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Oliver James Fast 50


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Oliver James Associates Fast 50 success reported in the Recruiter.

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Oliver James Fast 50

  1. 1. www.recruiter.co.uk January 2013 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FOR RECRUITMENT AND RESOURCING PROFESSIONALS Oliver James Associates The financial services recruiter is SEE THE 2013 top of our FAST 50 chart, which lists RANKINGS INSIDE! the fastest-growing privately owned staffing companies in the UK MATTHEW JEFFERY THE CHALLENGE INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Will 2013 turn out to be the Vertex Solutions set up an Resourcing lessons of Year of the Executioner? assessment day to find test London 2012 from Paul See what our Blogger with development engineers for Modley, the former head Bite has to say Imagination Technologies of recruitment at LOCOGINCORPORATING Recruitment Matters
  2. 2. FAST 50 FIRMS BUFFER News THE STORMS AND EMERGE STRONGER With the UK economy in the doldrums has continued to expand. From supplying as austerity Britain began to bite in 2010 predominantly blue-collar temps, Turner said and 2011, this year’s Recruiter FAST 50 the company had introduced complementary reveals that recruiters bravely faced strands, including technical, professional down the economic headwinds buffeting and engineering, a lot of which has been the economy by deploying a variety of permanent. “That has been a big driver for business strategies. The FAST 50, which us,” said Turner. The company also moved presents the 50 fastest-growing private into other high growth areas, such as social recruitment companies in the UK, is care and pre-school education, he added. produced in association with mergers & For Gordon Adam, chief executive and acquisitions advisers Boxington Corporate co-founder of IT and change management Finance. Leading law firm Charles Russell is recruiter Head Resourcing, the top supporting the 2013 FAST 50. performing FAST 50 recruiter in 2012, which this year placed second, said it was Given the economic backdrop, Tim Evans, a case of more of the same. “I think we had managing director of Boxington, described new business opportunities, an example the formula pretty right,” he told Recruiter. the performance of those ranked in being change management, are beginning to Adam continued: “The main thing is working achieving an average growth rate of 39% as pay off, he told Recruiter. together, and making sure everything is “exceptional”. Chief operating officer of multi-sector focused first on the customer and then on Andrew Speers, managing director of oil recruiter Brightwork, Charles Turner, told the staff by listening to them and supporting & gas recruiter Petroplan and FAST 50 new Recruiter that the company’s growth can in them. If you do that and continue to do that entrant, told Recruiter that one of the keys large part be put down to its focus on its core you won’t go far wrong,” said Adam. to the company’s success was its focus on market, the Scotch whisky industry, which COLIN COTTELL providing a personal service to candidates. CHART TOPPERS… “It is a candidate-led industry, and we are putting people into some pretty hostile environments,” he explained. Among the The directors of the top-ranked staffing locations Petroplan places candidates are Iraq, company in Recruiter’s 2013 FAST 50 — Oliver James Associates — told Recruiter the PHOTO: RICHARD HANSON Algeria, Angola and Azerbaijan. Clients also expect contractors to arrive in achievement is recognition for the efforts the country and on site “well prepared and of staff in overcoming the challenges of unencumbered” by problems such as visas or operating in the UK’s hard hit-financial accommodation. He added that the level of services sector. service had been boosted by a decision made “We feel quite humbled by this achievement. more than two years ago to open offices It is a big deal for us, but it is more important around the world. for the consultants in our business because it is a tough market, this gives everyone a real buzz,” Jonathan Nicholson, managing director Oliver Castle, one of financial services recruiter Oliver James Associates’ three founding directors, of banking & finance recruiter Astbury told Recruiter. Marsden, another new entrant in 2013 “They can go to their peer group, their competitors, their family and friends and say ‘you know though it appeared as far back what, we have been successful’’,” added Castle. as the 2009 FAST 50 before As a completely new entrant to the Recruiter FAST 50, the 50 fastest-growing private dropping out of