PuppetCamp SEA 1 - The State of Puppet
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PuppetCamp SEA 1 - The State of Puppet



James Turnbull, VP of Tech Operations at Puppetlabs, started off the day with a very interesting and informative talk about the past, current and future of Puppet. He showed they have a strong link to ...

James Turnbull, VP of Tech Operations at Puppetlabs, started off the day with a very interesting and informative talk about the past, current and future of Puppet. He showed they have a strong link to their community and plan to keep it that way. He explained that they grew from very small to 70+ people over the last year, and that brings some issues with it. They are very dedicated to fixing those issues though, and hope to improve things moving towards the future.



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PuppetCamp SEA 1 - The State of Puppet PuppetCamp SEA 1 - The State of Puppet Presentation Transcript

  • JAMES TURNBULL james@puppetlabs.com
  • BE TRANSPARENT• Tell you what is happening• Make decisions in public• Work together on roadmap• Work together on design• Open by default
  • DATA/MODEL SEPARATION• Lookup of class parameters separate from the manifest• You can assume it is there!• No manifest changes needed• Uses Hiera as the back-end
  • RUBY 1.9.3...is finally a first class citizen. This is part of 3.0.0 Fully supported. All bugs fixed. (Probably)
  • PUPPET MODULE TOOL• Project Geordi La Forge• PMT ships with 3.0.0• Making it more awesome!• Buffing up publishing• Enhance the forge
  • VARIABLE SCOPE FIXED• No more dynamic scope• Killed deprecation warnings!• Local, then inherited...• ...then node, then global.
  • GIVE BACK MEMORY• Daemon mode used to grow and grow...• Now, we return memory to the OS• Part of our performance improvement strategy
  • ENC VS ENVIRONMENTS• You could set the client environment from the ENC• The client would ignore you (sometimes)• Now it doesn’t• Bug fix, not feature• Still great!
  • PLUGIN SYNC• This worked unevenly• Failures on first run• Oddities about what can by synced and used successfully• Now, uniform and standard
  • DSL POLISH• Add “unless” to the language• Allow keywords as resource parameters and properties• Fixed some parser bugs (like ‘-’ in variable names)• More of this coming...
  • HIDDEN CHANGES• Lots of bugs fixed• Code cleanup• Performance improvements• Correctness fixes• None of them visible
  • FINALLY SHIPPING!• Puppet 3.0.0• Facter 2.0.0• Hiera 1.0.0
  • COMMITTING TO SEMVER• Semantic Versioning FTW• We are moving all our projects over• SemVer 2.0.0-rc.1 compliant
  • MAJORVERSIONBreaking Changes
  • MINOR VERSIONCompatible new features
  • PATCH VERSION Bug fix with no otherbehavioural or functional changes
  • WHICH MEANS?• You have version numbers that match the way we write and ship code• You can be confident about the scope of changes in any release
  • MONTH DEVELOPMENT RELEASES• Waldorf is the next major release after Telly (3.0.0)• We will ship a tested version every month as a preview• This way you don’t have changes a year old before they ship to the community• Plus OS packages!
  • OLD MISTAKES STILL HAUNT US• Parameterized classes don’t work everywhere• undef vs nil• classes with ‘-’ in the name
  • SLOW MOVING ECOSYSTEM• Dashboard has not gotten a lot of love recently• Puppet Labs modules need more attention• ...but we are starting to invest in them.
  • BROKEN (OR DELAYED) PROMISES• import isn’t deprecated• The static compiler isn’t the default• Facter doesn’t have typed or structured facts
  • THE ECOSYSTEM• Shipping structured and typed facts without the ecosystem is a no-go• On release, new features should work everywhere
  • THE NEXT CHALLENGE Waldorf, kicking ass and taking names
  • EXPERIMENT ONEWe are going to fix some high-voted tickets
  • VOTES SHAPE THE ROADMAP• We said votes matter before• It wasn’t really true• I don’t expect you to believe us this time...• ...so we are gonna fix tickets, then ask you to believe us
  • VOTES SHAPE THE ROADMAP• We want community input into the roadmap• This seems a solid choice• Success is that votes get used by the community• ...and that we use them to shape the roadmap!
  • REDMINE “ACCEPTED” TICKETS This is the scrum “unsorted product backlog”
  • REDMINE “3.X” TARGET VERSION This is “we might fix it before 4.0.0”
  • GONNA FIX THAT UP• Target open tickets at the next numeric version• Means “trying to fix for that release”• Still shipping time-based product, so things will miss
  • OTHER EXPERIMENTS You bring ‘em, We try ‘em
  • TECH FOR WALDORF This is all speculative, no promises.
  • STATIC COMPILER• Missed Telly, but only just• Content reference, not URI• Single file catalog?• Easier push model?
  • STRUCTURED FACTS• Really, structured and typed• JSON is the template for supported types and structures• Full ecosystem support• Third party facts only, initially
  • BETTER GRAPH PROCESSING• Improve graph handling in the Puppet Agent• Fix the “anchor” pattern• Improves performance and logic• Allows future improvements to the catalog and graph
  • BETTER ENVIRONMENTS• Different versions of a type in different environments• Turns out that is pretty hard (thanks, Ruby)• We will make it easy• Fix performance cost too
  • CLEANER, DOCUMENTED CODE• Easier to use Puppet as a library or extend it• Better API definitions• Richer integrations