Initial ideas and feedback


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Week 3

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Initial ideas and feedback

  1. 1. Initial Ideas and Feedback Brandon Parker
  2. 2. Idea 1• If we were to be making a Christmas dinner for vegetarian we would be using Christmassy colours such as red and green to give it the Christmas feel but with a twist instead of having turkey or chicken we would have a substitute such as a nut roast or a meat substitute such food from companies such as Jillian Mac Keith or Quorn. We would include a picture of the final dinner a structured way in order to create the dish and then the list of ingredients in order to be able to make it.
  3. 3. Feedback 1What do you like about the idea?Using the meat substitutes is a good idea for vegetarians and for some peopletrying to live healthier. The colour scheme is a good idea to relate to thetheme so people could tell what the recipe is for by the colour of the cards.What areas of the idea could be developed?There isnt a anything that tells you how the card will help you make the food.What font will you use on the cards?What do you find interesting about the idea?The colour scheme is good and mentioning the Jillian Mac Keith food.
  4. 4. Idea 2• This would be a summer dish which would be suitable for picnics which could be a salad with a dressing that you could have by itself or could be put into sandwiches depending on whether or not you eat gluten and so on. The style would be the same font as the Christmas one with the same layout as it would contain a picture, ingredients and the method of how to make it but would be made from different colours, ones that are more associated with summer like yellows and blues – usually bright colours and this would also entice you to make this dish.
  5. 5. Feedback 2What do you like about the idea?The colour of the card matches the theme and you say that you will includethe ingredients and method of the meal to help.What areas of the idea could be developed?What would be in the salad and what would the dressing be.What do you find interesting about the idea?Including the gluten free people as if people cant have gluten then they canhave it without the dressing.
  6. 6. Idea 3• This would be an Italian card that includes a a recipe for a vegetarian lasagne although could also be turned into spaghetti bolognaise as it uses the same type of sauce that you would put on top but it would be either made from a meat substitute or could be made up of just vegetables. It will also be made up of the same background with italian colours – red, white and green with the same font and layout made with the ingredients and method.
  7. 7. Feedback 3What do you like about the idea?You have kept the house style of the cards. Also that you can either makelasagne or bolognaise is a good idea as you could make either one from onerecipe card. Using the same method with the colour scheme of matching it tothe colour of the countries flag.What areas of the idea could be developed?Do you have an idea of how you could make it out of vegetables?What do you find interesting about the idea?I think it is good that you can make two things from the ingredients.
  8. 8. Idea 4• This would be a English style that would be fish and chips or could be a fish substitute as some vegetarians don’t even eat meat and this would be covering all bases. It would be made using the same colours as the English flag as this is a the type of dish it is. Made from the same layout with the initial layout with the name ingredients method and the picture of the dish once completed.
  9. 9. Feedback 4What do you like about the idea?Some vegetarians eat fish so they could eat a normal fish and chips but thosewho don’t can have the substitute. It is still a popular meal for people whoaren’t vegetarians. Also you are keeping the house style which is good sopeople know all the cards you make are made by you and they can tell fromthe design.What areas of the idea could be developed?You could have small pictures of fish decorated around the card or have thecard shaped as a fish.What do you find interesting about the idea?Its having a normal meal that is popular with people that aren’t vegetariansunless the vegetarians don’t eat fish.
  10. 10. Idea 5• This could be an Indian type of recipe card so it covers a variety of different foods as this one could be as spicy as you want it to be as it would give you the option at where to make it as hot as you’d want it to be. Each of these cards will be made with the same layout as it shows that they are made up as a set and so this one would be no different but this colours would be orange and golds the colours that are usually referred to when you think or Indian food.
  11. 11. Feedback 5What do you like about the idea?Being able to choose how spicy you want the food is a good idea. Somepeople may like their food very spicy or some hate spicy food. It is good thatyou are keeping the a house style. Also matching the colours to suit the styleof food again.What areas of the idea could be developed?What variety of foods would you include?What do you find interesting about the idea?Having different choices of spicy foods or how spicy you want the food.
  12. 12. Summary of FeedbackWhat do you agree with from your feedback? I do each of the points made are allthings I’ll be able to add in to make it the best I can and so its easy enough tounderstand and tells the reader exactly what to do and will look like.What do you disagree with from your feedback? I don’t I understand each of thedifferent parts of it and where I can add it in.
  13. 13. Idea EvaluationWhich idea that you came up with is your favourite and why? My favourite idea Imade was with the Indian styled meal that could either be made of vegetables or froma substitute meat. This is because this is one of my favourite types of meal to eat andyou can edit it to be how you want.Which idea, that your team came up with, is your favourite and why? My favouritemy team mate came up with was the Mexican as it’s a really nice type of food andshows it can still be eaten once being a vegetarians.