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  1. 1. Running head: INTERACTION DESIGN AND IMPLICATIONS Interaction design and implications Name Professor Institution Course Date 1
  2. 2. INTERACTION DESIGN AND IMPLICATIONS 2 Interaction design and implications Summary of the essay According to Norman, (2013), all products are actually services. Even though the producers may perceive it differently, it is actually services as it offers experience. Donald argues that the designer, producers, manufacturer and the distributors as well as the sellers may think it is a products. However, to the buyer who purchase the product, he gets to enjoy the experience as he discovers the products and the unique feelings associated with the products. As such, the customer gets the valuable service offered by then product. Form the time, the buyer purchases the products, anticipates using the products, opens the package for the first time and using the product, he undergoes a unique discovery as he continues to use the pr0oducts. One learns on, and about the products, updates, maintains, and renews experience through disposal and exchange. Therefore, for a products or service to be successful, it has tom navigate through terrains, difficulties and opportunities. He also argues that no products can be an island because what defines a product is the cohesive and integrated set of experiences. Finally, to sum it up, Donald argues that the product must be analyzed from a system point of view- system thinking, whereby a, products us first thought of created, and flowed by reflections. After reflection and acquisition of the products, one has to think of products as systems and the stages are the links between stages of development up to service and maintenance. The work of as designer is to connect the sates and make them work seamlessly to deliver a service (Norman, 2013) 2. Reflections on the relevance to interaction design and implications First, I completely agree with the author because service is experienced. The feeling that one has after before during and after using a products. Just like in interaction design when one makes a good, they synthesize and imagine things as they might be and do not focus on how things.
  3. 3. INTERACTION DESIGN AND IMPLICATIONS 3 Developing a product is therefore part of interaction design because the primacy is to improve the way a user interact with the product. Interacts comes from experiencing the quality and nature of the products. The author states that interaction design defines the practicality and usability of a design. Developing a product starts from the perceive feelings. Therefore, if the author states that designer should develop system thinking, he is right because he supports the holistic view of design research. I also agree with the author because he support he used the grounded theory to explain the drivers of interactive design as well as the implication. For ,when he stated that design is an art that must be based on fundamental practices, he meant the same thing as design must be informed by understanding the needs, motivations and behavior of end users 3. Interaction design and implications The main implication of interactive design is that it requires proper understanding of the nature of the design practice. In as much as it is theory based. It demands sufficient understanding of the actual nature of the design park rice is fundamental to be success as designer. It is the consistency, error-proneness, hard mental operations, viscosity or premature commitment makes the interaction design research very complicated. There is a new paradigm shift from linear thinking. This means that changing the rules of design and developing a system thinking considering the fact that science is more complex than design. However, I realized the important of system thinking because science cannot be used to approach design complexity. I also learnt that for successful interaction design practice, I have to understand and rely on the fundamental understanding of the true nature of design practice. Therefore, conceptualization of theory and the practice of design should be integrated from the conceptual stage of design to the final products.
  4. 4. INTERACTION DESIGN AND IMPLICATIONS 4 Reliance on rigorous and disciplined design methods as well as techniques is the only way that design demands and design practice. It is also important to integrate concepts such as such as affordance, context, situatedness and this includes even HCI design practice. Design rationality, judgment and argumentation must be premised upon the rich and disciplined design methods and techniques References Norman, D. (2013, August 31). Systems Thinking: A Product Is More Than the Product Systems Thinking: A Product Is More Than the Product - Retrieved November 24, 2013, from