the rankings recruitment businesses in the UK, compiled by Boxington Corporate Finance, Oliver for three years, attributes “We feel James Associates more than doubled its revenue in 2011 to £36.4m, propelling it to the company’s growth to diversifying into quite humbled the top of this year’s ranking. Fellow director, James Rogers, who along with Castle and Nick Godson founded international markets in by this Oliver James Associates in 2002, added: “The growth has been driven by the their case by opening achievement. quality of the consultants we have. Three people [the three directors] can do very offices in Asia. In addition, efforts to It’s a big deal little; 90 people can achieve a great deal.” Oliver James Associates initially focused on supplying accountants to insurance upskill consultants so for us” companies. However, since then it has branched out in other areas of financial they can better develop services, and opened a number of offices overseas. Castle says he hopes the achievement will have wider spin-off benefits. “It is something we can talk about and hopefully it will attract people to the Oliver JamesFOR MORE NEWS AND Associates brand,” he said. Winner of Best Banking/Financial Recruitment Agency at last year’s Recruiter Awards forCOMMENTS GO ONLINE Excellence, headline sponsored by Eploy, Oliver James Associates was also ranked fifth in Recruiter’s 2012 HOT 100 list of the UK’s most profitable recruiters, compiled by Agile Intelligence.RECRUITER.CO.UK WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 5
  3. 3. Profile Profile Oliver James Associates COLIN COTTELL MET THE DIRECTORS OF RECRUITER’S TOP-RANKED FAST 50 COMPANY With financial services enjoying a torrid time in Despite its expansion into other areas of financial recent years, you might not expect the top-ranked services, insurance remains the bedrock of the business, SECRET OF company in this year’s Recruiter FAST 50 — the accounting for 80-85% of revenue, while revenue from SUCCESS 50 fastest-growing private staffing companies in overseas operations amounted to just over £1m in 2011. the UK, produced in association with mergers & While growth has gathered pace, the directors are acquisitions advisers Boxington Corporate Finance keen to explain that far from being frenetic it has always “I want to be known — to be a specialist in this sector. been controlled, measured and planned. It is very much as a company where a step-by-step approach, explains Castle. “We have people enjoy their Yet remarkably, that is where Oliver James Associates always concentrated on having super successful teams work, not a hire- (OJA) finds itself following a stellar performance in 2011, within a set discipline before trying to take on a new and-fire business. which saw its revenue more then double to £36m. discipline,” he says. It is important they Meeting OJA’s three founding directors — Oliver “We like to concentrate on one thing at a time, and stay with us so they Castle, Nick Godson and James Rogers — in a not to get too greedy, really,” adds Rogers, explaining are developed into fashionable Manchester restaurant before Christmas, it’s that having opened in Hong Kong in late 2011 the firm successful business easy to wonder how it is that a company operating in will only move into a further new geographical area people in their own this hard-hit sector, and especially one that didn’t even once that office is profitable. right” appear in last year’s FAST 50, is now top of the pile. It has also been integral to the firm’s success, notes James Rogers Within a few minutes it’s obvious that anyone looking Godson, that despite the downturn in financial services, for a magic formula for rapid growth is likely to be it has continued to specialise in areas where skills CV disappointed. If anything, the firm’s success is testament are in high demand and candidates in short supply. to those old-fashioned virtues of patience, long-term “Everything that we recruit for is very awkward; if it OLIVER CASTLE thinking and careful planning. Indeed, Castle notes: was easy everyone would be able to do it,” he adds with 2002 — present “It’s an irony that we are in the FAST 50 and that we some relish. He says the firm’s consultants have taken Oliver James have grown so rapidly because we are anything but advantage of this by focusing on candidate generation, Associates, director gamblers….” targeting only the top 10-20% of candidates. and co-founder As with many recruiters, OJA’s origins lie within the As the conversation continues, Castle points to the 1999-2002 founders’ conviction that they could do things better. “I depth of specialist knowledge in OJA’s core market of FSS, senior felt that insurance was