The Ku Klux Klan (kkk)


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The Ku Klux Klan (kkk)

  1. 1. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) Oliver, Harley and Matt.
  2. 2. What is the KKK?• The KKK are a far right organization formed in the United States. They base their beliefs on white supremacy, white nationalism and anti- immigration. The group first formed in 1865 and have had three stints since. They still exist to this day.
  3. 3. Start and End Dates• 1st Klan – 1865-1870’s• 2nd Klan – 1915-1944• 3rd Klan – Since 1946
  4. 4. First Klan• The Klan was first brought about in 1885 in Tennessee by six veterans of the Confederate Army.• The Klan’s aim was to restore white supremacy through threats and violence against black and white republicans.• The Klan would patrol areas and attack people who didn’t fit their criteria. Mainly black people.• The Klan slow started to decline and consequently ended in the 1870’s due to resistance from other groups.
  5. 5. Second Klan• The second Klan was found in 1915 in Atlanta, however was only put into action from 1921 onwards.• The second Klan adopted the burning of a Latin cross as their symbol. The burning of a cross was used as a symbol of intimidation.• This period saw the highest number of members, peaking at six million.• The Klan ended in 1944 as a result of internal divisions, criminal behaviour by leaders and external opposition.
  6. 6. Third Klan• The third Klan was re-born in 1946 and is still present.• The Klan currently have around 5000-6000 members and operate an official website.• Today, many people class the KKK as a ‘Terrorist Organisation’.
  7. 7. Facts• As the KKK hit it’s peak, it’s leader known as the Imperial Wizard, was actually a dentist called Hiram Wesley Evans.• The Klan adopted their name from Greek word ‘kuklos’.• In the late 1930’s/40’s the Klan was financed by Nazi Germany.• The KKK started as a result of the Civil War, many White Americans did not agree with the abolishment of slavery.• In an attempt to get a foot in education, the Klan bought Lanier University in Atlanta. The school was to teach “Pure 100% Americanism”.• As well as burning a cross to intimidate. The Klan also burned the cross to light up the night and is believed to bring Jesus back.
  8. 8. Costume• During the first period, the Klan had no set colour or set costume. However in the second period, the Klan adopted white robes with hoods. White is associated with purity and with the KKK being 100% Americanism this was an obvious choice.• Furthermore, as their faces are covered up, it imposes an intimidating feel, whilst removing their identity.
  9. 9. The KKK Summary Video• NA