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Huddersfield   Process Commisioning Presentation Huddersfield Process Commisioning Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Huddersfield WwTW – FFD Process Commissioning
  • Huddersfield Complex Cooper Bridge Upper Brighouse & Calder Valley Heaton Lodge A62 Deighton Lower Brighouse Colne Bridge & Bradley A644 River Colne River Calder Calder & Hebble Navigation Canal A62 Railway Railway
  • River Calder Lower Brighouse Inlet PS Huddersfield Complex Upper Brighouse SBR Heaton Lodge Filter Beds Cooper Bridge Filter Beds Colne Bridge BAFF Deighton Primary Tanks Lower Brighouse Sand Filters Brighouse Catchment Heaton Lodge Humus Tanks Huddersfield Catchment Cooper Bridge Humus Tanks River Calder Lower Brighouse New ASP Lower Brighouse New FSTs Lower Brighouse New Selector 15% 55% 70% 30% Down-rate Heaton Lodge Optimise Colne Bridge Close Cooper Bridge
  • Lower Brighouse – Scope of Works
    • Selector Tank
    • 4 Lane ASP Works
    • 4 Final Settlement Tanks (40m diameter)
    • RAS/SAS Pumping Station
    • Associated pipework to connect to the existing system
  • Calder Valley – Scope of Works
      • New SAS tanks with associated pumping station
      • New thickening units consisting of drum thickeners to fit into existing belt thickeners building
  • Cooper Bridge – Scope of Works
    • Filter beds and humus tanks to be moth-balled
  • Process Commissioning
    • Areas for process commissioning
      • Activated sludge process (Lower Brighouse)
        • Selector
        • Activated sludge plant lanes
        • Final settlement tanks
        • RAS/SAS Pumping station
      • Sludge process (Calder Valley)
        • Sludge balancing tanks
        • Drum thickeners and associated processes
  • Process Commissioning
    • Areas for process commissioning
    • For De-commissioning
      • Biological Filters (Cooper Bridge)
        • De-commissioning of the biological filters
        • De-commissioning of the humus settlement tanks
  • Process Commissioning – Activated Sludge Process
    • First ASP lane and all final settlement tanks filled with main flow.
    • When ASP lane ½ full start aeration
    • Main flow switched off
    • Drop bell-mouths to lowest level in FST’s and circulate at minimum scour rate
    Aeration Activated sludge lane Final Settlement Tank Selector X X
  • Process Commissioning – Activated Sludge Process
    • Sludge from sludge tanks to “seed” the activated sludge lane at 500m 3 /day from Calder Valley
    • Once ASP lane is acclimatised start to add flow at a rate of 145L/s.
    • Effluent to be over-pumped to Cooper Bridge via the sand filter backwash tank until effluent is of good enough quality for discharge.
    Aeration Activated sludge lane Final Settlement Tank Selector X Aeration Activated sludge lane Final Settlement Tank Selector Aeration Activated sludge lane Final Settlement Tank Selector Seed Sludge X
  • Process Commissioning – Activated Sludge Process
    • Successively bring ASP Lanes into service whilst maintaining an F/M ratio of 0.07
    • When flows increase to greater than 250 L/s then start to de-commission Cooper Bridge filters
    Aeration Activated sludge lane Final Settlement Tank Selector Seed Sludge
  • Process Commissioning – Biological Filter De-commissioning
    • De-commissioning of the filters at Cooper Bridge
    • To be co-ordinated with the ramp up in flow of the ASP (commences once flow to ASP lanes increases above 250L/s
    • Filter beds to be taken off-line as the flows and loads to ASP is increased
    • Isolate filters once flows have stopped
    • Once isolated spray with insecticides to prevent future fly nuisance
    • Potential Problems
      • Maintaining Wetting Rates on Biological Filter
      • Fly nuisance during and after de-commissioning
      • Odour Nuisance
  • Process Commissioning – Sludge treatment works (Calder Valley)
    • Pre-commissioning tests with SAS to make sure the system is operating correctly
    • To commence once the ASP is producing SAS
    • Pumps for calibration
      • Sludge transfer pumps
      • Polymer transfer pumps
      • Polymer dosing pumps
    • Drum thickeners
      • Tests to identify optimum polymer dosing rate of sludge (blend of CASS, SAS and Syngenta sludges)
      • Series of trial runs to check and optimise operation of drum thickeners
  • Timescale
    • Construction complete July 2009
    • Process commissioning July 2009
    • Completion date October 2009