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  • 1. A Step of Faith ebookTo download now please click the link below.http://amzn.to/16sJuyxOverview“Life is not lived in the long, downhill stretches of expressways, but in theobscure, perilous trails and back roads where we stumble and feel our waythrough the fog of our unknowing. Life is not a run. It is just one step of faithafter another.”Alan Christoffersen lost his heart when his wife was killed in an accident almostone year ago. He lost his trust when his business partner stole his advertisingbusiness. He lost his home when the bank took his house. So Alan decided toleave his painful memories behind and walk from Seattle to the farthest point onthe map, Key West, but in St. Louis, he is forced to stop.
  • 2. Because his severe vertigo is diagnosed as the side effect of a brain tumor, Alanmust go to Los Angeles for treatment. He is surrounded by those who care mostfor him: his father, who is happy to have Alan back in his childhood home;Falene, who has been by his side through his most difficult times; and Nicole,who helped him recover from a mugging in Spokane. One by one, Alan alienatesthem all, and he resumes his journey in angry loneliness. The people he meetsas he walks the dusty southern back roads have lessons to teach Alan aboutaccepting love. He just has to have faith that life can be worth living again—andthat the woman he rejected will be willing to forgive him.ReviewsAlan is in the hospital, has a brain tumor, needs to return home to his fathershouse for surgery and possibly abandon his walk to Florida. Doug has anotherproblem, 2 women that want to be there with him through his surgery andrecovery. Both Nicole and Farlene are there and Alan needs to choose. WhenFarlene asks him if he wants her to stay and Alan hesitates, she leaves withoutsaying goodbye. After the surgery, when Alan is asking for Farlene when he iscoming out of surgery, Nicole knows that he doesnt love her, so she leaves andAlan is alone to recover at his family home with his father. Alans father want himto stay in CA and start his life, but Alan wants to finish what he started andfinish the walk to Florida.Again along the way Alan meets people that influence him for good. Alan is justat the boarder of Florida when he gets a life changing call.I like the simplicity of these books and I like to think there are good people outthere that would help someone along the way.This is the next installment of "The Walk" series and it does not disappoint. Alanhas found out that he has a brain tumor -- the question becomes whether it ismalignant or benign. He also has two woman and his father who support himthrough this. Alan continues his walk after his surgery and again meets someinteresting people. But the highlight of the book is what he discovers abouthimself, his life, and his love.Many times authors will write series that can have each book standing on itsown. While this book could stand on its own, I think it is better if you read theseries.
  • 3. Cannot wait for Book Five!!Loved it. I have enjoyed all of the "WALK" books and cant believe that I have towait a whole year for the next one. Thanks for the journey. The "cult" part of thebook was alarming and disturbing. I could have done without that part. If youcould speed up your writing skills, I sure would appreciate the next book byChristmas.Richard Paul Evans has tugged at the heart again with "A Step of Faith", thelatest installment of his amazing "The Walk" series. This time we find AlanChristoffersen in the midst of another personal crisis that threatens his journeyacross the country to Key West. Alan is joined by those he needs most butcircumstances and emotions get in the way and he eventually returns alone tocontinue his Walk.Alan heads from St. Louis through the deep South tasting the culture andamazing food along the way. He meets some very interesting people including awoman tied to a tree that leads to an encounter with a "religion" that is out ofthis world he never expected. All of them have Alan pondering what he reallyneeds and wants most. When Alan comes to the realization about what to do, hehits another speed bump in his path.Like many of Richard Paul Evans fans I could not wait for this book to come out.I really enjoyed reading it and found it impossible to put down. Mr. Evans is anincredible storyteller and this book is the best one of this series yet! Now beginsthe agonizing wait for the final part of this incredible adventure due out nextyear. "The Walk" series puts readers through an emotional wringer and we arebetter for the ride.It started out with "The Walk" and now after many "Miles to Go" down "The Roadto Grace" take "A Step of Faith" and join the journey. Lifes road will never lookthe sameI have been "hooked" on this series since I read Book 1. In fact, my husbandand I are booked to go on the Key West Cruise, a celebration to end the Walkseries. The book started with the same intensity which it ended. I wanted toknow how the brain tumor would complicate Alans plans and now I cant wait tofind out another complication and its possible impact on Alan. There were somany interesting characters in this book. Each one could be the centerpiece of astory on their own. The cult is dynamic, gave me chills. Dustin was interesting! Ienjoyed the descriptions of his meals, complementing the journey and the townshe was in. I think you need to read this book with the right frame of mind and
  • 4. go with the flow that RPE intended. Nicole or Falene? where will Alan find hispeace? and will he go back to Seattle and get a Waffle House Franchise? I amexcited about reading the conclusion and before I go on the cruise I will rereadthe books in order so I can discuss the journey with all the other Walk fans.Thank you, RPE, for another good book.An amazing and very inspiring series. I, too, an struggling surcharge loss of aspouse and how to go on, and what it truly means to "live" as our spousewanted us to, not simply to exist, but to live and enjoy life. This book and therest of the series has given me great insight, inspiration and much to thinkabout. Anyone needing a little inspiration in life no matter what your strugglewill truly find something that will inspire you and that you can relate to.I would recommend any of Richard Paul Evans books to anyone. However, thisseries has been especially good. The only thing I dont like is finishing the bookin 2 days and having to wait another whole year for the next book to come out.It was just another great adventure w Alan Christofferson! So glad hes finallyfound himself and decided hes ready to actually live! Thank you so much for yetanother wonderful work of art.Book four in the Walk series by Richard Paul Evans finds our character AlanChristoffersen, who was walking from the state of Washington to Florida, flyingback to a medical center near his father’s home in Los Angeles for surgery on hisrecently found brain