a marketplace where you had insurance with 81 consultants working in this sector consultant some of the world’s largest firms but they constantly alone. By comparison, he says “a search firm might have 1998-1999 struggled to fill vacancies because no one was able to one or two”. David Chorley provide them with quality candidates,” says Castle, who But perhaps what is most striking about OJA is its Associates, previously worked as a senior consultant at accountancy focus on the long term. This is apparent, for example, consultant recruiter FSS. Spotting the opportunity in the market, in the firm’s emphasis on building and sustaining long- Castle jumped ship, joining up with Rogers and Godson term relationships with candidates and clients. “It is not NICK GODSON to establish OJA in 2002. like we have reinvented the wheel,” explains Godson. 2002 — present Originally focusing on supplying insurance firms Be that as it may, but as Godson himself points out OJA, director and with “high quality accountancy candidates”, Godson it is those relationships built up over, in many cases, co-founder says OJA was able to take advantage of competitors’ five or six years that are now bearing fruit, with many Previously worked “relative neglect” of their insurance clients in putting consultants effectively managing the careers of financial at Deloitte as a forward candidates with banking rather than insurance services professionals. Similarly, many candidates who chartered accountant backgrounds. “It is a simple strategy and it worked,” says OJA placed earlier in their careers are now clients. Castle. So much so indeed, that within two years the This emphasis is also apparent in the directors’ JAMES ROGERS firm had begun to move into other areas of insurance, recognition that becoming a fully-fledged vertical 2002 — present such as actuarial, risk and compliance. market specialist is not something that can be rushed, OJA, director and In recent years the firm has expanded into banking, but can take one to two years. “It’s about not putting a co-founder hedge funds and asset management, and expanded timescale on consultants that they have six months to 2001-02 internationally, establishing offices in Germany, bring in this amount of money. We realise the need CRM — e-Business, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Ireland. In 2011 it head of contract recorded revenues of £36.4m, more than double the 1997-2001 £17.6m in 2010. In the same period average headcount NICK GODSON’S PHILOSOPHY: Progressive increased from 45 to 74, and it has since risen to 93. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMAIN Recruitment, This is set to grow further with the company senior consultant and “probably looking to treble it UK headcount”, according PROFITABLE AND TO MAINTAIN manager PHOTOGRAPHY: RICHARD HANSON to Castle. THE SAME QUALITY, AND IF YOU The directors of Oliver James Associates, from left to right: OJA’s clients are a veritable Who’s Who of financial services including industry stalwarts, such as Swiss Re, ACHIEVE THOSE TWO THINGS Oliver Castle, James Rogers and Nick Godson Invesco, Aviva, HSBC and Goldman Sachs. SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW28 RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK
  4. 4. Profileto understand the market, our clients’ cultures and our is their career. “It is a very steady approach, not justcandidates, and that takes time.” putting a lot of bums on seats, or recruiting a lot of Similarly, Castle says there is recognition that it will graduates and seeing who succeeds,” he adds.take about 18 months from inception before they can “The important thing is that the directors don’t sitexpect to see a return from the Hong Kong office, while in glass houses,” says Castle. “We make ourselves veryin the saturated market of investment banking it will available so the consultants can learn directly from ustake “two to three years to break down the doors”. and from our experiences, and this also helps us gain The approach also extends to whom the firm hires. their trust and loyalty,” adds Godson.