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Task 8 Task 8 Presentation Transcript

  • Task 8 Brandon Parker
  • Mast Head Date Headline Picture Copy Copy
  • Mast Head Date Headline Picture Copy Copy
  • Copy Date Mast Head Picture Headline
  • Fonts • Adobe Gothic Std B • Adobe Myungjo Std M • Arial Black • Bodoni MT Black • Elephant • Impact • Kozuka Gothic Pro B • Minion Pro Cond
  • For task 8 using the same story we were asked to make the front cover for a tabloid newspaper, out of choice I used the sun as my header, by looking through images of what the front of the sun would normally look like I was able to make up my own concept that I feel could look relatable to them and might even be used by them. With the front of the sun its never just one story they tend to include a few different in order to attract the reader by showing off as many of the stories included as possible, but by doing this means they cant cover the whole story just on the front page so they would just include the beginning of the story to be appealing and make them want to read the rest of the story, and by adding ‘Read on Page…’ gives them that inspiration to read the rest of the story if its appealing to them. They also tent to have white letters for headers instead of white so it doesn’t look like there is a lot of white space so instead in more black space although on mine there's a lot more than there would be on a real newspaper.
  • After looking over my first attempt at a tabloid newspaper I realised there was many different little tweaks I could make to the one I have already made and so I had a look at making it closer to being the look of a tabloid, I changed the font size and font face as the one I had used originally didn’t have the look of what a paper would normally and so by doing this meant I could fill up more of the white space left around the text. The text was all in one text when I did it the first time but to allow for me to change the spacing between each of the words I felt it would be easier if I was to have them in three different text boxes and would allow for me to then choose a good spacing between each of the works and mean the text could be as big as I wanted with the space allocated. I also included a drop capital into the text that is there to try and entice the reader into seeing the complete story as the white space around made the text look to small and tight to read and by adding this I felt give the text more space.
  • For my third attempt I used the same story, headers and pictures but I decided to include another story as I moved around my title for the main story. I looked at a few more different styled layouts for The Sun and by looking at that decided I could vitiate it and allow for another story to be included. The Sun are well known for the puns in headlines and headers and so I’ve done my best in order to re-create this with the stories of my choice. I also realised that The Sun stay away from having white space on the front and so needs to be completely covered if possible, even though I feel it can sometimes loom over the top I tried to produce my own version that I felt was as close as it could be to full. I also decided for the main block of text I would have in white and the back ground black to match the headline and have it seem as the though the text and image was put onto a completely black background as this seems to contrast more with the red of the front page header and also means that the most amount of attention is given to the bold headline in white.
  • For my last design I thought I should try and recreate what the paper would of looked like at the time that this even that I have done my story for actually occurred. In order to do so I had a look at papers that were around at the same time and that were the same sort of style as the sun in order to create my own version or perception of what I felt it could look like with my story. It appears that the layout is still the same in a many way with just having a few different stories on the front page, only have having a small part of the main story and having the rest inside to read to entice readers. To give it a more old styled effect look I changed the opacity on the headline, header and the images that are included this gives it a warn out look in a way although would just of been because the printers weren't at the same standard as they are today. I then went in search of finding a style of paper that looks old fashioned and people create the old look by staining paper with tea and so by finding the most look a like to what old papers look like I added it on top of my piece then send to back so that everything would be on top and then to finish it off change the opacity on that so that it was as strong as it was so that it looks a lot more realistic and not just tea stained for effect.