tumor. Fortunately, the tumor is found to be benign, andafter spending weeks recuperating and against his father’s wishes, Alan fliesback to St. Louis to continue his journey – meeting interesting and engagingpeople along the route. Walking provides an outlet for his jumbled, torturedthoughts and as he approaches the Florida state line, Alan realizes that he isready to live and love again. But, he has to hold onto hope when a message isleft on his cell reporting an emergency at home.As Alan says, “For now Key West must wait. For the third time since I began, mywalk has been delayed. In the beginning, I had considered these stops on myjourney as interruptions - but I’m coming to understand that perhaps thesedetours are my journey. No matter how much I, or the rest of humanity wishesotherwise, life is not lived in smooth downhill expressways, but in the obscure,perilous trails and rocky back roads of life where we stumble and feel our waythrough the fog of the unknown. Life is not a sprint. It was never meant to be. Itis just one step of faith after another.”A Step of Faith is the fourth in The Walk series that began in 2010. It ispreceded by The Walk (2010), Miles to Go (2011), and The Road to Grace(2012). While it is not strictly necessary to have read the first three in order tounderstand and enjoy A Step of Faith, I would strongly recommend it. The
  • 5. premise of The Walk series is that Alan Christoffersen, living in Seattle, had itall: his own advertising business, a lovely home, and a beautiful, loving wife,McKale who also happens to have been his childhood sweetheart. Until one daywhen McKale has an accident while riding her horse and subsequently dies,Alan’s business partner, Kyle Craig (interesting for James Patterson fans thatthis is also the name of Alex Cross’ former partner (boss) turned evil nemesis)steals the agency’s customers, the business is defunct, and with no money, Alanloses his cars and house. After considering and rejecting suicide, Alan decidesthat with nothing left to tie him to Seattle he just wants to get as far away aspossible. He decides to walk from Seattle to the furthest point in the continentalUnited States, Key West, Florida. On his journey, Alan encounters many people,some good, others not so much; some will reappear in his life, others will justbecome as ships passing in the night. He also runs into obstacles and has hissetbacks, such as being mugged and stabbed, but he meets these obstacles withresolve and determination, for it is more about the journey itself that the actualdestination.When we last saw Alan at the end of The Road to Grace, Alan awoke in thehospital in St. Louis after experiencing dizziness and headaches and finally losingconsciousness alongside the road. Falene, his former employee and friend, iswith him and informs him that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. WillAlan resume his walk? The answer lies in A Step of Faith and I don’t think itwould be considered a spoiler for me to tell you that Alan does indeed continueon his journey, meeting new people and experiencing some things he nevereven dreamed of. And as before, the journey is Alan’s opportunity for soul-searching, listening to his heart, figuring out how he can move on.I have read each book in this series within a week of publication and haveenjoyed each immensely. A Step of Faith is certainly no exception, provable bythe fact that I devoured it in one day. However this one left me feeling a little bitsad, probably because about the time that Alan finally realizes that he needspeople in his life and that he needs to open his heart to love again, those peoplebegin leaving his life. It seems rather a lesson in the old saying that you shouldnever take for granted the ones you love, as you never know when you may losethem. That said, I still enjoyed the book and will be eagerly awaiting the nextone (yes, there IS going to be a fifth book in the series, scheduled for May2014). One problem that is unavoidable is that since the books in the serieshave been published approximately one year apart, it is easy to forget peopleand events, or at least the details. I usually re-read the last chapter or two inthe previous book before starting a new one, just to refresh my memory. I thinkI might re-read the first four books shortly before the arrival of the fifth, so thatthere will be a natural flow that seems lacking when read a year apart. Richard
  • 6. Paul Evans is always easy to read, and never disappoints. I highly recommendthis book to all, young and old alike.There are so many "wisdoms" in this story. Each book has, at unexpectedmoments, taken my breath away. Its those "ah ha" moments of clarity thatcapture my heart and soul. This is sometimes like reading my own story - butnot. Ive not gone through any of the same things but I have experienced somany of the same emotions; fear, frustration, loneliness, confusion, love.Unfortunately, people, unlike most machines, dont come with an ownersmanual. We have to figure things out as we go. Can you imagine building a caror anything else in our technological world, without some kind of blueprint? Webuild our lives with only a blueprint of experience created by our own oftenflawed decisions. Stepping back though and looking at it from outside ofourselves, it makes some sense and enhances life. Yes, we grieve but we surviveand we grow and we learn that we havent completely lost what we had. Thelove, the memory, the warmth is still there for us. For anyone who has suffereda life changing moment (and who hasnt) these books are so self-affirming. Theygive that "pat on the back" or "warm hug" that we all need. Sometimes, thereisnt someone there to do the patting or the hugging but if we remember hardenough, our memories can do that.The 4th book in the Walk Series and each book is a diary of Alan Christoffersenand his journey from Seattle, WA to Key West, Florida by foot. After the death ofhis wife and the financial ruin from his former business partner while he wascaring for his wife. On this journey he has overcome many obstacles – has beenbeaten up, suffered brain tumor, been sick, and yet has met so many inspiringcharacters along the way. He has had some setbacks; however, determined tomake this walk. He now is in Jacksonville, headed back to see his father whomay be dying.Living in Florida can tell you from experience driving from Jacksonville, FL to theKeys takes forever---by foot another book or two - look forward to theremainder of his journey. Sounds as though he may have some romance in store(unless he is too late) with the one who has stood by him since she originallyworked for him and been there to support him along the way (until it was toomuch for her since he did not return the feelings); however, think he will have achange of heart! He deserves some happiness!!_______________________________________________________________To download now please click the link below.http://amzn.to/16sJuyx