English Prepositions
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English Prepositions






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English Prepositions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PREPOSITIONS Presented by: Vanessa Martin
  • 2. Meaning: en, dentro, dentro de. 1. I live in Brighton. 2. The cat is in the box. 3. My parents arrive in France on Monday. IN 1. We went to Mexico in May. 2. I will see him in a week. 3. She was born in 1976. PLACES: TIME:
  • 3. ON Meaning: sobre, encima de algo, tocando 1. The pen is on the table. 2. Her apartment is on the second floor. 3. I am on the bus. 1.They went to Mexico on the first of May. 2. He runs on Mondays and Fridays. 3. I will see Luis on his birthday. TIME: PLACES:
  • 4. AT Meaning: en, a, al, cerca de, tocando. 1. He is at home. 2. We eat at the table. 3. When did you arrive at the airport? 1. He runs every morning at 6. 2. I will see them at Christmas. TIME: PLACE:
  • 5. ABOVE Meaning: encima de, sobre, arriba 1. We were flying above the clouds. 2. The city is 300 meters above sea level. 3. The patient's temperature was above normal.
  • 6. OVER Meaning: encima de, sobre 1. The maid put a cloth over the table. 2. They have built a bridge over the river. 3. The helicopter was flying over the area.
  • 7. UNDER Meaning: debajo de, por debajo de Somebody left a frog under her bed. I have a shirt under my sweater. Everything was under control at that moment. EXAMPLE:
  • 8. NEAR Meaning: cerca de It is terrible to live near an airport. The hospital was built near the university. EXAMPLE:
  • 9. BESIDE Meaning: al lado de, junto a The dog stayed beside its master all night. Mary sat beside me. EXAMPLE:
  • 10. BETWEEN Meaning: entre He sleeps between five and six hours per day. The letter should arrive between Tuesday and Friday. EXAMPLE:
  • 11. ACROSS Meaning: a lo ancho de, a través de, al otro lado de. There was a fallen tree across the road. My sister lives across the park. EXAMPLE:
  • 12. NEXT TO Meaning: al lado de, junto a The bank is next to a police station. Can I sit next to the window? EXAMPLE:
  • 13. FORMeaning: durante, por They intend to stay there for two weeks. Sales have increased for the past two months. EXAMPLE: