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STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
STIHL Southeast Direct Mail
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STIHL Southeast Direct Mail


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  • 1. Direct Marketing to Professional Landscapers
    A Case Study of the 2010 STIHL Southeast Marketing Campaign
  • 2. Executive Summary
    Red Letter crafted and delivered a tailored, effective direct mail and interactive campaign targeting professional landscapers in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.
    The marketing goals of the campaign were two-fold; “block and tackle” existing customers keeping them loyal to the STIHL line and convert non-existing customers to the STIHL line.
    According to Ward Brooks, non-existing customers in the Stihl Southeast territory must routinely switch Dealers to convert their crew to the STIHL line of equipment, making the task of conversion.
    In order to address both targets (existing and non-existing customers) two separate creative platforms were created.
    Response rates through July were 15.7% and 10.1% for existing and non-existing customers, respectively.
    Response rates for the 2010 program are vast improvements over the 2009 program. The 2009 program used one creative platform for both existing and non-existing customers and kept the same format throughout the year.
  • 3. Situation
    Professional landscapers are a vital part of the STIHL Southeast customer base
    It is important to cultivate relationships with current customers while also acquiring new customers who use competing brands – predominently Echo© and Shindaiwa©
  • 4. Key Marketing Problems
    How do we efficiently and effectively target professional landscapers?
    What kind of message will elicit a response from professional landscapers?
  • 5. What We Know…
    In 2009, mailings featured messaging focused on the quality of STIHL equipment
    Identical creative was sent to existing and non-existing customers
    All price promotion on products were shown on the inside spreads
  • 6. What We Know…
    Response rates (measured by a recipient purchasing a STIHL product) were very low
    Response rates from non-existing customers were less than .5% over the entire, year-long program
  • 7. A Fresh Start
    2010’s campaign featured an entirely new creative approach
    Distinct and separate messaging for existing and non-existing customers
    Greater focus on what makes STIHL better for landscapers
    In order to increase conversions from non-customers a more aggressive message was chosen
  • 8. Messaging to Non-Existing Customers
    • The STIHL BR 600 Magnum™ delivers more engine displacement and air volume than Echo© and Shindaiwa©
    • 9. The STIHL FS 90 R delivers more displacement and weighs less than Echo© and Shindaiwa©
    • 10. STIHL is the number one selling brand of handheld outdoor power equipment in America*
    *”Number one selling brand” is based on syndicated Irwin Broh Research (commercial landscapers) as well as independent consumer research of 2009 U.S. sales and market share data for gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment category combined sales to consumers and commercial landscapers.
  • 11. Messaging to Existing Customers
    Sales figures were used to allow the advertising to call out the top selling units to recipients
    Tactically, the goal was to remind our customers that STIHL is the best choice to fit their demanding needs
    The inside spread of mailers also contained contained competitive product comparisons – “another reason STIHL is #1”
    Highlighting promotions on products is a key factor in appealing to existing customers
    They are aware of the value of a STIHL – any price promotion must be prominently displayed throughout the piece
  • 12. The campaign has also added an interactive element – Personalized URLs or PURLs
    Each recipient is sent a PURL, the Web page contains customized messaging as well as interactive, dynamic content
    BR 600 Fuel Calculator
    Pro Landscaper Testimonial Videos
    PURLs offer a rich reporting, detailing who, when and where visits the page
    Added Depth in 2010
  • 13. Creative Sample
    Mailer Cover
  • 14. Creative Sample
    Inside Fold
  • 15. Creative Sample
    Inside Spread
  • 16. The Results
    Through July, the program has seen response rates of 15.7% from existing customers and 10.1% from non-existing customers.
    Response rate is defined as a product purchased by a list recipient
    13 Mailers have been sent since early February
    Non-existing customers’ response rate has improved from less .5% to 10.1%
    Over 10,000 units have been sold to recipients
    The entire list contains approximately 28,000 professional landscapers
    Mention total retail sales?????
  • 17. Thank you!
    For more information please contact Stephanie Shreve ( or Clay Schermann (