“We want to take on board those people who realise Rogers stresses the importance of recognising thatthat you can’t be up and running and making money in each consultant is different, each with their individualthree to six months.” strengths and weaknesses. And he pinpoints how giving If any further evidence of OJA’s long-term approach everyone in the company a voice has contributed to theis needed it comes from the firm’s response to the firm’s success. “We speak to everyone in the business; itdownturn in financial services, which began in 2007. is not about us making decisions, it is about everybodyFar from cutting back, the firm has done “the polar KEY FACTS making decisions,” he says, citing how OJA’s moveopposite” says Castle, by moving into retail, and into Hong Kong was triggered by the desire of oneinvestment banking and asset management. “We have 2002 Oliver James consultant, Jonny Plews, to work in Asia.always had a long-term vision, we are not interested in Associates founded Castle agrees that the downturn in financial servicesshort-term goals, but are looking to be in the market for 2011 Opens in Hong Kong has made things “remarkably tough”. “No doubt abouta considerable time,” he adds. it everybody has been a little less successful than we The three directors have clearly been the driving FINANCIALS would have expected,” he says. However, he adds:force behind the company, with Castle and Rogers being 2010 £17.6m turnover, “Thankfully we have very strong foundations basednext-door neighbours as children going back a long 45 staff, £1.51m profit on staff that have been there for many years. This hasway, also spending years working together building before tax created a huge amount of loyalty and trust, so we havestrong bonds of trust. But that said all three are keen to 2011 £36.4m turnover, been able to look at solutions rather than accept thehighlight that it is the company’s consultants and not 74 staff, £2.61m profit problems in the market, and try to up our performance.”themselves that are integral to the firm’s success. before tax While loyalty, trust and working harder may not For Godson, it all starts with selection. As he points 2012* £45m turnover be the trendiest business buzz words around, OJA’sout “from the outset” OJA has insisted on bringing on * Projected achievement in topping this year’s FAST 50 despiteboard only those that are “a cut above the rest of their tough conditions suggest that such old-fashioned virtuespeer group”, who have firmly decided that recruitment are still hard to beat.30 RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK
  5. 5. Recruiter FAST 50 2013 Recruiter FAST 50 2013 Defying all CRISIS? WHAT CRISIS? THE ENTRANTS IN THIS YEAR’S FAST 50 HAVE PROVED TO THE REST OF THE UK’S expectations INDUSTRIES THAT AMBITION, DRIVE AND LONG-TERM THINKING ARE KEY FACTORS IN OUTPERFORMING THE COMPILED BY REST OF THE ECONOMY. COLIN COTTELL REPORTS T his year’s Recruiter FAST 50 RECRUITERS APPEARING IN AT LEAST THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF THE FAST 50 Despite financial services going through FINANCE: 12% OF FAST 50 2013 MEMBERS rankings are testament to the RANK 2011 RANKING COMPANY SECTOR a torrid time in recent years, the number FAST 50 2013 Rank Company recruitment sector’s unrivalled 9 31 ID Medical Healthcare of financial services recruiters has risen 1 Oliver James Associates ability to defy the underlying economic 16 12 Fircroft Engineering Services Oil & gas from two to six, or 12% of the total. 5 Astbury Marsden conditions. While the UK and much 30 37 Henderson Scott IT, Finance And most impressively, it is niche 7 McGregor Boyall Associates of the world economy at best bumped financial services recruiter, and new 32 45 Red Commerce IT (SAP) 19 Leathwaite along the bottom, these UK recruiters entrant to boot, Oliver James Associates showed they had what it takes not 33 30 Recruit 121 International IT (SAP) that sits proudly at the top of this year’s 28 Goodman Masson only to grow, but more impressively 38 19 Whitehall Resources IT (SAP) rankings after more than doubling its 35 Sheffield Haworth still to do so at a faster rate than those 40 6 Global Medics Healthcare revenue to £36.4m in 2011, from £17.6m Five out of the six recruiters (the exception being Goodman Masson) have an companies in the Recruiter FAST 50 12 in 2010 (for more on Oliver James international footprint, with an office in either Hong Kong or Singapore or in both months ago. Seven of this year’s FAST 50 show that strong growth need not be a flash in the plan, but Associates, see Profile, pp28-30). can be sustained, by appearing in the FAST 50 rankings for at least three consecutive “What this means is that many more years, of which one, IT (SAP) recruiter Red Commerce, managed five consecutive years. While the traditional view is that the established players are finding themselves HEALTHCARE: 6% OF FAST 50 2013 MEMBERS prosperity of the recruitment sector is Mark Kingston, senior executive at Boxington Corporate Finance, who helped compile better positioned to drive growth,” FAST 50 2013 Rank Company linked to that of the wider economy and the FAST 50, says: “These businesses have clearly invested in systems, methodology says Evans, who contends by way of and most importantly people to sustain very impressive growth over a three-year 4 Pathology Group the economic cycle, these 50 recruiters explanation that both the client and period of challenging recruitment markets … it’s a fantastic performance.” 