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Question One

  1. 1. PROGRAMME NAMEWhen we decided we were making a parody of The Only Way Is Essex, weneeded to create a name which was associated with TOWIE. Throughout theseries’ TOWIE cast members constantly use phrases such as ‘reem’ ‘shut ap’and ‘Jel’ therefore we felt one of these would be a great name for our parody.After several discussions, we came to the conclusion that ‘Well Jel’ would beour name. We used conventions of TOWIE phrases but then developed themby adding ‘Well’ in front of Jel. The name of our parody means the audienceunderstands our show is a parody.
  2. 2. CAMERA WORKUSED: The shot shown to the left can be found in a Geordie Shore trailer.Another scripted reality. I have allowed an original convention of a long shotfrom an existing scripted reality to influence my work.DEVELOPED: I have developed this camera work as I have filmed it forwardand straight on. This is in comparison to the Geordie Shore scene where thecamera is at angle. I have done this so you can see more of the charactersfaces. This is one of the opening scenes to my trailer therefore I want theaudience to see as much face as possible. As it’s unknown, the audience willnot be able to identify the cast, unlike Geordie Shore.CHALLENGED: I have not challenged much in this shot as I felt it was a reallygood shot. It looks professional and clearly fits the convention.
  3. 3. LOCATIONUSED: I didn’t want to use TOWIE’s location conventions much in my parody. Iwanted to challenge the location conventions. TOWIE’s locations are usuallyset in bars, clubs and nice restaurants, this would make it hard to film in theselocations as most of these establishments wouldn’t let us.DEVELOPED: I have developed this with the two contrasting locationsCHALLENGED: I have challenged this convention massively. I wanted tocontrast TOWIE’s typical flash locations with a tacky and common location, sowe decided on McDonalds. This is not what’s expected in TOWIE but as it’s aparody we wanted to challenge this convention.
  4. 4. COSTUMEUSED: I followed the costume conventions from TOWIE very carefully. TOWIEcast members typically wear dresses, designer clothes and suits. I wanted tofollow this convention so the audience understand that this is a TOWIE parody.DEVELOPED: We have developed this convention by putting the girls in heelsduring every shot. Females in TOWIE don’t actually wear heels ALL the timebut we developed this convention by sticking them in heels constantly. As formales we were put in suits, leather jackets and lots of accessories. These typeof clothes connote wealth and status.CHALLENGED: I have not challenged this convention as TOWIE’s costume’sare so well known for what they’re, if I challenged it, the audience wouldn’t beable to relate Well Jel to TOWIE.
  5. 5. PROPSUSED:A bandanna is worn by myself again to mock Joey Essex’s ‘out there’fashion choices. Joey Essex is renowned for wearing strange accessories andso therefore I felt it was necessary to replicate the bandanna so the audienceknows the character I am trying to imitate.DEVELOPED: I have not developed much in this. I wanted the audience torecognise who I was imitating, therefore if I developed or challenged much, Iwould lose my identity.CHALLENGED: Nothing much in the sense of challenging. We wanted todevelop our sub-genre in order to create the parody feel, however goingagainst what you’d expect in a parody wouldn’t make it a parody.
  6. 6. PROPSUSED: I wore swimming goggles throughout the filming trip, this matched theconvention of TOWIE star Joey Essex who is renowned for wearing wackyclothes and accessories.DEVELOPED: Instead of wearing skiing goggles which Joey Essex did, I woreswimming goggles. As a parody, we felt it was important to not entirelyreplicate the same props/clothes but to exaggerate them.CHALLENGED: Nothing much in the sense of challenging. We wanted todevelop our sub-genre in order to create the parody feel, however goingagainst what you’d expect in a parody wouldn’t make it a parody.
  7. 7. EYELINEUSED: I have used this mid close up, as you can see it is a replica of theTOWIE one, the exact same eye line is displayed. I wanted to use this as theeye suggests lack of intelligence as they’re looking up thinking, without beingable to think of an answer straight away.DEVELOPED: I have not developed anything really in this shot. I wanted tostick to this convention.CHALLENGED: I have not challenged anything here. This is because Ithought the shot worked well for mine therefore there was no need.
  8. 8. OTHERUSED: I have used a similar two shot found in TOWIE. The two shots suggestbest friends. I wanted to include this, as in TOWIE, there is always a strongbest friend pair.DEVELOPED: Zoomed out in to a mid shot. I wanted to show the girls werewearing the same material and design top. This further connotes their bestfriend relationship.CHALLENGED: Nothing much in the sense of challenging in this shot.
  9. 9. OTHERUSED: Scripted Realities are bound to have elements of humour runthroughout the series therefore I felt I needed a clip with someone laughing.Laughing obviously connotes good humour which suggests they’ll be momentsof comedy in Well Jel.DEVELOPED: Camera shot is zoomed out in Well Jel. I tried zooming in toshow the facial expressions better but it became too blurry.CHALLENGED: Challenging has been limited in this shot. We didn’t want tochallenge much in our parody, only develop really.