• These automated scripts will be run for every release to do regression testing and to deliver quality product on time.
  13. 13. Selenium Selenium is an Automation Testing Tool Selenium has record and playback feature It operates as a Firefox add‐on and provides an easy‐to‐use interface
  14. 14. Cross Browser Testing Tool (Microsoft SuperPreview) Cross browser testing involves checking compatibility of your application across multiple web browsers and ensures that your web application works correctly across different web browsers.