9 ID Medical successfully managed to challenge the candidate are seeking “the reassurance validity of this relationship, growing their factor by going with more established 40 Global Medics revenue by 39% on average, compared Boxington’s managing director, says better than most industry sectors, and players”. Representation of healthcare recruiters in the FAST 50 has fallen by half to three with 26% last year. that given the economic backdrop, “the certainly above the economy, which has Evans continues: “People are playing compared with six in last year’s FAST 50 overriding theme for the FAST 50 is been broadly flat in the same period.” safe, I think, and some of the more Outperforming the economy defying expectations”. Indeed, he adds: “Of the five FAST 50 established players have benefited from Recruiter’s FAST 50, produced in He tells Recruiter: “What we see is an lists to date, this is one of the highest that.” INDUSTRIAL, LOGISTICS AND CONSTRUCTION: 16% OF FAST 50 2013 MEMBERS association with mergers & acquisitions overall growth rate of 39%, which is up growth rates, and given the economic FAST 50 2013 Rank Company advisers Boxington Corporate Finance, by about 50% on last year.” And reflecting backdrop could be the most exceptional.” Tougher to enter 3 Ship Shape Resources ranks the fastest-growing private on the overall performance of this year’s The flip side, according to Evans, is that 10 Transline Resource Group recruitment businesses in the UK (see FAST 50, Evans continues: “It is a reminder Sustaining growth it “appears to be harder for new entrants 13 Linear Recruitment Methodology box, below). Tim Evans, that recruitment is a sector that performs This year’s FAST 50 also illustrates to make it into the FAST 50”. This is the enduring strength of a number of surprising, he adds, pointing out that this 17 Templine 34 Assist Recruitment METHODOLOGY established players to prosper even in the most trying circumstances for the UK and is different to previous years. However, he suggests that it could be explained in part 36 OSR Recruitment The Recruiter FAST 50 prepared by Boxington Corporate Finance lists the fastest-growing parts of the global economy. by the lower levels of capital available to 44 Extrastaff private recruitment businesses in the UK according to compound annual sales growth rate as A total of seven recruiters have fund new enterprises. 45 The Best Connection measured over each entrant’s most recent three-year financial reporting period. managed to sustain their growth While the number of new entrants over three consecutive years or more, compared with a year ago has fallen Sustained growth is difficult to achieve in one of the more fragmented sub-sectors CRITERIA FOR INCLUSION: The FAST 50 assesses temporary and/or permanent indicating that fast growth need not from 32 to 27, Evans notes that the of recruitment recruitment companies which are registered in the UK as private, independent and unquoted necessarily be a one-off phenomenon (see same phenomenon of established players companies. This category includes private companies that are co-owned by Private Equity. All box above). Pride of place must go to IT gaining ground may be at work. As he companies considered for inclusion must achieve a level of annual sales of £5m or above in (SAP) recruiter Red Commerce, which points out many who have entered the ‘returner group’ are Pathology Group, larger ones have pushed forward,” he says each of their last three financial years. appears in the list for the fifth consecutive table this year are not in fact “brand the top-ranked recruiter in the 2011 in summary. year. “Combining growth and consistency new entrants at all”, but are also sizeable FAST 50, and oil & gas recruiter Fircroft It is notable that over a number of EXCLUSIONS: Companies that have filed abbreviated accounts at Companies House — that is the Holy Grail,” adds Evans, who “established players” who dropped out of Engineering Services (ranked 30th two years both NES Global Talent and Air without disclosing audited sales are excluded from the FAST 50 due to the absence of praises Red Commerce’s performance as the FAST 50 in 2011, having also been in years ago). Energi have proved attractive to private independently validated sales. Unaudited management accounts are not accepted as proof “super exceptional”. the rankings in years previous to that. Evans suggests that there is also a equity, with both attracting new private of sales. Companies that serve the recruitment sector