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Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
Wigan Ww Tw Presentation
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Wigan Ww Tw Presentation


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Wigan WwTW A presentation to Anglian Water 15 th September 2010
  • 2. Wigan WwTW Brief description
    • Population equivalent of 400,000 with ½ of this from trade
    • Biological filter works operating in alternating double filtration
    • Regulated under bathing water directive so requires UV disinfection
    • Sludge treatment centre with treatment by centrifugation and lime dosing
  • 3. Wigan WwTW The Process
    • 52,000m 2 of biological filter beds operating in ADF
    • Final effluent UV channels
    • Additional tertiary BAFF plant in construction
    • Sludge thickening by consolidation
    • Sludge dewatering by centrifugation
    • Sludge treatment by lime
  • 4. Wigan WwTW The problem
    • Biological filtration
      • Overloaded
      • BAFF under construction but parameter outside design
    • UV System
      • Applying dose but not effective. Environment Agency aware and asking for solutions
    • Sludge treatment
      • Centrifuge performance poor and centrate causing foaming and pipe blockages
  • 5. Wigan WwTW The Problem - Photographs
  • 6. Wigan WwTW The solution – Biological Filtration
    • Biological filtration stage was chronically overloaded for consent – Additional treatment capacity was required prior to new BAFF plant
    • The solution involved the construction of a side stream process
    • Either ASP – Due to expected Irish Sea Directive
    • Plastic Media – More cost effective solution and could use current filter beds
  • 7. Wigan WwTW The solution – Sludge
    • Sludge stage was not performing as dry solids to the centrifuge were insufficient
    • Low cost solution – Repair consolidation tanks and make minor changes to de-sludging operations
    • High cost solution – install sludge thickening and pre-thicken primary sludges
    • Both designed to give centrifuges a more efficient operation
  • 8. Wigan WwTW The solution – UV
    • UV pathogenic inactivation inefficiencies investigated by defining
    • Operation and maintenance records
    • Influent and effluent records
    • Microbiological efficacy testing
  • 9. Wigan WwTW The solution – UV
    • Solution not clear but was to do with the influent characteristics. This was due to
    • Poor performance of secondary treatment process causing high turbidity and particle shielding
    • or
    • Trade effluent customer (dye manufacturer) causing preferential absorbance of UV decreasing the UV efficacy
  • 10. Wigan WwTW The Benefits
    • The solution was presented to the client in a phased approach. This would allow
    • Quick fixes to enhance the performance of the treatment works and improve the overall treatment process
    • Long term investment needs to feed into the PR09 process and the current AMP period
  • 11.
    • Any Questions????