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    • Olga Pasikova Olga Pasikova These are very poor presented and misleading facts. I wonder who is the author of this deck? And why he claims to know the REAL reasons why Russia invaded (?) Ukraine? If you want to learn more about this crisis please refer to the credible opinions and real facts (not from the cheep mass media full of emotions and uneducated opinions, but from the reliable and independent sources that present BOTH SIDES). Try to shape your own view on this situation. From my perspective this article by Jack Matlock (a career diplomat who served on the front lines of American diplomacy during the Cold War and was U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union when the Cold War ended). is a very good example of a credible and educated opinion on this topic: http://jackmatlock.com/2014/03/ukraine-the-price-of-internal-division/  1 month ago
    • Olga Pasikova Olga Pasikova @Dradkevicius do you know the history very well? do you know who Crimea Tatars are and how and when they appeared in those territories as an ethnic group? Another question - have you ever been in Russia or Ukraine or Crimea? What you said about USA also doesn't seem right to me at all. The whole country was founded on the land that belonged to other people - Indians. And the way how Americans treated them is very difficult to call humanistic. Moving forward, nowadays, everyone knows that American external policy is extremely aggressive and interfering other countries.  1 month ago
    • Olga Pasikova Olga Pasikova @slavamarchkov agree 100%  1 month ago
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