through the provision of IT, payroll, Evans says that at 23, the number of Evans points to the financial services link between the size of companies in equity backers in late 2012. administrative or other services also do not quality. recruiters remaining in the FAST 50 from sector as evidence for this, referring to the FAST 50 and their growth strategy, the previous year “has probably never recruiters, “many of who we already with medium-sized firms and the larger Organic growth DATA COLLECTION METHODS: Qualifying companies are automatically identified through been higher”. In 2012, the figure was 18, in know”, including Astbury Marsden, enterprises taking a different approach. Another noticeable change from previous several research methods including the analysis of sector information from Companies House, 2011 it was 17 and in 2010 it was 20. Goodman Masson and Sheffield Haworth. While the former have been able to take years is that growth has been organic financial databases, press coverage and other research. Entry submissions are not therefore Evans says that the most prominent “These are not the biggest businesses in marketshare by retrenching to “safer rather than by acquisition. Evans says this required, although any firm which believes that it may not be automatically assessed in the illustration of the sector’s ability to defy the world,” says Evans, but “relative to domestic markets” the latter, notably is symptomatic of a weak M&A market. 2014 FAST 50 is invited to contact Boxington Corporate Finance. Please email fast50@ expectations is provided by the strong the FAST 50”, he adds, “they are the more NES Global Talent and Air Energi, have “This is probably a more representative boxington.co.uk representation of financial services established and sizeable entrants”. focused on international expansion. “The table of pure growth as it is less distorted recruiters. Among other recruiters to fall into this medium-sized firms have come back, the by the impact of acquisitions,” he says.32 RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 33
  6. 6. Recruiter FAST 50 2013 Recruiter FAST 50 2013 COMPILED BY RANK 2012 RANKING COMPANY SECTOR COMPOUND ANNUAL GROWTH RATE % LATEST YEAR REVENUE £000S WEBSITE 1 - Oliver James Associates Finance 134.32% 2011 36.46 www.ojassociates.com 2 1 Head Resourcing IT, change 127.21% 2011 46.42 www.headresourcing.com 3 8 Ship Shape Resources Construction 68.53% 2011 30.40 www.shipshaperesources.com 4 - Pathology Group Healthcare 58.15% 2011 36.01 www.pathologygroup.co.uk 5 - Astbury Marsden Banking & finance 54.66% 2011 26.35 www.astburymarsden.com 6 38 Brightwork Multi-sector 54.61% 2011 26.26 www.brightworkltd.com 7 13 McGregor Boyall Associates Finance 52.09% 2011 49.19 www.mcgregor-boyall.com 8 26 Cornwallis Elt Technology, change, operations 51.45% 2011 19.21 www.cornwalliselt.com 9 31 ID Medical Healthcare 48.82% 2011 41.16 www.id-medical.com 10 4 Transline Resource Group Industrial, driving, supply chain 46.24% 2011 54.35 www.resource-transline.co.uk 11 15 Cititec IT 45.53% 2011 60.92 www.cititec.com 12 - Bright Purple Resourcing IT, finance 45.27% 2012 39.30 www.brightpurple.co.uk 13 - Linear Recruitment Construction 45.18% 2011 19.48 www.linearrecruitment.co.uk 14 - Fusion People Multi-sector 41.00% 2011 76.99 www.fusionpeople.com 15 - Kin-Tec Oil & gas, energy, pharma 40.26% 2012 42.47 www.kin-tec.com 16 12 Fircroft Engineering Services Oil & gas 40.14% 2011 551.16 www.fircroft.com 17 21 Templine Logistics, industrial 38.00% 2011 31.85 www.templinerecruitment.co.uk 18 48 E-Resourcing IT, telecoms 37.42% 2012 10.11 www.e-resourcing.co.uk 19 34 Leathwaite Executive search finance 35.38% 2011 16.66 www.leathwaite.com 20 - Redrock Consulting IT, telecoms 34.70% 2011 19.96 www.redrockconsulting.co.uk 21 35 Encore Personnel Multi-sector 33.75% 2011 24.98 www.encorepersonnel.co.uk 22 - Petroplan Oil & gas 33.55% 2011 87.90 www.petroplan.com 23 - Faststream Shipping, oil & gas, mining, logistics 32.36% 2012 20.25 www.faststream.com 24 22 Shilton Sharpe Quarry Legal 31.68% 2011 12.17 www.ssq.com 25 2 Timothy James Consulting Multi-sector 31.65% 2011 17.32 www.timothyjamesconsulting.com 26 - People Source IT, engineering 31.05% 2012 8.59 www.peoplesource.co.uk 27 - Amoria Bond IT, banking, oil & gas 30.83% 2011 14.15 www.amoriabond.com 28 - Goodman Masson Finance 30.26% 2011 29.26 www.goodmanmasson.com 29 - NES Global Talent Technical, engineering 30.18% 2011 517.75 www.nesglobaltalent.com 30 37 Henderson Scott IT, finance 30.12% 2011 14.84 www.hscott.co.uk 31 - Tangent International ICT, telecoms, construction & design, legal 30.03% 2012 37.64 www.tanint.com 32 45 Red Commerce IT (SAP) 29.48% 2012 78.14 