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Final bodyshop

  1. 1. “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike” - John Muir
  2. 2. History ofThe Body ShopAnita Roddick started The Body Shop with a mere £4,000 and a dream.With over 1,900 stores in 50 countries, the company is known forpioneering the natural-ingredient cosmetics market and establishingsocial responsibility as an integral part of company operations.The Body Shop is known for its ethical stances, such as its refusal touse ingredients that are tested on animals, its monetary donations tothe communities in which it operates, and its business partnershipswith developing countries.
  3. 3. The CompetitionThe Body Shop lost market share in the late 1990’sto product-savvy competitors that offered similarcosmetics at lower prices. The main competitors areH20, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, and Origins.
  4. 4. Research ResultsResearch showed that women appreciate The BodyShop for its ethical standards. They are pleased bycompanies with green actions, not promises. Theresearch proved that The Body Shop has been puton the back burner in many people’s minds:overcrowded by newer, fresher Brands.
  5. 5. The Problem The Body Shop has used safe andtimid advertising over the last decade, decreasing market share and brand value. With the rise of new, more natural and environmentally friendly competitors, The Body Shop can no longer stand behind being the greenest or most natural.
  6. 6. The Solution The Body Shop is the originator of ethical beauty with our actions speaking louder than our words. This is the new direction of The Body Shop. We will be a part of different acts of kindness in big cities. We will eliminate unwanted graffiti, purify city air, and give the customer an opportunity to be a part of something good.
  7. 7. S.W.O.T. Analysis Opportunities The Body Shop will emphasize it’s original positioningStrengths of ethical beauty. Our target cares about the world andThe Body Shop as a brand is well liked for its ethical appreciates The Body Shop’s standards. We are goingstandards and natural ingredients. to separate The Body Shop from it’s competitors by focusing on ethical beauty and humanitarian issues.WeaknessesDue to increased transparency on the web, The ThreatsBody Shop’s skeletons are easy to find. Competitors Over the last 10 years the market for natural organic beautyare offering more natural cosmetics for lower prices. products have swelled. There is an emphasis on being smallHaving the same “green message” as everyone else and local. This makes The Body Shop seem big andputs The Body Shop in the back of many people’s minds. corporate.
  8. 8. Why Does The Body Shop has used rather safe and timid advertising over the last decade,Our Client decreasing market share and brand value. Also with the rise of new, more natural and Need to environmentally friendly competitors, The Body Shop can no longer stand behind beingAdvertise? the greenest or most natural.
  9. 9. What is the The advertising will bring the Body Shop’s reputation back to the top. It will help position the Body Shop as a beauty store that has Advertising a variety of unique and culturally rooted ingredients. We will emphasize our values Going to and bring natural elements to big cities. The Body Shop will be an extension to theAccomplish? community. We want people to know that The Body Shop doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk.
  10. 10. Who Are We We will target existing customers as well as Going to metropolitan women of all ages around the world. These women agree with the humanitarian beliefs theConnect With? Body Shop stands for. More importantly, these women want a product that makes them feel good inside and out. They like products that satisfy their beauty needs, are good for the environment, and support good causes. Buying products that do positive things in the world hits women’s altruistic buttons.
  11. 11. What is theSingle Most Effective MessageWe Can Give Them?
  12. 12. To a moreBeautiful World For a world that has always been mistreated, The Body Shop will dedicate itself to creating a more beautiful world. We have always been about giving back to communities, so now we are taking that ethos and introducing it to our consumers. As a global retailer, The Body Shop has, and will continue to impact social and environmental issues through the thoughtful use of its resources. By extending our mission and bringing natural elements back into urban centers, we will be able to achieve a truly beautiful world.
  13. 13. OutdoorAmbientWe will place beautiful, life-sized bottelswith different ecosystems inside, in publicurban spaces. Each bottle will contain a plant thatprovides a key ingredient to one of ourproducts. Those bottles will have “To a MoreBeautiful” etched onto the
  14. 14. AdvertisingPollutionWe will pick visible billboards in areasthat are saturated with advertising andplant those billboards so they grow intopicturesque green displays. As the plantgrows, the words would recede behindthe plants, creating a natural work of art.
  15. 15. VisualPollutionThe Body shop will be behind doingsomething beautiful and green for bigcities. Wherever there is unwantedgraffiti, The Body Shop will plant agreen wall, covering up visual pollution.The green walls will establish curiosityand drive viewers to check
  16. 16. Seedsof ChangeA complimentary Wildflower SeedBag will be attached to everyproduct we sell. Consumers will beencouraged to plant these seeds intheir communities.
  17. 17. TheHidden GardenThe Body Shop is transitioning all of theirpackaging to new organic biodegradable paper.The real advantage of this is that it is infused withwild flower seeds. Simply place the paper under 6inches of soil and keep it moist. In just weeks youwill have your own personal garden.
  18. 18. The Girl EffectThe Girl Effect is a unique partnership opportunity for TheBody Shop. The Girl Effect is a new charity program thatfunnels money through other girl-centered charities aroundthe globe.This is why we have teamed up with them to create a one-of-a-kind iphone protector. It will be made from 100%recycled rubber and non-toxic dyes so that it maintains theenvironmental standards of The Body Shop. All proceedswill go to The Girl Effect.
  19. 19. To a and will directthe user to one all-encompassing homepage. This websiterepresents all facets of The Body Shop in a new priority:People, Planet, Product.By re-aligning the website to match the values of thecompany, The Body Shop shows its customers they arebuying more than a product, they are supporting a new,sustainable, way of doing business.
  20. 20. ExecutionsCover FlowThe Cover flow is a fun and beautiful way to browsethe ways The Body Shop is making the world morebeautiful. Clicking a page on the flow will bring upa floating panel. That panel will show pictures anddescriptions of the project. If a Mini-Documentary isavailable it will be embedded through YouTube.
  21. 21. Product PageEach product page will demonstrate the true priority of TheBody Shop brand. Each product will have an explanation ofhow its ingredients help the world. By showing the planetaryadvantages before personal advantages, The Body Shop issetting a new standard for cosmetics everywhere.
  22. 22. What’s New?The Body Shop is committed to continuous innovation.As we find new ways to make the world more beautiful,the “What’s New” page will keep our friends up to dateon all our new ventures. This is also a great space forconversations via Twitter Widget, Comments, and otherbasic social media tools such as Share on Facebook.
  23. 23. We Are More Than A Brand The main focus of our campaign was to extend The Body Shop’s values, not just to the communities in need, but also to the communities of our customers. Beautifying cities, purifying air,bringing change and making the world more beautiful are ways to demonstrate our ethics. This campaignwill help The Body Shop to position itself not just as a beauty store, but as a store with great principles that sustain our world and help the people.
  24. 24. Account PlannersRob BeasonOlga KedikArt DirectorsEdward TangBilly WirawanJezherel Platon