www.redcommerce.com 33 30 Recruit 121 International IT (SAP) 28.80% 2011 28.39 www.recruit121.com 34 - Assist Recruitment Industrial, commercial 28.70% 2011 15.48 www.assist-recruitment.co.uk 35 - Sheffield Haworth Finance 28.27% 2011 16.97 www.sheffieldhaworth.com 36 - OSR Recruitment Commercial, industrial, hospitality, agriculture 27.90% 2012 12.39 www.osr-recruitment.co.uk 37 - Carlton Resource Solutions Multi-sector 27.54% 2011 17.10 www.carltonrs.com 38 19 Whitehall Resources IT (SAP) 27.36% 2012 19.29 www.whitehallresources.co.uk 39 - Green Park Interim & Executive Search Multi-sector 26.67% 2011 21.64 www.green-park.co.uk 40 6 Global Medics Healthcare 26.40% 2011 17.73 www.globalmedics.com 41 - Air Energi Oil & gas 25.35% 2011 209.44 www.airenergi.com 42 - IT Skillfinder IT 25.29% 2012 11.41 www.it-skillfinder.co.uk 43 - Dutton International Multi-sector 24.28% 2011 28.25 www.duttoninternational.com 44 41 Extrastaff Driving, industrial 24.10% 2011 14.81 www.extrastaff.com 45 - The Best Connection Industrial, logistics 23.61% 2011 169.33 www.thebestconnection.co.uk 46 50 Bailey Employment Services Multi-sector 23.55% 2011 9.95 www.baileyemploy.co.uk 47 - Kinetic Engineering, manufacturing, technical 22.52% 2012 29.74 www.kinetic-plc.co.uk 48 - Resource Solutions Group IT, change 21.96% 2011 134.82 www.rsg-plc.com 49 17 Investigo IT, change, finance 21.29% 2011 42.43 www.investigo.co.uk 50 - First Recruitment Group Multi-sector 21.28% 2011 75.93 www.firstrecruitmentgroup.com34 RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 35
  7. 7. Recruiter FAST 50 2013 COMPILED BY While there have been a number of IT: 24% OF FAST 50 2013 MEMBERS significant changes in this year’s FAST 50, FAST 50 2013 Rank Company some things have remained broadly in line 2 Head Resourcing with previous years. This is the certainly 8 Cornwallis Elt the case when considering the split 11 Cititec between niche and multi-sector recruiters, 18 E-Resourcing Evans contends. 20 Redrock Consulting As he explains: “Across the FAST 26 People Source 50 growth has been realised by sector specialists to drive sales or by the multi- 32 Red Commerce sector players, and as in most years, 33 Recruit 121 International we continue to see growth from both 38 Whitehall Resources approaches.” 42 IT Skillfinder Evans notes that niche players tend 48 Resource Solutions Group to have higher growth rates than those 49 Investigo companies that operate across a number of sectors, but again he says this “is consistent What stands out is the number of recruiters that provide staff with expertise in enterprise with most years”. resource planning software (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft) — widely used in large organisations Public sector drop Another aspect of this year’s FAST 50 MULTI-SECTOR: 26% OF FAST 50 2013 MEMBERS that is unlikely to come as a surprise is FAST 50 2013 Rank Company the negligible number of public sector 6 Brightwork recruiters (with the notable exception 12 Bright Purple Resourcing of healthcare recruiters). This does not 14 Fusion People necessarily mean that public sector 21 Encore Personnel recruiters are struggling, Evans suggests, 25 Timothy James Consulting but more likely that with consolidation having taken place in the sector “the larger 27 Amoria Bond players are not generating the 40% growth 30 Henderson Scott rates needed to get into the FAST 50”. 31 Tangent International Looking ahead to next year’s FAST 37 Carlton Resource Solutions 50, Evans says that unless the economy 39 Green Park Interim & Executive Search improves, he expects to see more of 43 Dutton International the same. “No one knows for certain 46 Bailey Employment Services what will happen, but while the world continues the way it is, these trends will 50 First Recruitment Group continue.” There are true multi-sector recruiters, such as Bailey Employment Services, that covers If Evans is right, then another year of a wide range of sectors and others, such as Amoria Bond, that focus on a small number recruiters defying expectations could be on the cards. OIL & GAS, TECHNICAL AND ENGINEERING: 14% OF FAST 50 2013 MEMBERS FAST 50 2013 Rank Company About 15 16 Kin-Tec Fircroft Engineering Services Boxington: 22 Petroplan Boxington is a sell-side M&A 23 Faststream house specialising in the international Human Capital 29 NES Global Talent & Recruitment sector and 41 Air Energi advising private and private 47 Kinetic equity owners of business with Oil & gas, technical and engineering continues to be a strong sector for recruiters in operating profits of £2-20m. this year’s FAST 50 list www.boxington.co.uk36 RECRUITER JANUARY 2013 WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK